Creating a Backyard Oasis.

Hi I’m John Holden. Okay so
you’ve got this huge back yard under the
hot Summer Sun and your dream is to someday
turn this into an outdoor oasis. But
the question is where do you start? On this
episode of Designing Spaces we’re going to
show you how easy it can be to add a
dazzling pool to nearly any backyard and
turn your dream into reality. Let’s
take a look. When that summer sun sizzles,
nothing could be better than a cool dip
in your own backyard pool. But while
many of us can’t afford the luxury of a
traditional in-ground pool, that doesn’t
mean a backyard pool Oasis can’t be
within your reach. I’m talking about the
Optimum Pool. Certainly you can find
affordable in-ground pools but the Optimum
Pool really makes it really
attainable for just about everybody. That’s
the nice thing about the Optimum Pool. Because the
pool can go into just about any sort of
terrain. So give a sloping yard
or flat yard or just sloping in one
area, this pool can be put in and and made
to look in ground or partially in ground
and it gives you great options you
don’t have with other types of pools right
now. For
instance, homeowners Paul and Melinda Austin
certainly have a big backyard to
go with their ranch style home in Azle, Texas. But they’ve always wanted
a pool and their one acre lot is the
perfect place to install one. Paul
and Melinda, huge backyard. How much time to
actually spend back here? Uh, not a lot. We
enjoy our covered porch but basically it’s
just a big wide-open space with
beautiful views. So what’s your dream here? You
know we have amazing jobs, we love what
we do but we do a lot of traveling. So we
want to come home to our oasis and we
have always dreamed of having a
pool. Paul and
Melinda’s dream wish for a cool summer
splash was under way in a flash. As
bulldozers leveled the land to create a
solid foundation for the arrival of a
new state-of-the-art residential pool
option called Optimum. Right
now we have the Optimum Pool in round sizes
several different round sizes from 16
foot to 30 foot which is huge. We have oval pools from 16 by 24
to 18 by 34 which is great. Pools for swimming laps in and
we soon will have freeform pools so
you’ll have special shapes available like a
kidney or a mountain lakes type of
look. So lots
of options for your backyard and the
variability you can go all the way in
ground, partial in ground or all the way
above ground. The reason we
suggested this pool for Paul and Melinda
is that they have a great backyard with about
a 2 foot to three foot slope. So we’re
able to match their deck in the front
part here, we’re in a deck, right off to
the lip of the pool. So from
the house it looks like they have an
in-ground pool. Once the ground preparation is
completed, it’s now time to begin
installation. An
installation team from TK Country Pools
is here to oversee each step. From
creating the foundation, to snapping each
high-tech wall panel into place. This
panel is very special. It has a
2 inch foam core, it gives you an R10
value for insulation. Sandwiched between
two aluminum panels are the highest quality
aluminum in the above-ground pool industry. But the
key to installation is, this channel
design, you get 2 panels you but them up
against each other and you slide a rod
down and you’re done. So on a 27 foot round we have 12
panels. Able to take these installers
maybe an hour and a half to put this pool
together. And you can do it by
yourself as well. This Optimum Pool is
quickly taking shape and Paul and
Melinda couldn’t be more excited about
the summer splash that awaits. I’m
thrilled! It looks amazing! I was
surprised at how fast it’s going up and going
together so it’s very exciting. After the sand has been leveled
to create a smooth bottom to the
pool and the top rail snapped into place. It’s
time to add the finishing touch of real
beauty to this pool, the vinyl liner. The
liner is very important because it holds
the water. So we make sure that
we provide a very high-quality
liner with a great pattern, great design, so
it looks good in the pool and give you
many, many, years of service. Once the liner is in place we’re
ready to add water. A filtration system, the proper
pool chemicals and steps. An
automatic cleaner is a nice touch too. This
refreshing backyard pool is all ready for
some summer fun. It’s incredible. I
mean I can’t believe that this is ours
and this is our backyard we will have
amazing times here. Can’t wait to have
everybody over. Marco Polo. Marco Polo. For Paul and Melinda this
Optimum Pool has transformed their yard into
an everyday vacation. A splashy
start to creating a true backyard oasis. To learn
more about Optima pools visit and (Music)

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