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  1. Kenny Thomas

    The “sad” part about this is that the sheep that are listening to this garbage don’t even realize that when he says Colorado they just keep clapping. Just goes to show that no matter comes from his mouth the sheep follow. Such uneducated and ignorant sheep.

  2. soulesslemming

    To be fair I live in Colorado and I am in the process of repairing the retaining wall in my front yard so there is at least one beautiful wall being built in Colorado.

  3. Honey Bee Talks

    Don't talk about us please and leave us tf alone. We don't like you here. We're busy smoking weed and legalizing shrooms. We forget you exist sometimes.

  4. ElViajero

    I bet Rudy Giuliani is assessing the progress of the Colorado Border Wall. Hey Rudy dont forget to #Maga while there😁🤣😁🤣🦃🇸🇦

  5. ElViajero

    Saddest part is that "his base" of cultists were cheering and clapping when he said that he is building a beautiful wall in colorado. Idiots!

  6. Anthony moreno


  7. David Lloyd

    Trump knows the really dangerous aliens are in Roswell and Area 51 in New Mexico. With the wall along New Mexico's Southern border, the Arizona border, the Texas border, and now the Colorado border, those aliens are surrounded! I'm pretty sure Kansas is going to be safe!

    I'm just not sure I understand how the height of the wall is going to matter to space aliens…

  8. Nam Aste

    I heard it’s going to be another 14er. Got my hiking boots ready 🙂

    I literally thought this was a joke when my wife told me about it. Seriously, how in the flying F did we elect a man who’s knowledge of geography is less than your average 1st grader?

  9. You're Nemesis

    Your so dumb..he does it deliberately to feed you MSM wolves…always looking for a morsel to scavenge on.
    Trump is a Gemini…hes 10 steps ahead of you…dangling a carrot in front of the maggot Zionist MSM LOL LMFAO

  10. James Madison

    DUMBEST president EVER!

    Trump said Colorado because he TRULY BELIEVES Colorado is one of the 4 border states
    . Trump does not know anything nor does he care to learn anything

    The Repug-Bull-KLAN party has dumbed down public education in red states this is why Trump supporters most likely did not KNOW Colorado is not a border state

    If 'fake news' = 'accusations I don't like', can we assume 'unmatched wisdom' = 'unbelievable stupidity"?

  11. Dog Fart

    Is Mexico. Paying for it this time
    Trump needs to sit in small room with big screen t.v. the volume turned up to 11 and watch his rallies for 24 hours

  12. c. j. macq

    trump already released his "go to" explanation concerning this absurdity – he was JOKING! yet  again the great joke master had his cult rolling in the aisles on that one. as usual with all his so called jokes you can tell he's serious. as heard from trump's most personal confidants trump is a VERY humorless person. he rarely laughs or even smiles. that doesn't mean he doesn't ridicule and make fun of people. but that's different than making jokes. in trump's mind his ridicule is a very serious matter. jokes are meant to put people at ease. ridicule is meant to cause tension, embarrassment and belittlement. trump's explanations for his buffoonery ARE LIES! the reality is trump doesn't tell jokes – HIS IS THE JOKE! a very dangerous and corrupt joke! his ineptitude, alone, makes him a dangerous joke. but his corrupt gangsterism makes him just dangerous.


    NON Mexicans live in this AMERICAN place!!! And then you try to stop AMERICAN "immigrants" from going into the state just above?? What???

  14. Cristina Delmundo

    I just hope school children are not listening to Trump’s speech saying he is going to build a wall in Colorado, Teump’s geography suggests that Colorado borders Mexico. LOL

  15. Miguel Deniz

    All of you who think trump meant an actual wall, catch up on the 2016 electoral map. New Mexico and Colorado voted blue. He means a figure of speech with this line to keep out the demagogues from our republican states. So yes, it is a joke. Also, all the demagogue candidates speak to better only foreign people, but why never the US citizen. Trump only speaks to better the US citizen. He is my president and….. 4 MORE YEARS!!!!!

  16. Georg Hellerup

    I remember an American Republican president – Ronald Reagan saying (30 years ago). "I urge you Mr. President, tear that wall down!". 30 years later a Republican president wants a wall in his own country. I never would have imagined that. Calling it "beautyfull" is even more hard to grasp.

  17. Arcee Judy2019

    OMG the most stupidest thing that has ever done is border wall in Colorado and through Mexico again here acts like he's a stable person but NOPE!

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