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Hello, I’m Gav, and I’m Dan and we’re The Slow Mo Guys. I’m gone for two seconds. What has happened here? What has happened? Hello, I’m Gav, I’m Dan. We are The Slow Mo Guys here today with Rhett and Link. I realized I’m just waving this stick at you Any bladed things, give em’ to me okay, thanks a bunch for coming to my back garden. Yeah It is. It is an honor to be here. We once nicked one of your ideas for a video We did the corn drill. Oh That we saw on your show. We did it in slow-mo, made a mess of Dan’s face. Yep How was it? You like corn? I do like corn, but we put like ketchup on it and I don’t like corn and ketchup I’ve never heard that. Well, no one’s ever heard of corn and ketchup. It was for the visual effect Cause butter wouldn’t do the same thing. No No but what it did is sort of formed this corn paste that like went all up into the roof of his mouth and he was just like Oh, it wasn’t nice Looked good though, so, you know what ever right? So what we thought we would try and do today is Saber a champagne bottle open. Which is a thing. Well, this is an actual, this is specifically a Champagne saber, I didn’t know they- I thought they’d just use like knives and that But yeah, it’s actually quite, it’s actually completely-it’s not sharp at all. You know what? That means that Link can actually touch it He’s not allowed to touch. He’s not allowed to touch sharp things. Okay, Link you can see what it’s like a hold a knife Yeah, look at that It’s almost a knife. All right, now I’m starting to get worried here, come on That might have been a little out of focus, but I had to do that for emphasis What is the occasion they do it? It has to be really swanky right? No, I think the occasion is when you don’t have a a corkscrew So you mean I could take that home and be like, where’s the cork- never mind. Just grab that You don’t use a corkscrew on champagne though. Yeah you don’t use a corkscrew. Yeah, you don’t need anything All you do is unscrew and sort of just thumb-it away. Oh, you thumb-it away you shake it and thumb it. This seems entirely unnecessary so it’s when you-it’s when you don’t have a thumb. I think it’s if you Don’t have thumbs or if you’re sort of on a on a ship and there’s a wedding or something. Yeah Or maybe some sort of- Well is part of the process actually breaking the bottle or is it you’re supposed to just clip the cork? You’re supposed to clip the Top of the rim where the cork goes in, and it pops that off the end Can you just hold this-actually, you hold this. Thank you, yeah. It’s blunt, I can hold it So these bottles have been chilling in some ice neck down for about 10 minutes because it works much better when the glass is cold and you see basically this Ridge here with their bottles been molded. Oh You see that? Yeah, sea- it’s a seam Yeah, it’s like a seam If you pass me, the saber, what you want to do is line it up sort of about here on the ‘ogive’ of the bottle Is that a word? Ogive? It’s a word. I don’t think it’s used for bottles but anyway and then you want to slide it along and keep swinging through and you’re gonna aim to hit that little Ridge there with the with the saber But we’ll see how good you are. Maybe we’ll do like a little competition between us. See who’s best at it Oh, yeah challenge accepted. I’m ready. Who’s up first? Dan, I feel like you should go because you-you seem to know Yeah, you like read some instructions. Okay. All right, I’ll go first. It’s a bit of a grim day so we got the light on, shooting this at a thousand frames a second in 4k Here we go, I’m wearing gloves incase I don’t- It was perfect! And now you shove that into your mouth Is that what you do with it? That’s not bad actually. Alright, that’s a wrap! See you later I mean, I’ve seen it cleaner than that before It’s kind of- Don’t put your hand so close to it. Yeah that is sharp now okay? No touching this. I was just doing that-No! Come on It’s just like why? It’s so weird your compulsion to want to hurt yourself. No, I don’t want to hurt myself I just want to gesture over sharp things. Right, So yeah, I’ve seen it done before where it’s been completely flat where the rim is basically just cut off nicely So yeah, I’m gonna do that I think, yeah? I think we should be like, ‘Well I’ve done it, so I get at least five out of ten’ and then the jaggedy-ness of it You lose marks for. Yeah, so you coming up with a scoring system? I reckon like a 6.7, I’m going to give that a 6. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely higher than 5. 6.7? Okay. So we are rating ourselves Yeah, that’s safe. Fine, you rate me, how did I do? I’d say about it’s a 6.6 6.6 from Rhett, how do you feel about that? Okay. Yeah, I’m fine with that. First try. So you maintain contact with the bottle the whole time? Well, look at the face. Yeah, you have to maintain contact with the bottle Oh, that was lovely Look, it came off just one nice clean chunk Lovely. I closed my eyes, look That’s my concentration face. Look something went-something went backwards! Glass went backwards. Wait. The most of the glass went back towards you, look So, safety goggles? I think oh my gosh, did you see that? It went right over your shoulder. I think safety goggles and uh maybe two gloves? Yeah It’s out of focus there now. Judging by the focus, that must have been not far It’s not total blurr. Look at my confused face. Look at your looking at the end of it like you didn’t know it was going to look like that My theory is that the glass coming back towards you was an anomaly that just happened on the first one I think I think we should wear safety goggles yeah, if you have them, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen again because people would be Constantly. Yeah, I mean it would just be happening all the time. Ready? Yes. 3, 2,- That was quite a sound Whoa, I’m annoyed Definitely more points for the cleanest, the cleanliness of that. But also, the sound deserves more points. And I made contact with the fence. Yeah, Did I not? Mine was dropped. Yeah it was just like ‘bleeh’ That is embarrassing. Alright, I’m awaiting your rating which hopefully is higher than 6.6. To be honest, right? The only thing I would say is that if you want it perfectly, it would be around the whole thing. Yeah, but I’d give you like an 8.3 for that Yeah. Yeah, I might get a part-time job at a steak restaurant Yeah 8.4 I reckon Here you go, is this your one? Oh it kept the cork as part of it Like I can’t even-I think that is actually it. One piece That’s why I hit the fence because it stayed, the cork stayed with it. You totally went on ‘2’ didn’t you? Yeah, you did! There we go, oh One piece, like butter And even the jet was one yours was like-mine came out, I had a split-what they call it when that happens? Comes in two streams? Yeah So proud as well. Yeah the pride face Wow, look at that drip That’s a solid drip. Not that much champagne burst out. That’s yes, you get more points for that as well. Yeah. Yeah, right You don’t waste champagne Yeah, minimal wastage. Because when I get the job at the fancy restaurant, it’s gonna be very expensive champagne Yeah, I don’t think you can wear gloves and I’m asking that in the fancy restaurant Again I’m- So far my theory is holding up I think that the glass coming back towards you is just an anomaly that happened on the first time Well, this would be in with that theory. Yeah, nothing came back. So, how are you feeling? How am I feeling? I feel very nervous because I was hoping At this point someone would have really messed it up. But we’ve had two pretty good hits. I thank you Okay, red circle. Yeah, okay 3, 2, 1, That’s a 10! Did any champagne come out? No, you lost no champagne. Hold on, I gotta find the thing. That is supreme, I don’t even think the edges are shot. Oh, look at that. Look at that. Look at that. It came off Oh. You want to bring in the camera? Yeah. Can you hold this for me? I’ll just do a little bit of-Guys, I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Look at your work! I’m not sure if fun like you’ve been like reading a wikipedia No, I don’t even know how to read. I know I said tan. You said you missed we got on camera I believe that there is it but just plug a possibility that it could be better because it’s not completely clear So I guess a nine point nine. Okay. Okay, it’s not if we if you had a spirit level Dan your theory Was that the bottles are getting colder and colder? So the glass is getting more brittle so link that sets you up for the opportunity to take home the win or the ten, right? Well, let’s watch this back first, okay I look really annoyed. I wasn’t Eyes definitely closed No should be no champagne not even a drop how do they even happen? No, you didn’t lose any none at all the bit of vapor, but I think we let that unbelievable It’s amazing how like the first overtakes it goes further than the core. Yeah, that’s gonna be very difficult to beat Almost unbeatable because I haven’t been able to hold anything like this for such a long time. I’ll practice right? I’m really Really out of practice here I go Then I feel like a swashbuckler I mean if I do this if I if I went yeah Then I get to use knives on good mythical morning. Is that fair again? If you beat a ten if you beat a nine point nine to get it if I match it Yeah, okay, if you if you get a ten, I’ll let you yeah sharp things on good mythical more. I think it’s a deal. Yeah I’m not gonna give him the tender I Didn’t want to push too hard again No, I’m ready You know because of this camera and there’s the framerate I took like four thousand pictures of that of nothing of nothing happening I’m going I’m going ham. All right, three two What have you done to this bottle The third time’s a charm for now. I’m thinking about my own children watching they’re disappointed and dad. I Mean I could just cut out the failed attempts. Alright, yeah. Yeah shaking your head No, I can cut out the failed attempts first. This is my first attempt Yeah, yes. That’s correct. It’s my first attempt. Yeah, are you nervous? Oh, it’s your first try look at the determination in the face is getting more each time What do you mean each time? I mean the first Its face I feel like we couldn’t plan this, okay Very good, my first attempt. I have completely. Oh that is very Hear anything. There’s a little bit lost of you boss more champagne. The talk is I would say it is Equivalent. I think it’s better than our two actually definitely but not as good as curves So it didn’t you got a score it. Well, okay. So that was you what your third attempt I don’t recall Okay, I I think I lost can’t Forget about the other attempts for that attempt alone. I’d give you nine point Four is there any sort of handicap because it is linked and not right I haven’t I haven’t touched a saber like device really Secondly, we need to remove two whole points that the maximum ceiling would be eight because it’s a third attempt, right? but because you haven’t touched knives and so long you get an extra two point ceiling so you back to There so that means that yeah Gavin you had the over Gavin had it over all the best But I think that if you do all the math, I think team rhettandlink might have walked out of here with a big Oh, yeah, say yeah we adding this goes together we are Yeah, I think you want to do it cuz one was definitely the worst one, but it was the first it was the least It’s true Well done guys. Thank you Gary. Thanks for coming here and wiping the floor with us Watch my attempt back. You can yes, you know what actually I deleted it it Didn’t go so Here we have a little bit of damn pretty Right. That’s uh, that’s mine. Yeah, we look like you’re twins, you know, we do Yeah, we doing that little bit right there the compromise but you can put it right back on the the bottle him No one would ever know. It was a I was mostly concentrating on the face I was making the for my first attempt. I think that was oh that’s the excuse you going for? I like it No, I really was focused. I was like I want to look And the dictionary should be next to damn it Okay, thank you thank you guys for capturing that you’re concentrating money the extra determination There’s a lot of champagne very cool – I love champagne Look good, and you got all this coming towards camera, so and all soft love it actually It looks really nice. The old one didn’t have any champagne, but it’s kind of like that I think actually at a party you would want to do that It might have what? I like to have that would get people cheer it I’d like to call that the constellation of that you really pushed hard that you see the angle on your sword Yeah, about to hit the cap like if you pause it, right when it’s about to hit the cap He is almost in a ninety degree. Yeah, and then look where the sword work for us. The sword went outwards, right? Yeah, you it went completely now. You’re really putting it. Let’s cut through your flow. Well, how do you feel that? Your celebration face was it was a good one because we’re about to see it. Yeah Champion, yeah vindication now I’ve seen a lot of videos online lot of fail videos where they just straight up explode And I was honestly hoping that one of us would do that today So maybe we can sort of Skew the results in our favor a little bit. Well, I just do it wrong do it deliberately wrong. Okay Well, seeing as I did the worst should I do that? Yeah. Yeah, if I pull this off do I win? It’s up for debate you do something remarkably awesome that I think will give you guys the victory. All right Frame up tell me are you ready ready? Parlor tricks you get the victory That’s unbelievable Like technically that’s the way that you should do it Is that what you were trying to do? Yes, yes, thats what I was trying to do Yeah, I had that big wind up Yeah, you’ve just given me the saber and ran away I Take a real wind up here. So I’m trying to smash the glass you just go for it Yeah, I mean it was just you just like you min and look at that angle. I mean this Took an absolute like golf swing at it as well Nice straight cork look at that Kit could you do that again? I don’t think Let’s see. We’re on the cork that hit I mean it got it caught right. I mean look Solid it didn’t just skim it I mean it was a solid or is it? Oh yeah, like I’m like, I just Like a micrometer north or south and that wouldn’t have happened. That’s nothing but net nothing. That was swish Serious a fire get out there There’s so much emotion in History, you know what this calls for celebration? Don’t just do a bad job at trashing it I’ll try and trash you this time. I’m ready That went all kinds of backwards goodness me that’s her ass. I mean even still much cleaner break than I’ve seen Look at this piece coming towards you get my uncle. Yeah, that’s this piece right here Ladies and gentlemen, this is how not to saber but I do think we have to recalibrate the score because with the magic that you pulled With that well, how can how can what lean corkage? How can we have a nine point nine and then may only get point one better than that with the cork, right? I mean, I think we get our justice Oh get 1111 man that was ours. Maybe it’s just a me my Time just to draw okay. Okay, you know what? Yeah, and then we’ll all be happy. We’ll walk away feeling very medium about the whole Yeah, okay. Yeah, let’s call it a draw call it a day. All right. Well guys, I think we’ve done soon bloody good work Yeah, we did she has around. Thanks so much for having it. Thank you coming and being on our channel We’ve done a video with you. Haven’t we? Yeah Burgers And thank you very much for watching this video see ya you enjoyed it there’s an absolute rollercoaster of emotions Don’t try this – home do yet to say that don’t know I’ll assume you have to do but we probably shit Yeah, then don’t try at home. Okay, what if I said try this at home? Yeah Well, I think it’s three or four said don’t so hey, you know, you’ll be the one who gets sued. We got lucky We got lovely tie at the end of that. There’s no winners. No losers Subscribe to us subscribe to these guys. The buttons are all on the screen. That’s right. You can do it you can do both Pour one out for the homies It’s a waste mama watch and I’ll listen out. Yeah, it’s gonna kill those weeds

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  1. rockonmyfriend

    Gavin drinking a beer that has already been opened: Literally a biblical flood.

    Gavin opening champagne with a sword: Absolutely perfect.

  2. BigTommieD

    OK so second video I've Sen from these dudes this guy is a freaking ninja 2 rediculous acts Ina row that an un-trained person shudnt be about do 2 times in a row lol

  3. darkfire1357912

    I really don't know why link is so careless with sharp objects.. Kinda seems he's a bit careless and it doesn't seem to just be a skit.. 🤔

  4. Obiel DeNook

    Rhett is a giant compared to the others…or are the others just short? lol. You guys create a wave at the beginning when you're all there. It looks cool. 🙂 Love the camera quality here. Very nice.

  5. Fred Kellermann

    They have an actual champagne saber, and they know to run it down the ogive…but they’ve don’t know to use the back of the saber -_-

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    I lobe when people in one channel, show up in another, I don't know why but it always satisfied me that when a different thing, comes together or joins another other thing.

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    Rhett has developed such good dad reflexes with Link around. Even though he was super excited he reached for the saber immediately at 15:46

  9. Squirble Nurble

    I think Dan is a sword/blade master he can do great with most of the blade related things usually on the first try. Also is always surprised when he does good.

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    15:27 That red hammock is the same one the possum tore up from the "How a Fire Sprinkler Works at 100,000fps at 6:06" video.. But that was posted a month before this one…. LOL

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    you can use knife too,tried it with the knife and i was like "uhh what could happen haha" oh boy…My parents killed me because i opened their 600$ dollar champagne…

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