Create Eye-Catching Video Walls Easily with Matrox QuadHead2Go’s™ Multi-Monitor Controller

The Matrox QuadHead2Go Series
multi-monitor controllers are designed to make your video wall deployments easy.
Capable of driving 4 displays from 1 signal, the QuadHead2Go Series is
available as a system independent appliance or as a single slot card, both
provide convenient deployment options and complete video wall scalability and
flexibility. Designed to power any video wall configuration of any possible
dimension from a single video source, the QuadHead2Go produces flawless image
quality across large video wall displays. Creating video wall layouts is made
easy and versatile with the QuadHead2Go Series, design a classic rectangular
wall or create a modern artistic configuration, the choice is yours. Each
output is capable of having its own resolution, can be rotated independently,
cropped, upscaled, downscaled and positioned anywhere without even touching
each other. Each QuadHead2Go appliance or card can drive up to four pristine
quality Full HD displays, all from a single 4k p60 content source. Users who
are looking to expand their video walls can combine multiple QuadHead2Go
units in a Windows 10 or Linux environment. Build a 24 output video wall
with 6 QuadHead2Go units and 2 Matrox C-680 graphics cards. Install a
bigger 48 output video wall using 12 QuadHead2Go units and 2 Matrox C-680
graphics cards. Create an even bigger 64 output large-scale video wall with 16
QuadHead2Go units and 4 graphics cards. The input content can be from any
source, this includes professional graphics cards and integrated GPU, video
wall controllers, digital signage players, media players, decoders, laptops, gaming
consoles and more. Designed to simplify any video wall
installation out of the box plug and play as assured when one of the
QuadHead2Go preset configurations is used. Setups can be done ahead without
installing software or even connecting a video source in offline mode. When
tailor-made setups are required the intuitive Matrox Power Wall software
makes customizing the configuration simple and easy to use. Troubleshooting
is made easy by simply using the on device buttons located on the appliance.
Equipped with DisplayPort 1.2 users can rest assured that the QuadHead2Go
Series is compatible with professional-grade graphics cards. Other
key features include: HDCP support and a convenient rj45 connector for command
and control. The complimentary Matrox Power Wall software offers an intuitive
and feature-rich interface that effortlessly configures the latest
emerging artistic and innovative video walls. Making installations as easy as
1-2-3, also available is the QuadHead2Go REST API option for customizing
applications. All kinds of video walls whether large or small, artistic or
traditional, informative or attractive are easily deployed using the QuadHead2Go
multi monitor controllers. For more information please visit our website.

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