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  1. Kevin_ LV702

    what size is the drill bit you used? mine ask for a 3mm and 5mm, but mine are in fractions, 3/16th is about 6mm from searching online, will that be ok to pilot a hole? then i can screw the wrench screw into the wall stud?


    I have watched tons of instructional offerings on YouTube, tons, on a wide variety of topics…THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN. PERIOD…I'm even gonna steal your "backsplash " idea for contrast going up the wall. Tell your wife I said "THANKS!!!"

  3. Mauro Cocco

    Excellent review! One question: I need to install a 65" and HDMI are on the side – I was wondering if there's enough room for the cables to pass behind the TV. Could you Help me out?

  4. David Honda

    Haha so I just bought this mount and searched youtube on how to install it and recognized your voice from the bike videos lol. I was the guy you met in virtual reality a few months ago. Hope your doing well man and thank you as always for posting helpful videos!

  5. Joseph Afzal

    Thank you for the video!  So much easier to understand than the instructions it came with.   The only thing that confused me was you mentioned 12.5 inches from the bottom of the TV and then you said to add 32 inches when figuring out where to place the holes.   Can you explain what the 32 inches is for?  Thank you!!!

  6. An W

    I just bought this same exact wall mount for a 65" LG. I was wondering what the VESA pattern was for your Samsung. My LG has a VESA 300 pattern, so I did not have to use the larger configuration for the wall-bracket. The hooks on the TV lineup perfectly on the smaller configuration wall-bracket. Would there be a benefit to using the larger configuration instead? Thanks!

  7. Naz Office

    good video but I think its compromised by the fact that you used a black background cant really see the attachment . why use black on black for demonstration purposes?

  8. Joseph S

    do I have to unlock those cheetah paw things to move the TV over? I just want to slide the TV from left to right about 1.5 inches… can I just lift and move over?

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