Could’ve Met Drake | TallBoyz

POOL HALL MAN: Man’s finished
working a 12-hour shift when my boy Finn
linked me and said, “Yo!
Come through. “This party about
to be litty. “Trust!” I fell asleep, though. Next ‘ting,
woke up to bare missed calls and a picture of him. I coulda met Drake. CLUB MAN: I just left
a pop-up dispensary, and was on my way to
a pop-up art installation. When I arrived,
the crowd was abuzz, and there was
a black SUV leaving. I just missed him. STREET MAN: On Queen
American Apparel in ’08, he shopped there in ’09. So, so close. BIKE MAN: I ride a bike. He rides a bike.
So, yeah… ALL: I coulda met Drake. BIKE MAN: All I wanna do is
go on a tandem bike ride with Drake through the 6ix. Is that so much to ask?

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