Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The 12th sport is archery! [ENG/2016.09.20]

(An early rainy fall morning) – Hello. / – Hello. We’re getting new members today. The shoot is starting early today. Quiet. We ordered that coffee. Be quiet, coffee machine. It’s being quiet. Where are we? We’re at Cheong Na District. Do you like the plot of land? Over here? Let’s talk to the real estate agency… This land is around 13,000 square meters. We’ll make a Cool Kiz exercise park for a long-term project. An exercise park? Two badminton courts, a bowling alley… Very nice. Great idea. Thank you. (Today is the new members day) Do you know who’s coming today? Who? We’ll be revealing our 12th sport today. Right, today. You can’t show up here so thoughtlessly. You should’ve planned. (The first new member shows up) Hello. (Who is this?) I guess rain doesn’t matter for this sport. The first guest is coming in. Please welcome them with a big hand. It’s that kid. Geez… It’s an open studio. How could I not care about that? – Hello. / – Hello. – Hi! / – How could I not notice? Hi, little kid. I wonder if that kid understands his mom. And he was wearing a raincoat, along with an umbrella. So her son doesn’t get wet… I’m not mistaken, right? (First member revealed) I’m not mistaken, right? Hey, Kyuhan. Come here. – Hello. / – Very good. (The actor of many faces) (It’s always exciting when he’s on the show) Yeah! He was in the foot volleyball episodes. I saw those. – I was shocked. / – Yes. He’s a terrible kicker. The toss looks shaky… He couldn’t get it over! (A really terrible kicker… ) (Please do better today) It was disappointing because he looks so fit. He’s all muscular and shredded. But his feet do nothing but help him walk. I learned two things through being on this show. That I’m an extremely poor athlete and that foot volleyball really doesn’t suit me. (A girl more refreshing than the falling rain) Goodness… Hello. Having to shoot on a rainy day… I was on the show to cheer for the volleyball team. Is there a sport you’re good at? Dancing. It’s quite a view behind us with the rain. It signals a new start for this show. It could be that or it could be the tears of this show. For now… I really hope they aren’t tears. We’ll make it like sweat… We’ll do whatever it takes for a new… (The second member arrives) (Who is this girl?) – Hello. / – For real? Can I just go through the middle? – Hello. / – Really? Yes, hello. You look prettier every time we see you, Hyoseong. (The most popular sexy female artist) Men can’t turn me down. Don’t be like that. She’s pulling ahead. She’s pulling ahead. What’s going on with Hyoseong? What is this? – Hyoseong! / – What’s going on with her? Are you family now? A member? Yes, I am… Even though I’m a poor athlete. – Really? / – Yes. So many poor athletes here. How could you say that? Your beauty is at its peak. – Thank you. / – It’s one of two things. You’re in love or you really take care of yourself. One or the other. You look prettier now than ever. Like a flower has bloomed. – Thank you. / – You didn’t used to look this good. I mean, honestly… It’s not even 9 a.m. now. She should still be a bit bloated now. You just woke up. Hodong, your morning bloating is gone too. – Huh? / – Your morning bloating… He doesn’t drink as much these days. His health is in danger when the weather changes. I’m complimenting myself. How nice. All 6 members need to get here. Look. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 chairs. I haven’t seen Hodong in a while. It’ll be awkward. I bet there will be a lot of young idol stars. I’m competitive, but I get tired easily. That’s a concern. I’m nervous. I wanted to try shooting or fencing. To go back to the basics, we should do a shoot abroad. Like on a yacht in Saipan. Show some muscles… You’re really just asking to be chewed out. We… We’re trying hard… Why am I embarrassed? What? A member came? Hello. Hello. Hello. / (Entering 3rd member) Hello. Hello. Hello. / (Oh my) – Jungwon! / – Hello. (Girls loved him) (Former member of pretty boy group UN) (Now these are back muscles) (The all-around athlete is on Cool Kiz ) How long has it been? Around 13 years. – 13 years… / – Yes. Right. So that was… Wow… 13 years ago… That’s like parting ways forever. Seeing each other again… He was popular for being a serious guy back during the dating show I hosted. – This is so hard. / – Pardon? This is so hard. I don’t know if I’m on the right path. Is this a normal life? But I can overcome this. Jungwon, so good to see you, man. You’ve always been famous for being a good athlete. Well… I may look like one, but I’m really not. I’m all flash in the pan, but I’ll try my best. I remember Jungwon was always so serious. Really serious. He says he’s normal… Is this a walking special for the unathletic? (This could be the weakest Cool Kiz team…) – Like walking? / – No. – It’s our first time meeting. / – Yes, it is. I always saw Sugeun on-screen. Have a seat. He’s in such good shape and mood. It all seems to be going well. Well… Sports are about teamwork. But things are already awkward. – I just keep laughing… / – I couldn’t come in. It felt awkward to join you guys. I really didn’t know. People on TV are radiant. But he wasn’t at all. (Why is that guy still in the corner overreacting?) They call it aura. You should be radiant like that. Look! So radiant! (She comes in looking radiant) This show will go a long time now. Great job, production staff. Hello. (Fourth new member is Lee Siyoung) (She can act and do variety shows) (She’s even an athlete) (Girls have a crush on her) Can you two just talk? I want to just listen. (So nice to just look at them two) Siyoung, you’re known for being a good athlete. Gosh, she’s really good. She’s probably the second best fighter here. (Best fighter, second best) For real… This is really the team for the 12th sport? Yes. We really treat each other like family here. (What is he thinking?) We support each other… Wipe each other’s sweat off… The four of them look good together without us two. Let’s try to cause some scandals. Maybe that will boost the ratings. (Those two are dating) (Forced into being a couple) Regardless of the sport, I hope I can be on the show a long time. You are the best actress for this show. Thank you. You love to exercise profesionally. I’d like to know how you felt during the casting call. Did you agree because you had time? Do you feel pressured? Are you displeased? Just tell us honestly. We’re really curious, Siyoung. So as for me… We’re curious about Siyoung. But not about me… – So as for me… / – Tell him to talk last. So as for me, I’m very curious about Siyoung. That’s all he was trying to say. He was just curious. I was a boxer for Incheon City Hall up to last year. I stayed and trained in Incheon, so I wouldn’t have been able to be on this show then. But I’ve always wanted to do this show. You started boxing because of a drama role. – Correct me if I’m wrong. / – Yes. But then the drama was axed. Maybe axed isn’t such a nice word… (The drama was canceled as she trained in boxing) You never got to show off what you trained for. But now your skills have been acknowledged. You entered an amateur tournament as a hobby, and you ended up winning it all. You then entered a tournament on the Korean team and won the entire 48kg division. You have such a good memory. I think I know a bit too much. I’m very curious about our next sport. What can we do with these pretty ladies here? We had Jota for judo. We need a former athlete. Then it’s boxing this time? I’d love it if it was boxing. The feeling I got here… Hodong, it’s time we get beat up. You need a whooping. Why cast me when we have to be hit? You need a beating. Judging from the cast, it’s something big. Right. Since Hyoseong is here… Maybe we’ll learn sexy dances. Sexy dancing Cool Kiz? – I’m confident in dancing. / – It’s a sport. If we’re going to be doing boxing, I’d really like that. The dream I couldn’t achieve… You guys can achieve it instead… Siyoung, if you couldn’t do it, none of us can. I can’t enter tournaments now. I’m a former pro, so I can’t enter amateur tournaments. Right. They can’t have former pros. You’re that good? No former pros in tournaments. Would you enter one in amateur Korean wrestling? (Now he gets it) You’re a former champion. He can’t. It’s cheating if a former pro enters. So let’s see what sport we might get. Boxing seems to be most likely. Very natural. Perhaps because Siyoung has joined us… She could be a coach and athlete. It must be boxing. She keeps telling me to enter the 58kg division. And that if I go over 60kg, I’d get pummeled. Come on. I’m over 40 years old. Let’s just talk about this first. There are weight classes in boxing. So you have to maintain your weight or lose weight. Then… What weight class were you in, Siyoung? You were in the 50kg division, but you went lower? I went from 48kg and raised it to 51kg. Since this show is about exercise, can you tell everyone how hard it was to maintain your weight? Well… Any sport where you must maintain your weight is hard for athletes. Boxing is tougher, because for judo and taekwondo, you’re only weighed once the day of the match. But you’re weighed every day in boxing. So even if you win the match, they do the weigh-in the next day, so you have to keep working out. Even if you win. So you’re all happy after winning a match and then, “Oh… I have to go work out again.” Gosh… That’s so intense. So I’d go work out with my coach at night and make sure I’m the right weight. My mouth would be all dry and I couldn’t sleep. All I have is water the next day. I have the broth only for beef soup. The coach won’t let me eat much because too much broth will give me diarrhea. But I just ate broth, which gave me diarrhea. It made my legs tremble. You get diarrhea? I can’t imagine it. (Actresses are human too) Once I went 7 times before a match. I was so nervous. Diarrhea makes a lot of noise. It was so naturally… The match is almost there. Just a few hundred grams left. Every athlete has their own secret weapon to help them maintain weight. One guy I knew spit out all the saliva in his mouth. Siyoung, did you have any tricks? Diarrhea… In the last stretch… On the last weigh-in when I step on the scale I just have to be no more than 48kg. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed. At first, I was embarrassed, so I wore a wife-beater… Oops, I mean… – Sleeveless. / – Yes, a sleeveless shirt. She’s so down-to-earth. Wife-beater… I haven’t heard that term since my dad said it. “Get me a wife-beater.” I haven’t heard that in a while. Wife beater… I was in my underwear and shorts too. But later on, I wore less and less clothes. I’d weigh my clothes. I even deliberated… Whether or not I should keep my underwear on. Panties weigh 20kg. That’s one bite of a banana. Do I swallow my pride or not? I ended up taking a bite of that banana. The person weighing me said, “You’re a real pro now.” People that struggle with weight totally strip. So why even box at all? What’s amazing is that… Honestly, if I wasn’t a celebrity I would’ve quit while training with the pros. It was totally different once I joined the team. The air is different. Yes, so different, difficult and scary. While I was struggling they put out all these articles about me shaking hands with the mayor… When I was really struggling physically, all those articles… – Since it was all out there. / – Right. That’s one thing. So you forced yourself to box? I thought she’d be like, “I feel such joy when I connect with a punch.” But she kept forcing herself. I did have a goal, so I tried hard. It was really tough. You compete with women in tournaments, but they can have you spar with guys just to intensify the training. I did all the time. And I’d always get injured. What kind of injury? I even had my nose broken. – From a man hitting you? / – Yes. (That sounded really bad…) I bet both nostrils were bleeding. No, my nose was totally… Crushed… Broken. – So down-to-earth. / – Gosh… Being down-to-earth like this makes her more approachable to us. I bet you crushed a lot of guys in school. I saw an old video clip of Hodong recently. It’s been circulating online these days. Him being chewed out? Of Hodong being chewed out by Lee Mangi? Yes! Hold on though. Siyoung looked up a video clip of me. It’s not like you searched for it. It was just there. (Ignores) (Feeling great now) Let’s watch it now. (Hodong is pumped) Hodong seems very confident. Stop messing around, fool. Don’t tell a fellow athlete what to do. (Hodong ends up winning) Mangi ran out of strength and Hodong pushed him right then. His eyes then… They looked so scary. He’s a different person when he’s on the sand. His eyes were like slits. He’s much better looking now. He looks so kind and soft now. He’s way different now. His image totally changed. When Hodong stepped out on the sand he keeps smirking. Then when Lee Mangi stepped up… I figured Hodong would win. I never made faces like that. No, no, no! Oh! That’s awful! I did that? Me? When Mangi stepped out? I did that? No, no! I figured that’s the kind of spirit you need to be a professional. – You really took a good look. / – I did. She’s really into exercising. You can tell how athletic someone is by looking at their spine? You have to use your lower back in all sports. Same for Korean wrestling. To do well. So I started checking out the bodies of athletes. You can tell by touching someone’s lower back? If they have a figure like this. Sugeun. (Starts to strip) I was going to change for a new look… He’s in good shape. Even when he’s trying to stick his chest out? I always stand like this. He’s in good shape. I’ve always been like this. It makes me 2cm taller. Jungwon, close your mouth. I bet he’s a very good athlete. How? Why? You erector muscle seems sturdy. But your muscles are tense here. Gosh, that’s cheating… (A six-pack on his back!) You’ve been working out. – No, I haven’t. / – To be on the show. I did not work out. – He prepared himself. / – I did not. He needs his back patted. (He had a big breakfast) He had a big breakfast and needs to digest. He’s a former champion. Do you have a herniated disk? So after feeling… Kyuhan was in the best shape. (Kyuhan has a nice spine) Really? When he stood like this? He stood with his butt sticking out. This is being in good shape? We can do that too! We can stand like this too! We can do that. So he’s the star of the team. How much do you weigh? I weigh 68kg. The lightweight division starts at 65kg… Well… I don’t think I can box. I get scared easily. And I got a lot of veneers on my teeth. You two act scared. Close your eyes and act scared. (Cringing) Having veneers is okay. I have them too. They can come off, but you can put them on again. They came off from boxing? – You must have gotten drunk and fell. – No, I took a hit. – From boxing? / – Yes. From boxing? Not on the street? Yes, from boxing. Let’s sit. Sugeun, sit down. They’re all cold now. Dang… Is that everything? They’re supposed to be warm, but they’re cold now. They’ve been sitting out. Hey, I ordered express. Express? Are you moving? You heard that? Anything you don’t… Why is this white? – So you drink milk in the morning. / – Yes, I drink milk. (Morning milk keeps her pretty and in shape) Do you do any other sports besides boxing? I run and just do cardio. I enjoy running. Ever competed at running? Yes, I was in a marathon recently. Why live like that? It was exhausting. I finished the race, but I was drooling by the end. Snot and spit dripping out… I was so out of it from being exhausted. By the time you’re at the finish line, you can’t help looking like a mess. I didn’t even notice then. I really finished with drool running down my face. There’s a reason marathon runners wear sunglasses. Not from the sun. They look like this without them. They wear them to cover themselves up. (He’s funny) That was a good one. I’m a little jealous. Let’s see a photo of when you looked like a mess. They went too far. (He’s teasing Siyoung now) – That’s messed up. / – What a mess. I’m sorry. You two are fellow singers. Yes, he’s very much my senior. (Veteran UN singer Jungwon) Before I debuted… Gosh… I can’t believe I’m hearing Jungwon being called that. I saw him on TV when I was young. None of UN’s songs have been a flop. That’s true. They were all hits. 2, 2, 3, 4. ♪ I love you, I love you forever ♪ We all know this one. 1, 2, 3, go. That’s my favorite UN song. (He only knows “Forever”) I haven’t seen Jungwon in so long. His smiling eyes look natural now. They looked awkward before. He looked uncomfortable. Now that I’ve aged… Jungwon, your mic fell off. Where did it fall off? It did. Geez… It’s been a while… That means… That’s not how you do that. So you didn’t get anything I said up to now? (Jungwon needs his mic checked) I haven’t been on TV in a while so it was hard to… It’s not like you said anything worth airing. (Kyuhan drives the nail in the coffin) He can do better from now on. I thought he was a nice guy, but he’s not. Just do better from now. So who’s the youngest guy here? – When were you born, Kyuhan? / -1980. I was born in 1981. 1981… Is it an early birthday? How will you handle that? When did you debut? In 1998. Oh… I see… (Becomes suddenly polite) Did thought you’d beat me in that? He has no weaknesses. Debuted earlier and he’s older. Right. Hyoseong, this is your first time becoming a member of the Cool Kiz. Tell us how determined you are. Should I just reveal the truth? Yes, you should show us. Tell everyone you had no choice but to be here. But you’ll try to adjust.Tell them that. Every time I see you on this show, you always seem like you’re in pain, Hodong. Tell us how determined you are. (Disbelief) Did you not show her the contract? New members of the show are forbidden from questioning the host. That was a clause. Let’s welcome Jungwon to our team. Right, on that dating show we did. Now that time has passed, I’m where I am today because of you. He’s always had a special place… He’s someone who’s always been a part of my life. You have such a nice voice. It’s nice to hear it at first, but you get sick of it after a while. It’s very nice at first. He’ll start to bore you. You two have such different voices. What are you talking about? He’s… He seems kind of weaselly… – Weaselly. / – Yes, a bit. And his voice is a bit high compared to Jungwon… I use that tone of voice only on variety shows. Like someone’s choking him. “Only on variety shows.” (Sounds the same) A bit, right? Sugeun can do any voice. Hodong has that raspy voice… – Shrill. / – Totally raspy. If you’ve been on TV so long, your voice should sound nicer… So my voice should sound nicer since I’ve been on TV for so long… But… I still sound shrill. You’re kind of a jerk today… Such criticism… Try talking in a different tone. He’s good at talking in a deep voice. Show them. I can’t go low. Try. You do sometimes. I bet you sound nice when you talk quietly. Siyoung wants to hear! Can’t you talk in a deep voice? I’d like to hear you talk in a different tone. (Hesitating) What sport do you play? (The members are shocked) You’re in incredible shape. How do you stay in shape? I think… He’s better shrill. – Right? The original voice. / – That’s better. Because he set the standard for outdoor variety shows back then. That voice should be complimented. What about now? Right now, it’s a bit much. He has a mic on too… And it’s closest to your mouth… (The mic is on the top of his shirt) Everyone has some distance with their mics. Yours is right on your neck. Sugeun, I’m worried about her. She needs private lessons. She’s a former boxer. Kyuhan, you amazed us all during the foot volleyball episodes. How was he amazing? Those legs are just for walking. (Clapping and laughing) They have no other function other than walking. Going up and down stairs, standing up and sitting… Sometimes I trip over my own feet. When I got the casting call for this show again, “Why are they casting me?” But now that I’m here today, I think I know why I was cast. I’m not here for my athleticism. I’m here to make more laughs. You’re here as commentary. You’ll be commentating for this sport. You have the voice of a caster. “Hello, people of Korea.” (Oh…) So it’s time to show the viewers another unscripted Tuesday night drama on our show. We’ll be learning what our 12th sport is soon. Do you think it will be boxing? Dancing. I’d be confident in sexy dancing… I can’t tell at all with these 6 people. The director of our show will be revealing what the 12th sport is. So what is it? We swept the 2016 Rio Olympics in this. Oh! You know, right? It’s archery. (Awesome) We should’ve done boxing! Why talk about boxing for such a long time if we’re going to do archery? (Cool Kiz on the Block) (The 12th sport) Our women’s archery team has conquered the world. (First country to sweep the Olympics) (They made archery history) (Including the 2016 Rio Olympics) (We’ve never failed to get gold in archery in 32 years) (Korea excels in archery) (The Cool Kiz meet archery) (With a shot of an arrow) (The Cool Kiz will start anew) (We invite you all to watch) Has anyone ever shot a bow and arrow? I have… (Raises his hand) Hold on, you have? I learned from actual archers at the archery center on a KBS Sports show. (From actual archers?) So you’re the star of our team. For now… – Since you have experience. / – Yes, I do. Hyoseong, what about you? When idols get together during the holidays and compete in sports… “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” I tried archery once. I shot as a team and individually. I wasn’t that good, but it was fun. A lot of idols participate on that show. It must be hard to win. I won bronze once in teams. – She’s the star. / – You won bronze? In teams. But I’m not good… Hyoseong is the star. Sugeun, you’ve never won a medal. You’ve never won a medal. Never been in a contest where they give you one. They’re the best ones now. Siyoung, what about you? I’ve never done it before. I heard that Korea has the best archery equipment. That’s correct. Foreigners buy Korean archery gear. B-But… Siyoung…Um… We’re not at a loss. Um, um, um… I didn’t hear. Aren’t I getting criticized so much today? Is my mic really that high up? Now it’s on my mind. My mic is the highest, yet I talk the loudest. What’s important now is that his Adam’s apple keeps trying to swallow the mic. It’s like it’s checking to see if it’s food. (I think so too) It hit it a few times. Trying to swallow it… (Please don’t eat the mic) Most foreign archers have Korean coaches. Behind the historical records are Korean coaches. 18 coaches in 7 sports in 16 different countries. That’s amazing. I’m so proud of them. – Even team USA… / – Yes, that’s right. They have Korean coaches. For amateurs like us, the type of coach we get is important. That’s true. Oh, don’t worry. We’re never good. We’re always a ragtag bunch. But the coaches are always national athletes. (True) “Why is that person even on this show?” We manage to cast people like that. Right. I was surprised by the volleyball coach. It’s just up to us to do well. We always get amazing coaches. It’s always someone excessive. Sugeun, the Cool Kiz archery team would be CKAT? CKAT, that’s right. (That’s cute) I’m very pleased. We’ll all stay at training camp. I’m filled with energy now. That’s a standard. I didn’t hear. We have to stay at camp to focus. Really? – You didn’t know. / – Really? You didn’t pack? You shouldn’t have put this program on your schedule. Can I go home for Chuseok though? Not even for Chuseok? I heard I only had to show up once a week. We’ll all be having a memorial ceremony together. (Sugeun sounds so determined) Men and women would have different dorms. No, a team must stick together. So that we never lose the team matches. Cool Kiz, let’s move to the archery center. (It’s rainy… And really windy…) Gosh, can we even do archery today? I feel like it’s going to rain all day. Right? We’re shooting outdoors in this weather? (Well) This is bad. What are we going to do? This is a day for Korean pancakes and rice wine. That sounds delicious. Hodong, let’s forget the archery and just get pancakes and rice wine. We’ll make our own rice wine. Rice Wine on Our Block. – I sure picked a great day to shoot. / – Gosh… This is quite the hike. (Gust of wind) Goodness… Look. They’re shooting now. Look. – They’re shooting now. / – Even in this rain… Quiet, quiet… (The coaches that will teach us archery) Look. (Jaws drop) They’re shooting now. (Won 2 gold medals in the Rio Olympics) (Chang Hyejin of the Korean team) (Number 1 ranked female archer in the world) (Choi Misun of the Korean team) (Men’s archery world record holder) (Kim Woojin of the Korean team) (Won a gold medal in men’s team archery) (Lee Seungyun of the Korean team) (The archery heroes of the Rio Olympics are here!) They’re the Olympic athletes. (They don’t let the rain and wind waver them!) – They’re shooting now. / – Even in this rain… – Quiet, quiet. / – Gosh… Wow. Awesome. All the arrows hit yellow. All on yellow. Look at that wind. You guys practice in weather like this? You guys practice in weather like this? – The umbrella… / – We’re sorry. (Sorry for disturbing your practice) – Hello. / – Hello. (Welcome) – We saw them on TV. / – Yes! Wow… Hyejin, we met you not too long ago. It’s good to see you again. You’ll catch a cold. Why are you in a t-shirt? (They move indoors to avoid the weather) Applause! Heroes, heroes, heroes… We’re with the archery heroes of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Can you please greet the fans of our show again? Hello. I’m on the Korean archery team. I’m Chang Hyejin. Good to see you. Hello. I won gold in Rio for men’s team archery. I’m Kim Woojin. Woojin! Currently ranked number 1 in the world! – Number 1 in the world. / – Number 1. The Kim Taewoo of archery… From god. I get that all the time. You even have the same voice. Hello, I’m on the Korean team. I’m Choi Misun. (Welcome) The pretty archer. Currently ranked number 1 in the world! (It’s whatever) The youngest on the men’s archery team. Hello, I’m on the Korean team. I’m Lee Seungyun. (Why the wedding march song?) (Let’s all sing along for now) He got married. You’re acting like you paid him. (It’s the thought that counts) You got married, right? On Saturday. (He said he’d get married if he won gold) (He proposed with a gold medal) (Seungyun got married!) Why didn’t you invite me? (Awkward) That makes me so sad. (I’ll just try to have a happy marriage) As archers, how did you all feel when you heard that our show would be doing archery? Archery isn’t a popular sport. It’s popular during the Olympics and big tournaments, but that’s about all the recognition we get. So it’s great that many people will get to learn about archery through this show. Such a good speaker. – Are you pleased? / – Yes. – Are you happy? / – I think so. (I’m happy) I should be happy since I’m on TV. True. We only really care about archery during the Olympics. We should try to take more of an interest… This time… Since they’re medalists. Just by looking at our faces they should be able to tell whether or not we’ll be good. You could make a diagnosis. Tell us what you think about all of us. Hyejin, who do you think has the face that will be the best at archery? Look at our builds and faces. Sugeun. (So it’s me…) So it’s me… (Huh?) Sugeun. (We’re sure she said Sugeun…) (But Siyoung seems pleased and bows) (What’s going on?) (Now she gets it) (I want to crawl into a hole…) Your pronunciation… Your ears… Open your ears like Hyoseong. You have your ears covered up. I… I doubted my own ears. She was so shameless… I can’t believe this girl… I thought I misheard too. She looked my way and smiled as she said that… I’m sorry. Please take that bow back. It was my name, but she stood up. I thought I misheard. – I can’t believe this. – It does kind of sound similar. It can sound similar if it’s mumbled. Very good choice, coach. Why do you think Sugeun will be the best? He has a similar build as me. A little goes a long way as they say… She thinks Sugeun will be the best because they have a similar build. I saw you practice. You’re a bit shorter than your bow. Yes, a lot shorter. Then… So Sugeun might be shorter than the bow. He’s taller than a bow! He’s shorter. These things are really long. The bows that men use are around 178cm long. It’s about 178cm. That’s around my height. Sugeun, that’s like 18cm taller than you. Nobody in my family is taller than a bow. Even my ancestors… So if Sugeun lifts it, it would touch the ground. He’d be shooting off the ground. Woojin, who among us do you think shows some promise in archery? Stop doing archery moves. Don’t do this. Let him choose. It’s a bit stiff. I think it’s Hodong. You’re a former athlete. So I believe you have athletic sensibilities. I feel like you’ll grasp archery right away. He’s straight up saying he respects me. I don’t think that’s what he meant. Misun, what do you think? I agree with Woojin. I say Hodong. – You think I’ll be good? / – Yes. Why is that? You’re a former athlete, so I imagine you’re more athletic than the others. To be a Korean wrestler and be chosen by the world’s best archers… It’s a strange feeling. You’d better do well. (Pressured) He’ll really be chewed out if he disappoints. By the viewers… Let everyone know our choice was not wrong. It’s like a line from a commercial. “Our choice was not wrong…” I believe in Hodong. You have to hit the target with precision in this. And when Hodong hits someone he can hit the exact mark he decides to hit with amazing precision. – I believe he’ll do well. / – Right. Woojin, did you want to meet any of our members here in person? It’s you, Hodong. Why? I’ve wanted to meet you. You’re always hosting, so I wanted to meet you. I know he’s an archer, but if I didn’t I’d think he was a Korean wrestler. I am pretty big, right? When did you start archery? Since I was in the 3rd grade. And how many years did it take to win gold? In 15 years… – In 15 years. / – Yes. Ranked number 1 in the world as a gold medalist. He even set a world record in individual. (Kim Woojin is the pride of men’s archery) In the ranking round to start everything off, Woojin scored 700 points off 72 shots setting the world record. We expect he’ll be the best on the team. What do you have to do to get 700 points from 72 shots? I shot 72 arrows. 52 arrows scored 10 and 20 arrows scored 9. (That’s amazing) How big is setting a world record in the Olympics? He’s truly an amazing archer. Even I thought to myself, “How does someone shoot like that?” We’re both on the Korean team, but he’s really good. I heard he has a nickname. – Woojinski. / – Pardon? We call him Woojinski. It’s his nickname. I thought you just cussed. We call him Woojinski and he’s such a good archer. The older guys used to tease him because he was so good. So we started calling him Woojinski. Archery like shooting is a sport that requires delicacy. Are you guys superstitious at all? I have a few rituals I follow. I don’t put my rice in my soup during matches. I don’t eat congee or use the number 4. Why no congee? Congee sounds like bad luck. Why no rice in your soup? In case I’ll drown in the match. Since you drown your rice in soup… But you still eat everything. I eat them all separately. – Rice on the side. / – Yes. – He has one more. / – Another one? One time Woojin ate bread during a tournament… – And shot a zero. / – Really? He stopped eating bread at tournaments since. Woojin, when were you born? In 1992. Pardon? He’s younger than me. He’s 12 years apart from me. (12 years older, 3 years older) You don’t really have a baby face. – Right? / – Yes. You were born in 1992. What about Seungyun? I was born in 1995. (Shocked) (Really?) Time has really taken a toll on the men’s team. It hit you hard? (Times have been tough…) Someone might think we’ve had the same archers for the last 20 years. (Look like they’ve been on the team for 20 years) I think that’s why many people remember us. The good thing about people like Woojin is that he’ll have that same face at 40 or even 50. – Right. / – It’s true. Nobody believes me, but I had this face since elementary school. For real. (Not a big change) I got this a lot in middle school. I don’t exactly look young either. (When we think of high school students… ) You won’t answer me? (Hodong as a high school student) (Very hard to believe…) I bought carp bread in 12th grade during winter. Then I got on a taxi. They’re tasty. I grabbed one to eat, and it was hot. I ate it in the taxi, and I wanted to give one to the driver. So I offered one to him, but he turned it down and said, “Give those to your kids at home.” (Funny yet sad…) I was in 12th grade! (Haha) You all are undefeated in teams. – Teamwork must be important. / – Yes, that’s right. How was the teamwork for the men’s team? We’re all pretty old. We’re the new generation. So… What kind of corny joke was that? New generation… The new generation in our era. – Woojin. / – Yes. You should get out into the city more. Don’t stay cooped up in here all the time. I do go out to the city. After an athlete finishes a day of training… – Get some beers. / – It’s very rewarding. Seungyun crushes beers. He drinks 10,000cc. 10,000cc? Isn’t that enough to shower with? I think that’s enough to wash your hair and shower. That’s twenty 500cc mugs. I can’t drink 10,000cc. I exaggerated a bit. More like 8,000cc. (That’s the same thing) He rounded down. So he really likes beer. You’re 3 years younger than Seungyun, yet you got married before him. Aren’t you 22 years old now? Yes. You really married early. How old is your wife? 21. (Why?) So how long did you date? Around 2 years. Is your wife also an athlete? She was a shooter. I bet you two don’t fight since you’re both so mentally stable. We’ve never fought yet. If a shooter and an archer fought… Who would win if they used their weapons? For real… As long as she loads her gun, shooting would win. Like the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” (The scene where Brad Pitt fought Angelina Jolie) (It would probably look like this…) (No messing around) That could happen. – That’s funny. / – They wouldn’t fight. Why didn’t you go on your honeymoon? I had a national tournament… that I had to go to. Gosh… That must be tougher than the Olympics for Koreans. – The Olympics just ended… / – It’s in October. October? It’s as competitive as the Olympics. So will four of you be participating? Yes, we’ll be participating. The winners of that tournament should get pension. Fencer Park Sangyoung said, “I can do this.” Seungyun, you say you said this first? I have trouble controlling my emotions. The team psychologist told me to keep telling myself, “I can do this.” Mind control. But I drew a blank in the Rio Olympics. I couldn’t think of my mantra. Oh, it would’ve been great if you did. Hodong, you should say it. “I can do this.” Because before… You kept thinking about losing. You have to hit 10. Hitting 8 means bronze. You always seem worried. Don’t you ever get worried? What if I hit 8? You never worry about that? When did you become so pessimistic? Hodong likes extreme situations. Since he’s an athlete he enjoys extreme situations. Now he’s the poster boy of pessimism. He is a bit pessimistic. They probably edit all that stuff out… (How did she know?) And only show his good side. (She’s so cool) Did you guys tell her this? (This is our first time meeting her…) You said you had poor teamwork. It’s very true. Right now, it’s every person for themselves in trying to be funny. This is not a team effort. (Got to stay on the show…) Did you know this? There are three archers on each team. When deciding the order of who shoots first, I’m sure personality comes into play. The first person to shoot should make our presence felt and be a quick decision-maker. Very important. The second person should be reliable. Be able to follow up with the same good shot. And the third person is like the closing pitcher in baseball. A sure-fire finisher. Someone like Seungyun. So when should Hodong shoot? When should someone with many concerns shoot? In what order… Since the order is important. When should someone with many concerns shoot? First, second or last? Someone who has many concerns would be good shooting second. When should critical people like her shoot? People that are critical… Why are you so critical? Would be better as a coach. It suits her. You deserve that. (Unexpected rivals) Misun, you’re the youngest on the women’s team. – You’re 21 years old? / – Yes. – 21, right? / – Yes. When did you get on the Korean team? When I was 17. I was chosen last year to be one of the three. On TV you’re always so expressionless. That’s kind of my personality. Are you not allowed to do this in archery? Like do that after you shoot? “Dang, so close!” Seungyun was like… Give the signal like this. Just like Seungyun. “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!” You can’t do stuff like this? It’s not in the rules, but we try to show respect and keep our manners For 30 years, though, the women’s team has never failed to get gold. Do we have something that others don’t have? What do you all think? The Korea Archery Association has been very generous and supportive. – That’s important. / – So thorough and considerate. They give every archer a lot of attention. Foreign archers are often envious of how much support we get when we go to international meets. – It’s like that? / – Yes. It makes us feel proud how much support we get. So we have these Rio Olympic gold medalists here just to coach us. I don’t know what to say to thank you all So let’s get started with the training now. After the heatwave comes rainstorms. There are strong winds in most regions. It seems a typhoon might hit some regions… Wow, it’s really windy here. (Gosh, it’s so windy) You can shoot and hit the target from here? Look. Wow… (Look at me) (The wind could push you back) I think this would be a good day for Cool Kiz kite flying. Fly a giant kite at Hangang. Just a moment, please. Let me fix my bangs. (It’s like a hairdryer) What do you think the wind velocity is now? Around… 12 to 15m per hour. 12 to 15. Something disastrous could happen if it was this windy during a national tournament, right? Yes. Today we revealed the 12th sport for the Cool Kiz on the Block. So the Olympic medalist archers will show us a special demonstration. So what is it? We’ll try to hit small pieces of fruit. This is our first time attempting this, so this is kind of new. 10 points. 10 points! Wow! Great! All tens. (She’s sick of scoring tens) (The next level of archery) (That will shock you all) (Hit a target 20m away) There’s an apple on the target. We’ll place a plum there. A cherry tomato now. That’s a bean. That’s not a bean. That’s a dot. I can’t see the bean. (But) (The archers practiced on the target earlier) I can’t hit it. I don’t think I can hit it. I can’t aim at all. It’s too windy. (The foul weather isn’t helping) Where’d it go? I don’t think aiming even helps. (Will they show us a new world in archery?) First archer, please step forward. Should we all just wait inside? I’m too nervous to watch. I’ll be praying inside. Let’s go! – Let’s go! You can do this! / – Let’s go! Look at that. Hold on. The cameraman must really trust you all to shoot from there. (Shooting right behind the target!) He believes in the Korean team. Ready to sacrifice. Isn’t he going to leave afterwards? – He’s leaving. / – He’s leaving. He ran away really fast. He just pointed it on the apple. Look at those trees shake. You should shoot that. – Get the shaky trees. / – In this foul weather… This is nuts… (How will they pierce through the wind?) This is nerve-racking. (Will he beat the wind?) (Will he show us how archery is the pride of Korea?) (He carefully aims) Can he shoot from so close? (A steady shot) Wow! (Hehe) (In one shot!) (Even his team is surprised) Coach, give us all high-fives. No way! I heard a bullet! Coach… Come here… What happened to the arrow? (This is amazing) Kyuhan, what happened? It pierced through. – No. / – No, it pierced through here. It went through here… There’s no trace of it being hit. It came out through here. This is a 10-point shot, right? Almost a perfect 10. It just went right through the sweet spot. – The arrow is over there. / – Look how windy… We thought it would hit this target. The wind curved it despite the short distance. It’s really windy. The wind suddenly came from here. It should’ve hit the back here. This is like the movie “War of the Arrows.” The arrow curved. You don’t factor in the wind. You conquer it. So the apple is a thing of the past. What’s next is the plum. It’s only a third the size of an apple. Let’s go. (Second one up is Woojin) (Nervous) I’m so catching a cold after the shoot. It’s so cold. Can he hit it with all this wind? (He carefully raises his bow…) (His aim is shaky due to the wind) (Woojin hesitates to let the string go) (Fire) (That’s it) (Wow!) (Direct hit) (I’m number 1 in the world) (A smaller target is no problem) Wow! I’m really feeling the pressure now! It’s getting more… The two archers on the men’s team both succeeded. Now all the pressure is on the women’s team. Since we’re going next, it would’ve been less pressure if one of them made a mistake. But they both did so great, which is a lot of pressure. Hyejin is up next. Would you like to give her a word of advice? Well… Hyejin won two gold medals in the Olympics… She’ll probably hit it on her first try. (Teasing) Since she won two gold medals… She will show us all why she won two medals. (Here she comes!) (It’s so cold) We should focus and be quiet so that the archers can focus. The skies are getting darker. (She calmly raises her bow) (She puts it back down again…) I bet she’s nervous. Isn’t that a warning? She just needs to shoot within the time limit. The wind has gotten really strong for Hyejin’s turn. Look at the trees. (Strong wind) Gosh, it’s so strong. (The wind could make you teeter) You see that the tomato is still, though. Still blowing… (She fires) I think it pierced it! I’ll go look! She hit it! – I’m 100% sure! / – I think I pierced it! I know for sure! How did it feel? – You were watching. / – Huh? You were watching. The tomato shook. – I saw through here… / – It didn’t? Gosh! Wow! It’s hanging looking even fresher than before! It looks so plump! It grazed it. The heat must’ve made it plump. – I thought it pierced through. / – Me too. Misun seems a bit more relaxed. She seems a lot more laid back. Right. You just have to hit it. I don’t think we can hit this. No, your arrows fly with power. But mine curved. – I don’t think we can do it. / – It’s hard for us too. Go, Misun. She’s warming up. She never gives away her emotions. She’s like a stone. (Will she conquer the wind and hit the tomato?) (Her bow shakes) (She misses) (Her face even changed!) I’m starting to get fired up now. – Right? / – Yes. They’re getting competitive. This isn’t tiring. I want to keep shooting. The archers are finally in it to win it. It’s cold. Can we block the wind with an umbrella? When they aim. – Is that a bit better? / – Yes. (Thank you, Sugeun) What if he hits the bow when he shoots? We shouldn’t look at the arrow. Quiet on set! We’re shooting! Let’s go! (Sugeun is something) (He tries aiming with the aid of the umbrella…) (Gosh, the wind…) – It’s cold. / – The wind is getting stronger. Cold. He’ll definitely hit it. (He focuses and aims again) (Focused) (Release) (Hit two targets in a row) See that? See that? I saw that one. (Such a clean shot) (You don’t factor in the wind, you conquer it) – The tomato didn’t fall off. / – Amazing. – Dead center. / – Way to go, newlywed! (Nice) (I’m envious…) That was totally… (But it’s not over yet) Director, a bean. What kind of bean? (A tiny bean) It’s about the size of a contact lens. Targeting a contact lens? And it’s a moving contact lens. – Is there a bigger bean? / – Is there? Like a peanut. (Will they be able to hit the bean? ) (Hyejin is the first one to try!) (Each will get 2 shots) I can’t even see the bean on camera. It’s like a seed or a bug. Like trying to hit a flying bug. (Hyejin will try to regain her honor) (Fires) (It’s a bit off) It’s going to be really tough to hit that. I really want to hit it. (Hyejin sets up again) (Go, Hyejin!) (Super focused) (Release) – What happened? / – She grazed it. – She grazed it? / – She grazed it? The bean got hit right here. It grazed that back of the hit. – She hit it. / – Really? – It’s peeled now. / – She hit it. I saw it graze the head. (Hodong inspects the bean) It got hit right here. (A mark where it was grazed) (Too bad) (Misun shoots two next) (Misses both) (Now the men have a chance…) – Go, Seungyun! / – The star. – I’m pressured. / – In one try. You can hit it in one try, Seungyun. You can do this. – His condition is great. / – You can do this. (Will he hit 3 targets in a row?) (Everyone is excited) (Seungyun slowly pulls the string) (Fire) (This is really tough) (A little bit more…) I can’t see it. Right. It’s hard to aim. (Hang in there, Seungyun) (He tries to aim again…) (It hits the string) (Sigh… Oh, no…) (Even Seungyun missed) It just had to curve… (The Korean archers are in trouble) (Woojin is the last to go) Isn’t there a warm wind? It’s so cold… Quiet! (Hyejin watches carefully) Woojin, aim a bit lower. Woojin, aim a bit lower. (The pride of archery is in my hands) (Woojin aims carefully) (He fires) (The arrow hits the bean) The target moved from the force (Unbelievable) He hit it! What? What? Wow! Wow! He hit it, he hit it. (Was it a success?) Hold it! Quiet! (In the rain and wind) (Was the bean hit?) The bean is split on the top. He hit it. – It’s split like this. / – He hit it. He couldn’t pierce this. – Sugeun. / – Yes. Is it a success or failure? (What will he say?) Success! (The star archer of Korea) (Like he aimed with a computer) The bean has been split like this from the top. The bean is too small to pierce through. The Korean archery team showed us their amazing skills. A bunch of trick shots. Just being able to pull off these circus shots can net you millions in profits. I don’t think you have to worry so much. Despite this crazy wind and rain, they hit the targets. The Korean archers are truly amazing. Give them a big hand! (1 week later in the KBS Annex Studio) The Cool Kiz archery team. We’re here at this custom built KBS set to train in archery. The weather is very nice. No wind at all. He couldn’t make it last week due to a gig, but Ku Bonchan has joined us as a coach. Two golds! Two gold medals. Time to ask a tough question. We had the medalists on the show before. You said both medals were meaningful, and when we asked which was more meaningful, you said without hesitation that the gold for individual was a lot more meaningful. – He was pretty obvious. / – Yes. Too late to talk your way out of this. Shall we air the clip? Here it is. Anyone can see… – He was obvious. / – Right. He obviously preferred the team medal, but he was just playing the villain. Right. I’ve gotten that question a lot too. Do you prefer performing as a group or solo? Right. On variety shows, I say I prefer solo activities and to my fans, I say the group. (Oh…) So this is what it feels like to be the villain. – I understand now. / – Thank you. I see. Teams are very… Teams are very… Precious. Do you prefer UN or yourself? I like… Myself. That’s the right answer to be funny. I’ll try my best. It looks like you’ve aged over a week. You look tired. This show really tires you out. Why do you look so tired? We just started. We didn’t even start archery yet. Hodong, you look very bloated today. – Compared to last week? / – Yes. Really? I look bigger than I did last week? When you turned this way… (Like this?) It was like a horror movie… (She’ll see it in her nightmare) – A horror movie. / – So what’s your deal? Are you here give me a hard time? No, no, no. I just call it as I see it… (She’s just honest…) Siyoung likes to pick just one person. She’s been targeting Hodong since the start. She only looks at me! I’m so scared! (A battle to see who is number 1 on Cool Kiz) So… Hold on. This isn’t for amateurs. This is for pro archers. This is my bow. Would you like to try it? I feel like I’ll hurt myself. I’ll try holding it. It’s light. Just hold it here? If Hodong can’t pull the string, no point in us trying. But the thing is, Sugeun… I’m holding this now. Yet my arm is trembling from the weight. Look at his muscle! Wow! Wow… I’ve never seen Hodong’s muscles. A bow doesn’t suit him. He seems Mongolian. (He’s all about strength!) Watch, everyone. Grab the string with 3 fingers. Like this. Look at me. Keep your left arm straight. Now pull this hand back. (Hodong is the icon of power!) (How will his first time pulling a bowstring go?) Pull back as hard as you can. Wow! Wow! This is really hard! Hodong… Come on, you can’t do that. Sugeun, you try. – Come on… / – I can’t do it. – Want to try? / – You need technique. Grab it. You need technique to pull this. Grab it. Go ahead. 1… (In one try!) (Pull) (Wow!) I’ve shot a bow before. (Humph, whatever) (Even the archers are impressed!) Who taught you comedy? You’re not supposed to get it right now. Hodong, this… That’s so outdated. (The effects of a lame joke…) You try. Right? Do it right, if you can. Straighten your left shoulder. Keep it straight. It was hard for me. Now pull it way back with your fingers. – Pull back more. / – Pull back more. This really is hard. From there… In a little bit… – So I did a good job. / – Tough, right? Yeah, you did. It’s not easy to pull it all back at once. I got kind of scared. Try pulling it. Get it to your nose and lips. Align yourself. Stick your face out. Stick your face out. (Looking unstable) Stop trembling. (Archery isn’t easy for beginners!) This is tough. It would be hard for female archers to use this bow. I don’t think a female archer could pull it all back. One of you two try. Should I try? Hyoseong, it’s really tight. – Just get a taste. / – Hold your left shoulder up. – Hyoseong, try it. / – Pull back now. Don’t let go. (She just moves her face forward!) – Your face moves up. / – It just happens. – Siyoung will be different. / – It’s really tough. – She was an athlete. / – She’ll be different. (She gets it close to her face) You’re very good since you used to be an athlete. Kyuhan, you should try. I’ll do well at this. He’ll make you laugh in 12 different ways with a bow. – It’s really tough. / – Right? Keep your left shoulder straight. (Did he make it pretty easily?) (Kisses the bowstring) Are we using the professional bows? No, right? Yes, we have bows prepared for everyone according to their muscle mass that aren’t as tight as professional bows. Now the Cool Kiz archery team will be getting our archery gear. (They put the gear on with the help of the coaches) – I have to put this on too, right? / – Yes. Does it go here? This feels really different to have the medalists help us gear up. This is too tight. You can make it bigger. I didn’t set it like this. Does it have to be tight? Sports are all about the equipment. I feel like I have skills now that I have this gear on. Put it in, tighten… Oh, it fits. (Everyone is geared up!) (Now all we need is practice!) (The Cool Kiz archery team is coming soon!) (Next episode) The first shot of my life. (The Cool Kiz will shoot for the first time) (It starts now) (Jungwon is a sniper) (So dreamy) (I’m here to conquer archery too) (Goddess shot) (I’ll lead this archery team) Sugeun is the star! (An unexpected star of the team) A name of a snack is written behind the balloons. We get to eat the snack if we pop the balloon. (Win the snacks) Very good. – So funny, right? / – Yes. Let’s offer some to them. This is so petty! You’re hogging it all yourself? Nope. You don’t get any. Bonchan and Woojin. Their match starts! (Bonchan vs. Woojin, a match of the century) (An unpredictable match)

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  1. Frank Narf

    Is that Hyosung from Secret? She looks just like this other Idol/actress I seen from South Korea but I can't find her name yet. She looks so much like her that I'm starting to think it is her but I've seen this person a long time ago in some drama or idol show. And looking at her older pictures it's clear that she didn't look like this before so I'm curious who this actress she looks like now is, I still have to look this person up some more. Anyone here have an idea who I'm talking about?

  2. ayactl

    Achery seems so interesting, and I like the team! I'm glad to see Gyuhan again xD
    I just hope the staff were more considerate with the artists, the weather looked so cold, and they didn't have a jacket or something (I'm talking about the men) They are human, it's not ok that they have to look cool with the uniform when they are freezing

  3. Edel Like

    C'est l'épisode qui m'a le moins intéressé. Ils auraient pu essayer d'avoir des membres dans leur équipe venant de MONSTA X, Got7 ou encore B1A4 qui sont vraiment doués en archery. Et Jota pourrait essayer aussi, pourquoi pas.
    Le fait qu'ils débattent durant des plombes avec les filles m'a fatigué sur la fin et je suis pas franchement fan de ce sport en plus alors je vais avoir du mal à le suivre si il y a pas des Kboy attractif pour me maintenir devant l'émission. Je vais essayer de voir ce que donnent les 2 prochaines mais si c'est comme aujourd'hui, je zapperai jusqu'au prochain sport. Dommage, j'aime bien leur jeu d'équipe en général mais là comme le sport ne me plait pas je vais avoir du mal à m'y accrocher.

  4. Louie DP

    Its sad that Cool Kids on the Block has now ended. Among the sports they featured, Basketball, and Judo are my most favorite. The Showmanship, camaraderie, sportsmanship shown by the members on these sports are rally amazingly awesome.

  5. akikocyrus

    omg those two oppa is so flawless looking…oh ya is this gonna be the last sport???this show have to be on going…love this show so much….

  6. Emy Pierre-Louis

    Former 4minute member Kwon Sohyun would have been great. She was one of the top idols in archery during MBC sport championships and even actively plays the sport til thus day.

  7. Cadi Levox

    heh.. Hehehe.. Kyu Han body indeed is great and fit but, he can't play sports for shit. hahahaha
    but man… I have to admit that Koreans are great Recruve Bow shooters.. I just wish they train archers in compound bows too to really dominate all of archery.
    If you look at the weather in the beginning when they were introducing the athletes. Compound bows would actually solve almost half of the problem.

  8. pressefr

    Why are the last three episodes in the playlist private? 164, 165, 166? The Korean Broadcasters Strike: KBS & MBC; events between May-Dec 2017.

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