Complete Guide to Installing Deck Post Anchors

Welcome to features the titan post anchor. Why use the titan anchor?
you can surface mount a Titan post anchor anywhere you want to place a four-by-four
or six by six post on wood or concrete sign posts, fence posts, gazebos or pergolas.
As we well focus on in this vide deck railing sections. When compared to other posts anchors
the titans are much more attractive and thanks to the metal tube inserted in the posts core
can withstand a much higher though it before failing.
When compared to traditional construction methods the titan lifts the post off the surface
of the deck or concrete slab this allows the wood to breathe and drain as normal. This
makes your posts a lot less vulnerable to moisture and rot this can extend the life
of your posts considerably. The tools you’ll need for installation: fastening
hardware, A level, washers, and composite shims for levelling, a hole saw, drill or
hex ratchet and a hammer (preferably a three-pound hammer or five-pound maul). Step one:
Cut your post to the desired length and make sure there are no knots within twelve inches
at the bottom of the post Step two:
Find the center of the post you want to install the simplest method is by placing a straight
edge over opposite corners of your post and draw two intersecting lines the intersection
is your center for drilling. Step three:
Drill your guide cut using the hole saw making sure you are plum to the post.
Decks offers a titan branded hole saw if you want to make sure you are using
the proper size saw. Step four:
Line up your tube with the guide cut square off the base with the corners of the post
and drive the anchor flush with the post gentle testing can be used to straighten the anchor
if it becomes misaligned early in the drying process. Step five:
Secure the post anchor with four lag bolts and washers through the anchor and into the
post. Step six:
You should make sure your deck is ready for the titan. Tighten recommends using a stack
of four 2 X 8’s as blocking secured between the joists below each post mounting point
your goal is to have your fasteners go through the anchor base the deck boards and then into
this added blocking keep in mind you will want your posts and most six-feet apart. Step seven:
Place the anchor base where you are sure you’re fasteners will go through the blocking below.
You may need to pre-trial depending on what type of decking you are using in your own
comfort level Step eight:
Drilling your corner bolts and make sure the post is level on two sides if you need to
make small adjustments you can tighten the screws and of course accordingly if you need
to make a larger adjustments use galvanized flat washers or composite shims to level up
the sides Step nine:
Screw in your remaining bolts through the anchor and into the deck and blocking below. Step ten:
Finish off your post with a highly recommended tighten posts skirt to cover the mounting

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