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Today I’m going to be sharing with you a really
fun, casual EDH that I’ve built, and had great times playing. It is Admiral Beckett Brass, so this is Grixis
Pirates with a few spicy twists involved! Ahoy everyone, thanks for tuning in! So I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama, and like
the intro said, this is my deck tech for Admiral Beckett Brass. It’s a pirate tribal deck that stays really
on theme with a couple of twists revolving around what pirates love to do!
Steal things and amass treasure! Before we get started please check out the
channels sponsor, arcane cards. They stock mtg singles and plenty of sealed
product. You can find the link to the shop down in
the description, As well as a code to get 10% off your first
order! With that said, let’s get going! Starting out with our commander, the Admiral
is a pirate lord buffing all her cohorts. She also has a nifty trick of stealing a non-land
permanent from the player we dealt combat damage to with three or more pirates. So I guess we’ll be including a lot of pirates
then! Kicking the pirates off is Kari Zev. You’ve
got to love that Ragavan monkey token! Lannery Storm helps generate us Treasure tokens
on attack, not combat damage, which really helps with ramp and colour fixing in a three
colour deck. The Freebooter is a 3/3 for 4, but we do get
a treasure, to boot! Dire fleet Daredevil allows us to recast an
instant or sorcery from an opponents graveyard, so is very dependant on what has already been
cast, but can be a lot of fun, and it exiles it so no one else can recur it. Delving into black pirates next…
Dire fleet Poisoner bestows another attacking pirate with deathtouch at instant speed.
Pitiless Plunderer is possibly best sitting back out of the battle, as the benefit of
generating treasure is huge Deadeye Tracker helps clear problematic cards
from graveyards, and gives us an explore trigger in the process.
Fathom Fleet Captain is a 2/1 menacing pirate for 2, and when he attacks we can usually
pay 2 to create a 2/2 pirate token with menace! Rolling into blue now and we’ve got
Crafty cutpurse, another pirate with flash, which steals opponents token creating triggers
for the turn, crafty indeed! Timestream navigator can give us an extra
turn if we have the city’s blessing, and all of those treasure tokens count towards
triggering ascend! Deadeye quartermaster lives up to her name,
fetching us an equipment or vehicle card to our hand. There’s only 1 equipment in the
99, but there are some vehicles, stay tuned! Out of the blue and into the gold pirates!
Dire fleet neckbreaker gives the team a boost in power when we’re attacking
Deadeye brawler has deathtouch, handy for putting opponents off from blocking so we
can trigger Beckett Brass easier. We can even draw a card if our attack connects to a player.
Protean raider is a shapeshifting blue/red pirate with very interesting art, and can
come in as a copy of any creature on the table. Deadeye plunderers gets pumped with every
artifact we control, and for 2 and a dimir can create a treasure token! So what are we doing with all this treasure?
We’re going to revel in it! Whenever a creature an opponent controls we
get a treasure. And in our upkeep if we control 10 treasures, we win the game! Let me know in the comment’s below if you’ve
ever won a game with Revel in Riches! This isn’t the be-all and end-all of the
deck, so i’m not packing board wipes galore, neither am i filling up on tutors to make
sure i get this enchantment out asap. It’s here as a card to have fun with.
Also, I havent included mechanized production in here. Yes it’s arguably better as a win-con,
but it’s just not piratey enough, and this is a very theme based deck that still has
bite!. There’s yet more ways to create treasure
in here. Hornswoggle has one of the best card names
ever, and is a counterspell and token maker all in one, triple threat!
Brass’s bounty can net us a huge treasure hall if cast mid to late game.
Pirates prize is card draw and help towards the revel trigger.
In edh there’s usually some rather costly spells flying around, and if we counter one
with spell swindle, we could have more gold than scrooge mcduck!
Contract killing is an expensive kill spell, but we do get 2 of that mana back. Prying blade is the aforementioned equipment
in the deck. It’s cheap to cast, cheap to equip, and does some work!
Treasure map is one of the lovely flip cards from ixalan. Scry is super handy, and when
it flips we hit the jackpot with 3 treasure tokens, and if the revel in riches plan has
been scuppered we can start turning those tokens into card advantage. Speaking of flip cards, here’s a few more!
Search for azcanta helps us to dig through our deck with a psuedo scry, and then a cut
down tutor. Thaumatic compass is ramp, and will be flipped
in no time into a maze of ith. Storm the vault will flip same turn it lands
if things are going to plan, and can ramp us like crazy too. So, pirates like stealing and plundering,
and wizards gave us a pirate that represents this so well!
Hostage taker allows us to exile an artifact or creature, and then cast it for ourselves!
Kitesail freebooter is super annoying in standard, and is no different here, taking a spell direct
from an opponents hand! Kukemssa pirates is a classic from mirage,
and can trade in its combat damage to steal an artifact!
Finally we come to captivating crew, with a traditional stealing ability, gaining control
of a creature for a turn and giving it haste. There’s so many spells that do this too,
and i’ve packed so many in here! Expropriate is a mythic from conspiracy, and
is super powerful. We could end up with extra turns, or some stolen permanents, or both!
Besmirch is a big pet card of mine, goad is such a cool mechanic which needs more support
for sure! Blatant thievery is perfect for edh, stealing
something from each opponent. Mass mutiny does the same, except it specifies
creature rather than permanent. Act of treason, portent of betrayal, hijack
and traitorous blood target single creatures, Kari Zev’s expertise is more of the same
but you also get to cast a bonus spell! Insurrection is perhaps my favourite card
of its ilk. We get to take every single creature on the table until the end of turn! Legacy’s allure is a really interesting
enchantment from tempest. Each upkeep we put a treasure counter on it, and we can choose
to sac it, to gain control of a creature whose power is even to or less than the number of
counters! And that’s permanently too, not just until end of turn. Now we’re going to crack out some tribal
goodness! Vanquisher’s banner is on theme and powerful,
giving a buff and some card replacement. Herald’s Horn from Commander 17 gives us
a cost reduction on pirates, and depending what’s on the top of our deck some card
draw. Door of Destinies is a really cool tribal
card, and can get out of hand, with each pirate cast adding to the buffing effect.
Kindred dominance is a neat boardwipe, that doesn’t do anything to our pirates! You
just have to hope no one else has a board full of them too!
I’ve included Forerunner in the tribal section because that life loss is a definite tribal
effect. Fiery cannonade probably won’t clear the
board, but could be handy against a token deck.
Finally, Patriarch’s Blessing is a crazy gem I found whilst scouring Scryfall!
Each player gets to pick a creature type, and return all cards of that type to the battlefield!
It could get dicey, but unless you’re up against other tribal decks, you should be
getting a boat load of pirates back, while your opponents only get 1 or 2 creatures back.
It could also earn you some political points too! Onwards to planeswalkers now, and sadly Vraska
is Golgari so couldn’t be included but I do have both versions of Angrath.
This is one angry minotaur pirate, and the flame chained even has a steal effect as his
-3. The planeswalker deck version has some neat
graveyard recursion, and the -11 ultimate could wipe someone out of the game!
Angrath’s Fury is in here as his personal tutor, and it’s spot removal to boot. So, every self respecting Admiral needs a
vessel, or a fleet, and we start off with the gorgeous looking Conqueror’s Galleon.
As a 2/10 you might want to keep it back to block, but if you do attack with it you get
a huge amount of utility on the flip side. Looting, drawing, and recursion!
Dusk Legion Dreadnought has some nice stats for only having a crew of 2.
Fell Flagship is a pirate lord in disguise, and the incidental discard is quite nice too.
Finally, sleek schooner is in here for the theme, but could easily be subbed out for
a tutor effect, or some kind of combat trick to help trigger Beckett Brass. Into the other bits and bobs now, and cyclonic
rift needs no explaining. Dead Man’s chest let’s us cast spells
from the top of an opponent’s library. Stolen Strategy from Battlebond does a very
similar thing, except in a more multiplayer form. Walk the plank is some very on theme spot
removal, Mutiny is like a piratey fight card,
And Ill-gotten gains allows you, and all other players though, to discard your hand and pull
three cards into it from your graveyard. Speaking of graveyard shenanigans, Skull of
Orm is a very old artifact, that let’s us recur enchantment’s back to our hand, specifically
Revel in Riches! Recall is a super old card that let’s you
trade in dead cards from your hand to bring back things that are more useful from your
graveyard. Imagine casting insurrection for a second time!
A quick bit of ramp in the form of commander’s Sphere and Sol Ring rounds out the non-land
cards in the deck. Which leads nicely into the lands, surprise
surprise! Command tower kicks things off, closely followed
by path of ancestry. Unclaimed Territory smooths out our grixis
pirates, as does Crumbling Necropolis. Bonus flavour points for getting hold of the new
art version from Explorers of Ixalan! All three Temples from Theros block are in
here, as I really rate the scry, and they’re quite cheap still.
Dragonskull Summit, and Drowned Catacombs are here from Ixalan, however there isn’t
an Izzet land, so Sulfur Falls holds it’s place.
It’s the same story with the Battlebond lands. I have Luxury Suite and Morphic Pool,
and complete it with the blue/red Highland Lake. Unknown shores can easily be upgraded, but
I like it because it has a pirate ship on it!
Rocky Tar Pit provides us with some slow fetch, as does the Evolving Wilds. I finish off the deck with Islands, Swamps
and Mountains and that’s it! And there you have it, my Admiral Beckett
Brass Pirate tribal edh deck! This Sunday I’ll be hosting a live stream
here on Youtube where I’ll be taking a look at Guilds of Ravnica spoilers, mock drafting
my pauper cube, and just chilling out. Would be great to see you there. Keep an eye on
any of my social media for the time! If you haven’t already, please remember to
share this video wherever you hang out, Be it Twitter, reddit, Facebook.
And don’t forget to head over to arcane cards for your mtg singles. Thanks so much for watching,
Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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Reader Comments

  1. Eric Patrick

    I've been wanting to build a deck around Beckett and this just fits so perfectly.
    I wonder how you would build a Dakkon Blackblade commander deck or a Merieke Ri Berit Tiny, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
    Your tribal and theme synergy is on point, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Eric Williamson

    Beautiful Walk the Plank! Great deck, think the priciest card was the Patriarch's Bidding? Still a great price point for such a fun deck! Really looking forward to the stream, you know Im not missing that!

  3. Joran Moore

    What do you think of Dowsing Dagger / Lost Vale? I know it gives the opponent two Plants but tapping a single land for three mana seems definitely worth it.

  4. Sebastian Vieira

    Won a game when I had Revel in Riches on the table and then casted Spell Swindle. Also, I was close when I had RiR already and casted Brass's Bounty, but I was one treasure short at the end.

  5. Beenie_Boy Games

    This Deck Tech was really good, it's a fun deck and the explaining is very helpful to a not so experienced player like me! Thank you for the video!!

  6. James Evans

    It breaks the tribal aspect of the deck a little bit, but if you put Grenzo, Dungeon Warden in this deck, there's a fun little combo you can do with it and Timestream Navigator. Use Navigator's effect to get an extra turn and tuck it into the bottom of the deck, then use Grenzo's effect to put it into the graveyard and back onto the field, then during your extra turn, do it again.

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