Building a Backyard Bike Jump | Art of Mountain Bike Trail building

This is my backyard, more specifically the backyard of my mom’s house over the years it has gotten a little out of hand But that’s about to change Today, we’ll be playing my backyard to good use we’re going to be building me backyard jump over the years I’ve built a lot of pumptrack long courses trails, but I haven’t built a feature in my yard in a long time I didn’t have a specific plan all I knew is that I wanted to jump Keep you different rusty. So you’ve been without a specific plan. I began to Dig I Haven’t been building for a very long, but let’s think we’ve got some good dirt here um definitely pretty moist Which is something we’re going to be looking for yeah, a few roots that we’ll have to cut out but to be fun project Breaking up the grass into bite-sized chunks made it much easier to work with And then there are roots lots of roots At this point a jump is starting to take shape however. I still had no idea what I wanted to build As the jump starts to take shape my creative juices really start to flow you start to dig a little bit deeper Become a little bit more ambitious make the jump a little bit bigger at this point of the building process I had my mind set on building a small tabletop The great thing about working with her is that nothing you do is set and stone dirt is easy to work with it’s very valuable And any mistake you make can be easily fixed with a shovel An important aspect to building a third is to build cleanly this helps me Keep my thoughts organized as I build and not get too overwhelmed with the task at hand I Can loosely shape the jump as I go which helps give me idea of what I’m trying to achieve Another thing to consider when building is that you want the landing wider then you want the lip this gives you more space to land Safely but for that reasons landings require a lot more dirt than to takeoff at this point I had a more solid idea of what I wanted to build but I also meant building to take off a lot bigger At this point you’ll notice that I’m starting to dig a lot deeper Digging down is an easy way to double the height of a jump So dirt you dig up will get added to the top so digging down also creates drainage issues. If they’re not addressed A Rake like this is a pretty unconventional tool for building jumps. I use it to help scrape out roots and grass clumps I also like to do a little bit of shaping and smoothing out with a rake When you use a rake you use a pulling motion compared to the pushing motion you use with a shovel So after throwing dirt around for several hours pulling the dirt around with the rake is a much welcome break Once the jump was mostly shaped. I use my feet to do the initial packing Here’s a little pro Tip you can use a shovel or rake to help support your weight as you put back the top of a jump Well now that I built a really big grass jump time to think about running So after all that work, this is what we have I wanted to build something a little less conventional within the typical tabletop Or dirt jump so I elected to go with a spine but by no means is this jump finished over the next few weeks I’ll be making a lot of tweaks as I try to get to jump dialed in to be honest I barely even packed a jump. Which is why it’s so soft But that’s okay We can keep shaping and packing the jump as we go just be warned that soft jumps can be very dangerous They’ll grab your front wheel in your face walter another way You can pass jumps is by using your tires and simply rolling up and down the list this is one of the easiest and most fun ways to pack jumps After hitting the spine a few times we’re starting to get packed in and I was starting to get the hang of how this jump felt But it was still far from perfect and definitely caught me off guard a few times Well, it’s far from the best backyard jump ever built, but it’s fun enough to get hurt over the next few weeks We’ll be cleaning it up making a few tweaks and probably expanding it a little bit I hope this video inspires some of you to go out and go to some of your own jumps As always my name is Phil metz Thanks for playing bikes with me today now. See you guys next time you

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Reader Comments

  1. Tyler M

    I feel like this is how you begin "destroying" families yards. I just want to put a small jump in your backyard a month later an entire course is built

  2. VTJ4503

    I think iit's great that you still do work for your mom,, I don't know if you're living with her or not, and that's none of my business, but you're a good man

  3. MLG Baconator

    Imagine a lot of roots and a lot of big rocks and having to dig 4 feet for good dirt because my dirt is trash, that’s what I have do deal with

  4. Key Scales

    Lots of roots? That’s nothing dude. I live in Florida and it took me 4 hours to build three small rollers because of how many roots there where

  5. Onion

    No offense but I’m new here and when I came here I did not want to look at a cool guy building cool jumps but have to look at a monster on his face the whole time. Look your amazing a mowing the lawn but your face needs some work Phil

  6. Cody S.

    Man that's some good looking soil. Just be glad you're not digging up the shale and clay we have here. Would have taken you about ten years.

  7. Yhigma

    You should put a wooden quarter pipe a bit before and have it as an alternate line to land on the back side of the spine. That way you can have a chill ride over the spine or a boosty moment when you're feeling the bike needs some more airtime.

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