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MyMathLab comes with a spreadsheet
program called statcrunch in which you can create histograms box plots and other
graphs. To access statcrunch you’ll go here to your toolbar hit statcrunch and then you have two options when I do
this it says datasets for your textbook statcrunch website i’m gonna do this one
the datasets from your textbook and then i’m just gonna click your chapter two it
doesn’t really matter you’re gonna see what i’m gonna do in a minute, click on
this and then it populates with a dataset from your textbook. let’s
suppose you have another data set that you’re trying to create a histogram of,
so I’m gonna go to a data set, here found in an Excel spreadsheet I’m going to
highlight and right click copy then I go back to statcrunch, and I’m going to go
here to edit and just paste, the one we use control V paste sometimes they’ll
give you these little commands so I’ll hit control V and there is my data set
and I come up here to the top and change the title and now I am ready to create my histogram,
so I’m gonna go here to graph it select histogram then I have to select data set that I
want to create the histogram of so let’s say I choose wingspan which is what I
want and now there’s certain options you can employ but I’m gonna hit compute to
see what the computer does and there is your histogram

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