Building a Backyard Rink – Material, Brackets, Liner

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  1. A Pags

    Would North New Jersey be good we usually get, in my town at least, 32 or so by mid-early November and stay in the 20's and sometimes below zero in the mornings?

  2. Eric Lindberg

    I used to build a rink every year out of wood and it worked out nice. It seems to be a lot cheaper than paying for the kits. I like it to because it is highly customizable as well. I don't make one anymore though because the backyard is on a slight angle that really throws off the water and pools up on one side really badly.

  3. Kurt Reber

    Hey love the videos guys! do you think a rink could be successful in my environment if the temperature is usually below or at 0 Celsius but there are random days every 10 days or so where it could be around 2-4 Celsius but then at night goes back to below freezing and the next day is usually back to 0 or lower. I realize its not optimal temperatures but just wondering if you think it could work before i put all the time and money into it next year

  4. Muddpuddel

    I love that people are doing this because it helps motivate their kids to play it you can have fun skating or playing hockey with friends and family and helps show how to build it your awesome man thanks for showing this to us love it dude

  5. Spencer M

    Where I live the winters are consistently 10 – 30 degrees. I've made an ice shooting pad before and it stayed frozen most of the time, but on the days where it wasn't 10 degrees it would melt but then refreeze. Do you think it would be worth the time to make this in my yard?

  6. Tanner

    do you think i would be able to build one in Maryland like 30 minutes outside of DC. During December and January, nighttime temperatures are consistently in the 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit while during the day it straddles around freezing, sometimes being just below or just above.

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