CCTV design with VideoCAD. Loading background. Video tutorial. Lesson 4.

Loading background Although VideoCAD has own drawing tools, usually it is more convenient to use ready layout already created in AutoCAD, Visio or other graphics programs. Then, over this background, to place cameras with projections of view areas. To load a surveillance location plan as background, click on the item: Main menu, Drawing, Load background, In horizontal projection In VideoCAD you can load as background files of many graphic formats In the dialog box, select the background file and click Open. In the Graphics window, the background image and the Adjust background box will appear. Using this box, you need to bring the scale of the background image to the real scale in VideoCAD. Click on the Ruler button. Mark by clicking 2 points on the background image, the distance between which is known For example, we know that the real length of the wall is 50 meters. We mark the wall by two clicks In the Distance box, the measured wall length at the current scale of the background appears. Enter the real wall length you know in the Real distance box, Enter 50 meters Click OK. The background is automatically scaled in such a way that the marked distance will be equal to the value of the real distance you entered. You can open the Adjust background box for already loaded background using the Adjust background menu item. Depending on format of the background file, additional tools for the format are available in the Adjust background box. So for AutoCAD files you can turn off certain layers, hide texts. For PDF files, you can select page and resolution. To learn more about adjusting background of different formats, click the Help button. With the help of the main menu tools, you can move background, hide background, leave only the background, and hide everything else. You can learn more about these tools in the usual way: place cursor over the menu item and press F1 We worked with the background in VideoCAD 8 Lite In the Professional version, there is a very useful tool that allows you to convert lines of the background in AutoCAD format into VideoCAD constructions, by stretching the lines in height. It allows you sometimes avoid manual drawing over the background or reduce its laboriousness. We will look at this tool in more detail in the lesson about constructions. The lesson is over Thank you for your attention

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