I build a Japanese style structure If you liked the video, leave a comment for my efforts and let me know if you want me to upload more videos like this! *You can find the video that inspired me in the description* Mix more types of stone to give more detail Put the basics of the ground floor and we create other pillars to make the structure more solid Add other pillars to support the structure Let’s go up to close the last floor, before the roof Give more detail and depth, using the stairs Spread the floor Add details to the roof to give it more harmony Place the stairs Use stairs and fences to create details inside Even the plates can serve to give more color and shape Add some lanterns Use the buttons like nails that hold the structure firmly Take advantage of the new 1.13 features to create a small drainage channel Create a moat Give life under water Why not add a tower too? Yes, I’m stupid and I counted badly. It had to be a 13×13 Give value the stairs by using them as details And again here, to recall the color.
Later I replace them with cobblestone walls Recall the color of the quartz also giving harmony to the roof Boom! Color changed ahah Alternating the color of the wood, the contrast gives a pleasant effect Here too, the fences are our friends for the details of the case Give more harmony by waving these slabs Goodbye cobblestone and welcome wooden roof Unfortunately no shaders as we are in 1.13

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