Cleveland is our home, University Circle is our backyard

Cleveland’s got character, for sure. Everyone’s very down to earth and friendly. There’s such a desire in the city to put their
stamp on it and make it better and make it bigger. It’s just an awesome, fun place. I’m in love with Cleveland. Cleveland has everything you could ever want in a big city. It’s kind of like Case, you know? It’s a good balance between not being so big
that you get lost and not being big enough that there’s always stuff to do. There’s always places to go. The fact that we’re living right in University
Circle is amazing. It’s like the perfect location for school. University Circle to me is one of the most
dynamic centers in Cleveland. Like a cultural hub. That’s the best way for me to describe it. Being in this area it’s easy to get inspired. Sometimes I’ll go to the museum of art just
to study. I really like to Severance Hall. Because it’s so affordable. $35 for like a student pass. You can’t beat it, for sure. I don’t think you can find a better medical
epicenter in the entire nation. With the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals,
and all this research and groundbreaking medical work that’s happening. They have the Indians, the Cavaliers, the
Browns. Probably the coolest thing was being on a
college campus for the World Series. The watch parties are always really, really
fun. I”m like a big Cavs fan since way back. I think I watched every finals game. I can walk less than a mile to find amazing
food in Little Italy. Uptown has really grown up around Case Western
Reserve. There’s a bowling alley, there’s always tons of places to eat. Mitchell’s Ice Cream might be one of the places
I’m gonna miss most. You can have fun on a budget, which is important
for a student. Going to the Westside market with friends
and buying all the ingredients to make something. There’s like a great Asian district in the
city. We have the second largest performing arts
venue outside of New York city. That would be Playhouse Square. Walk around Ohio City or Tremont. And we have a really really cool music scene
here. It has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the
Rapid which can get you anywhere you want to go in the city. Really quickly and really easily. It’s so accessible. If you want like an energy rush, Cedar Point
is this amusement park with tons of roller coasters, like an hour away from campus. If you like the outdoors. If you like food. If you like music or art, this is the place
to do it. Every time that I fly back from visiting my
parents I just think “i’m home. I’ve come back home.” Come out to Cleveland and really let it surprise you. Let yourself fall in love with it.

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