See it is nice and sunny out. Oh ya, it’s a beautiful day. Now you guys can see my view outside the window. OK first up let’s get some coffee. I need coffee. OK where’s the coffee maker? Coffee..where are you? Coffee? Coffee! Coffee? Un hmmm This resort doesn’t have any coffee
in the room. Coffee. There’s no coffee in this room. There was not a coffee maker in the entire
room. I literally did search everywhere. I have to walk down to the food court to get
coffee which, I’m in the Country Inn which is the back corner and it’s going to take
me five minutes just to walk and get coffee this morning. Something to definitely consider when you
are on vacation. Either bring your own coffee if you are a
big coffee drinker like I am or you want to check into the resort amenities before booking. So I lost my cowboy boots. Anyone seen it anywhere? So cool, I just had to do it. We’re coming in the drum, Actually I am in
the building and I’m climbing right up the stairs inside this bongo drum. Welcome to Port Orleans Riverside. First up, let’s check in. OK I’m all checked in and got our documents. And our documents with us on the back of them. It’s always kinda fun. Now I’m off to the room, gotta go grab our
stuff and drive over to the room. And get all settled. Not sure what I am going to do tonight, maybe
Disney Springs. Wow, that was like way too easy. That never happens. Really I parked my car there came up the stairs
and there’s my room. Dude, that never happens. And that’s probably why, cause that’s not
my room. Oops, my bad. Let’s try this again, oh there’s my room. A little off on the room number still close
though. Yea ok, yup that’s right. There you go that actually works. OK whoo hoo we’re here. I am so excited because we’re in Magnolia,
I say we, I keep saying we. I’m so excited I am in Magnolia Bend which
to me is like little mini mansions. I love this resort and then they just recently
renovated both sides. Alligator bayou and Magnolia Bend section
and I think the renovation was amazing. Very well done. these little headboards but that’s exactly
what that’s exactly what the resort looks like. What the little rooms look like. And such a pretty room category. I think Alligator Bayou is more rustic if
you like that rustic outdoors. But I just love Magnolia Bend, I think it’s
so elegant and just reminds me of those old Mississippi Plantation homes. Just a beautiful resort. I love how they have split vanities too. That’s huge. Oh and most importantly look, look, look,
look, coffee. Just like All Star Music, they have Mosquito
prevention. Information and Cutter Bug Spray. Just in case you need it and definitely at
this resort I would recommend it cause this resort has a lot of water. There are a lot more mosquitoes here than
other resorts. So this one definitely is a good use of having
the Cutter Bug Spray. People will definitely use that. Well, I’m all settled in the room and I am
going to go down to Disney Springs. Staying at Port Orleans Riverside, they have
a water taxi that will take you, a boat, water taxi, ferry boat, friendship boat. one of those that will take you over to Disney
Springs. So I figured, you know what I have no kids,
let’s go, think I’m going to go get Sprinkles and have a cupcake, maybe even go catch a
movie. Who knows. Kinda fun to do Disney World Solo. So I’m going to go catch that boat and head
over to Disney Springs. and you guys get to come with me. Also mention I love the Magnolia Bend section
and this is why. Doesn’t that look like a plantation home? A little mini mansion, I love this whole section,
so beautiful. Oh, I hear the thunder in the distance. Something tells me we’re going to be cancelled
or replaced with buses. Ok change of plans, I am taking the buses
cause it is thundering which means any second now, they are going to cancel the boat. I’m going to go ahead and just be proactive
and go catch the bus. So we’re dropped off at the new bus stop for
Disney Springs which is the first time I have actually used it. Pretty nice, usually we use the water taxi. Pretty nice, it drops right at town center
so you are right in the middle of the new stuff. And look how dark the sky is, my gosh. All right, looks like no line for the cupcake
ATM but I’m going to go inside this time. Look at all the cupcakes. Oh they have mini ones too, I didn’t realize
they had the little ones. I am going to get strawberry shortcake this
time. You wanna watch um, they actually are making
the cupcakes. Oh my gosh, that looks so yummy. Look at all that frosting. That must be marshmallow cause now she’s gonna
cook it, look at how cool that is. That is so cool and they all look the same. It’s amazing. Planet Hollywood is looking good. I cannot wait until that one’s done, that
one’s gonna be so cool when it’s done. And it’s AMC before the rain. Look at the clouds, craziness. Way over there, look how dark. All the way around. So I am glad I am gonna be in a movie. All right seriously, this does not look very
pretty but I’m sure it’s going to taste good. We’ll have to see. All right, this is strawberry shortcake, that
does not look like strawberry shortcake to me but….OK I think they totally made a mistake
and got me the wrong one. That is not strawberry shortcake. Oh wait. I’m starting to taste it. See right in the middle, that’s the strawberry
part. Oh look at it, a little gel thing. All right now it’s strawberry shortcake. Pretty good, not my favorite from them but
pretty good. A great little time saver, look at the line
to get tickets to the movie. I literally hopped online before I got here
and ordered the tickets so all I have to do is show this and walk right in. And Totally skip the line. Thank you. thanks so much. AMC theatre is not a dine in which means I
need to get something to eat because it is dinner time and I am hungry. So this is cool, this is the section that
literally they just grab what you want, hot dogs, popcorn, they even have little tostito
things with cheese. You just grab what you want and go pay. I think I may do that. Oh look at the little kidspacks too. Hmmm I’m a big kid. Ahh this section down here is quiet. The movie was great, it was really, really
funny and I had a great time watching it so Mom’s out there, go see Bad Mom’s it was a
really really good movie. So I’m heading over to see if I can get the
water taxi back to Port Orleans Riverside and it looks like there’s some heat lightening
in the distance so hopefully the boats are running. Looks like they are. So it looks like where I am they’re no longer
going over to Disney Port Orleans Riverside, I had to walk all the way over to the marketplace,
so I’m not going to do that, I am just going to take the bus back.. A little bit easier and it’s getting late
and I’m getting tired. So thanks for joining me today guys at All
Star Music and Port Orleans Riverside and Disney Springs. It’s been a very eventful day. So thumbs up if you like the video and subscribe
if you’re new so you can join us on our adventures tomorrow. Who knows where we are going to be tomorrow? It’s gonna be a good one so make sure you
guys subscribe, keep on dreaming, we’ll see you tomorrow, Good Night

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  1. Dale Anne Stowe

    Tip if you stay on the back side of the all-stars resorts like the music you can walk to the other all star resorts food court quicker that walking to the one you are staying at

  2. GhostHostMemories

    value resorts don't have coffee makers in them. neighbors of ours stayed at Little Mermaid at AoA and had one Amazon Primed in. (they complained that AoA was a bad resort because of this!!!)

  3. Ben Hiccup

    Good Morning, Ma'am. Yeah, We Love Better Your Number Ma'am, 8573! I Hope You All Are Doing Good, We Specially Love Your "Disney Escapades" Ma'am thru It's Places, Since Day One!

  4. Cynthia

    So afraid of bug spray on the skin too, harsh chemicals I'd think, even the smell for lungs not healthy…….use to love our trips to Disney and Florida with out fear of Zika Virus. More than getting just a flu from Zika for adults, now latest research is saying it can effect the brains of adults making alzheimers. Very scary stuff. Won't be coming down any time soon. Enjoying it all thru' your videos.

  5. Pause Michelle Carrero

    awesome review me and the family haven' t had the pleasure of that spot yet. I like it nice compared to the common look of other resorts but that one has a twist a much check in .Thank you for sharing and stay blessed to you and the fam.

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