Clash of the Titans — Fencing

Hi! I’m Manal Shaito, I’m Wiley Dressell,
and I’m Todd Dressell. We’re members of the fencing team! We are once again
competing in the third annual Clash of the Titans. Our fundraising goal is seven
thousand dollars. Properly working equipment is a crucial aspect of
training and competition. Your contribution towards our fundraising goal will help
ensure that Titan fencing will have the equipment that we need. New strips and
scoring machines will help us train and compete. Through your support the fencing
team can continue to embody the vision of the true student-athlete. Most of our
fencers are walk-ons in all are students first, athletes second. Thank you for
watching and thank you for your generous support to fulfill our vision for the
fencing team. And don’t forget to join us for all the events this season. Our home meet
January 12th, the regional qualifier March 7th, and the NCAA National
Championships at the TCF Center March 19th through the 22nd. Go Titans!

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