Climbing Wall Construction and Climbing Wall Design

Ask a climber why they climb and you’ll get a hundred different answers community, problem solving, fitness, personal
challenge, commitment, passion for a group of kids just learning to climb
or an expert climber training to send their new project a climbing wall inspires, challenges, motivates
and excites at Eldorado Climbing Walls we’re climbers the passion, community and commitment to problem
solving that motivates us to climb are the same in qualities that inspire the
launch of our company back in 1994 as one of the oldest climbing wall companies
in the country our experience and expertise are second to
none after building a successful climbing gym business
with the Boulder Rock Club up in Boulder, Colorado our owners founded Eldorado Climbing Walls with years of experience in both construction
and climbing gym operation our designs, innovation and commitment to
the climbing wall market have made Eldorado Climbing Walls a visionary leader in the industry we continue to work with the Boulder Rock
Club as part of our unique training and consulting program which gives future climbing wall owners a
proven business model and an inside look at owning and operating a climbing wall Andrew Kratz: Louise and I flew out and did
the consultation program with John McGowen however that was instrumental in allowing
us to focus our energies where we needed to focus them in order to be productive over
the past year and a half to get where we are now from that first consultation, all the way
up to the design process and through the construction phase with the road crews was a great experience from start to finish our design philosophy is if you can dream
it we can build it because we are experienced in construction
in climbing gym operation we understand the needs of both our clients
and their climbers we work with you to create a wall that is
visionary stunning, offers exceptional climbing and compliments the architecture and traffic
flow of your facility our creativity extends beyond our design and
inspires our innovation we focus on things that matter and develop
new products to enhance performance, ensure safety and offer a wide range of options in
our climbing wall systems Lindsay Holmes: I heard really good things
about Eldorado we have kind of a unique situation where it’s
kind of indoor, outdoor, there’s an ice skating rink and there are lots of kind of weird elements
that went along with our situation and they were super flexible, super patient
and super friendly yeah, just great people to work with the sub structure of our climbing walls is
the foundation for safety, performance and quality made entirely of three-sixteenths inch steel
it’s up to fifty percent thicker than that used by our competitors this system provides unlimited placements
of holds and belay bars giving you flexibility in route setting which ultimately leads to happy and satisfied climbers Melissa Kennington: route setting is really
key when you have an indoor climbing wall and changing routes and keeping it interesting
and fun for your clientele our comprietory team takes design one step
further with our premium 3-screw design, your team
will spend less time and money on maintenance and replacement than they would with preston or hammerton t-nut designs plus we have the highest t-nut density in
the industry higher density means more options
when setting routes and that keeps your climbing program fresh and your climbers engaged in 2009, we introduced our solid rock to traverse
panels and our mega rock boulder both provide our clients with top performance
and flexibility but at a price point to accommodate smaller
projects and budgets we have also invested in bringing production
of our real rock product in house where we own our molds and don’t rely on prefabricated
panels from 3rd party suppliers from start to finish, a climbing wall can
be very complicated project we provide turkey solutions to help you out
with every stage of the process Eldo is great, every time I’ve had questions
about something there is always somebody to call and willing to spend time with me and make sure that I understand what we need
to know and make sure the wall is operating well for consulting and design to fabrication and installation we use our experience and expertise to deliver
the most comprehensive climbing wall systems in the industry I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps and uh… in force recon which is a little more difficult, and I’ve
seen a good share of my hard work and long days and I tell you what, pound for pound of keeping
up with some of the work days they’ve logged down here they put our walls up in a very timely fashion very professional fashion and they were ahead
of schedule Eldorado Climbing Walls has the expertise,
creativity and passion to make your vision a reality

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