Como hacer un camión de cartón eléctrico

Hello friends, welcome to a new video,
today we are going to make this military truck With electric motor.
We start, we get a panel of wood as thin as possible, we cut
a rectangle with measures of 7 centimeters by 19, we cut the four holes for
wheels, these gaps will have a centimeter and
medium wide and six long, but this hollow will have to be twice as wide
since there will be double wheel here, it will be the driving wheel, that is, the one that goes
connected to the engine, with drinking straws we will make the tubes
where the axes of the wheels, we hit it right in the middle of the
transverse wheel holes, we cut what is left over, we cut leaving approximately a
mm on each side, the wheels will be plastic caps,
we make a hole in the center, we make a total of 5,
the tires for the wheels we make with eva rubber, we cut a strip
with a width of 1 centimeter, since This is the width of the plugs,
we glue around each cap, at the last wheel we hit a strip
thinner half a centimeter wide, as we see in the picture, with a skewer stick we make the axes
of the wheels, we go through the hole letting it peek
no more than a millimeter and we add glue or silicone, we put in the straw and cut leaving approximately 3
millimeters, we put the other wheel and we apply the silicone, similarly we make the rear axle,
but this time before cutting we put the small strip wheel and now yes,
we cut letting the stick stand out about three millimeters, we hit the last
wheel also making the stick between through its hole and we add the silicone,
a small low electric motor tension, we glue it so that its axis
is in line with the gap between the two strips
so that later we can connect it by middle of a jelly, a battery holder for two batteries
double type A, we hit it right in the middle, the switch,
we paste it back so that its button is sticking out,
It’s time to make connections, one of the battery holder cables what
we connect to one of the connections of the motor, the other battery holder cable what
we connect to one of the connections of the switch,
Finally, with a cable we connect the another switch connection with the
connection left of the motor, we check that the system works, we go with the cabin, we draw it in a
green cardboard, keep in mind that the width will have to be the same
than that of the base we have done with the wooden panel, in our case 7
centimeters while long will be have to be the same length as space
where will the cabin go, in this case six centimeters,
don’t forget to draw some flaps to be able to glue some faces with
others, once cut we fold, we hit
I will do this with stick glue, we put in place to mark the
wheel holes and we cut, we hit with insulating tape we will do the
windows, these silicone drops will be the headlights, with these wide and thin chopsticks
we make some fences to place the sides, we go back to the green cardboard to make
the canvas, we mark the length and the high we mark another rectangle with the width, finally we draw another rectangle
same as the first, we make a cut in the two corners with
1 centimeter deep and another cut on each side a centimeter
Tall, we cut down to leave two
notches in the corners, we bend where we have made the
cuts, we hit we can print these shields to
stick it It’s time to try it, we put
the batteries If you liked this video, please press like and share it, you can also subscribe to this channel, thank you very much
For your attention, bye.

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  1. Roberth Frank

    realmenye creativo esto m encsnta siempre.m ha encantado.hacer estas.cosaa x puedes usar tu imagimacio siempre he querido q aiguien.m enseñe hajacer esatas godas.tengo mucha imaginavion mpeto no sabia como dacar este ptencial gravias y te sigo

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