Create a Hangout for Treefrogs with a Treefrog Tube – Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

If you have treefrogs around your home, and
you or your children enjoy watching them, then making and installing treefrog tubes
may be an activity you would enjoy. Several species are known to use treefrog tubes, but
the green treefrog will likely be the most common species in Texas. To begin, you’ll
need a section of PVC pipe with an inside diameter of one inch and a minimum length
of 2 feet. You’ll need a pipe cap of the same material that fits snugly and securely over
your pipe. You can get both of these items in the plumbing section of your local hardware
store. You’ll also need a hammer, a nail, paint (if you choose to paint your treefrog
tube), a drill and two drill bits. One should be a one sixteenth inch bit and the other
just needs to be larger than the diameter of the head of your nail. Once you have your
materials, slip the pipe cap onto whichever end of the tube you determine will be the
bottom. Make sure it fits tightly because it’ll have to hold water. Gluing the pipe
cap in place is not recommended because you may want to remove the cap to clean the tube
in the future. Once the cap’s in place, measure 5 inches up the tube from the bottom and drill
a one sixteenth inch hole into the side of the tube. This hole will allow the tube to
drain when rain fills it, while allowing a small reservoir of water to remain in the
bottom. This reservoir of water provides the moisture the frogs need to survive. Next,
measure one inch from the top of the tube using the other drill bit, drill a hole into
the side to hang the tube. If you choose to paint your treefrog tubes to disguise the
white PVC, only paint the outside and ensure that the paint you select adheres to PVC.
To mount your treefrog tube, drive a nail into a tree trunk, fence post, or other vertical
structure at chest-height or higher then hang the tube. Add water to the tube to fill the
reservoir at the bottom and wait. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have frogs in your treefrog
tubes within a few days.

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