Creating your first iOS and Android apps in minutes FREE-Xamarin.Forms 101

hey everyone
by the way it looks like it was a same color of the Slalom logo (as the presentation color) and that
color on my computer like I’m partially colorblind. And i have a colorblindness filter and so they probably made it even more the same
color (which caused my error). So anyway, welcome everyone today to the brown bag. I am Saamer Mansoor. I have been in Slalom since September and have been doing professional mobile development since 2016 January and even more (mobile development) than that before but not Xamarin specifically. Today we
are going to build our first iOS and Android apps, and then we’re going to see
how we can build it a little further so that we can connect and actually control
stuff in the physical world. All right so, is everyone able to hear me on the
call (waiting for response on the phone). So what what should your priorities be
when you’re really asked like you know have a newbie thought of like really
cool idea that you are like oh I gotta make this a new mobile app you know or
someone has to build it for me you know like why I need to find someone who
doesn’t overlap so I can like become rich you know so like we’re all been in
that situation so this is like one’s the next step like what’s your priority when
you’re building a mobile like obviously you know companies the executives
higher-ups they want I’m a lot that’s like the best
they’re like highest rated your mobile I’m like that’s literally their focus
they don’t care about anything else or like has to be five out of five you know
like yeah I mean the president working right now they’re like they are the
highest rated mobile app but they’re like you know it has to stay that way
do whatever it takes how do you race how do you rate that I like on the app store
whenever people now going to be used you know rating and suffer that for on a
developer standpoint like what you had to make sure is that there are like
thousands of different devices out there thousands of Android devices now there’s
you know tens of like different iOS devices to make sure that it works for
all of them across all of them and so you gotta make it agnostic and then you
how to make sure that it integrates well with your back in services like you know
whatever you use to get your data have to work and then finally you’re not
going to be working our brother forever so hopefully not so you want it to be
eating easy for other people to bring it up you know like if they get a junior
especially like as a phone does you know we go in build and you know we hand it
over so that’s what we try to focus on well so this is a very common question
that comes up like hybrid versus cross-platform mobile development so a
lot of people don’t want to do native mobile app development because they
don’t want to learn Swift you know Swift is very very specific to iOS development
iOS and Mac OS development and like people who do web development they’re
like you know why should I learn another language you know and only for Iowa
whether it’s also Android and Android has more users and then Android you had
to learn like Java and now it’s calling you know so it’s like how many ways I’m
going to learn you know such a waste of time so they came out with like hybrid
mobile development where you could use like HTML CSS and they can have you know
with – multi-effect but it was very not
native like you can’t you know get like these beautiful icons and clothes it
just looks like a website correct from one neckline Chris thank you for pizza
day today all right Chris we were just talking about like you know creating
your first mobile app using it one iOS and Android and then we’re going to do a
little bit of micro proportion so we’re talking about like hybrid and
cross-platform and then one of the key components of hybrid development is that
you only use one you use multiple languages but hots platform development
you use only one language so for example xamarin you only use t-shirt but some
people can make that also into like hybrid but you really want to stay with
one language make a cross platform like fluttered Google’s version of xamarin
you use the financials dart and also react native you use JavaScript you know
so what you want to prefer is cross-platform instead of hybrid there’s
a lot of like oh yeah maybe this is also hybrid but don’t worry about that we’re
specifically going to focus on summer because that’s what I’ve been doing for
a while and it’s owned by Microsoft there’s a lot of support a lot of
integrations with Azure basically a lot of advantages of going with with them
their mission is to make you know great creating great apps you know really
beautiful stuff Navy and values Emmy Award so you’ll notice that it’s not
that difficult to make actually really beautiful clothes with within family there’s two different ways
of making out there is not a negative and there is I’m reformed number one is
what we’re going to do today it’s the future it’s modern
I’ve been doing both I still do them in native it’s significantly more difficult
and and so nominative is also called traditional Dameron and basically
anything that you do in Objective C and Swift on iOS and dumb Colin and enjoyed
can be done in tea shops like everything so it’s very very powerful yet it’s very
tedious because of the fact that you know here’s here’s why there’s life it’s
good his wife it’s still being used so let’s say you want to display something
on your phone and you had to process it so this person hasn’t paid his bill in
the last two months so you have to add up all those values and you know display
that for sum of all those values so with a shirts back-end you can just do all
that calculation one so make sure that you know you don’t make any issue making
mistakes in those calculations it gets shared across so here’s how to fix it in
one place and it gets fixed in both places we see a lot of value in this but
that was born relatively new then go one step further was shared UI code so you
not only share that business logic but you also share the controls I hope
she’ll you know create a label over here and you type it up otherwise over there
you still how to create a label in iOS take one Android and it’s very easy to
get started over here like if you have dotnet skills like you can in like maybe
a month you can get your hands wet and do like maintenance on a project so it’s
pretty powerful that is pretty reliable they are always
like up-to-date you know they’re not slow on their updates like
i OS announcing the new I OS platform damage like make sure that the api’s are
updated till everything is fine you don’t have to worry about all of what I
said if you if you’re a beginner if you’re a beginner and you know I
hopefully convinced you that diamond is a good platform to get started with this
is how you start about now this is the fundamentals of them important very very
simple try to understand the concept and you’re golden behind like on the UI side
there’s pages layouts and then these pages a attitudes pages way up to
paisley up see okay so pages essentially there’s like content page there’s a
master detail page you know where you slide in and slide out navigation paging
navigates through the pages there’s tabbed pages you know the tabs
at the bottom or the top and Android carousel page you know where you looks
like a swipe like that so choose which page you want for a certain you know
like for the home screen you probably want to use like a content page if it’s
basic so once you selected that now what you want to select is what kind of
layout you want to use okay so this was easy pages you know what you want to use
lay up now do you want to stack everything down words like you know when
you’re adding stuff do you want it to go one and then you know what below that
one below that or you want to have the sideways app you know you probably don’t
want to tell you that but you can do it okay
so you probably want to stack layout and then if you want to be able to scroll in
that stack layout you push this layout inside that lamp so you cannot have
pages inside pages but you can have layout inside Leia
okay you have to have a layout inside a page once you select what layout you
want you can you know mix and match so for example if you want one of these
layouts over there one of these stacks to be able Partizan till 12 you you know
so you can see your friends list or something you know later or friend
suggestions you just put the scroll view over here and then make it horizontal
that’s it and then so pages layouts and views where view image button label you
know that’s it it’s that simple text so I was like this is like one way of
developing it using the demo I don’t like doing it that way I think it’s too
complicated you look ugly huh you should sit down for a semester demo
XVM o XA mo okay you don’t need to know it but I’m just saying this is ugly that
I try not to use it huh that’s the samurais version of XML yes no it’s it’s
a Windows type like they like there’s a over robot a while yeah the third would
hit it like back in the day yeah and so if you notice over here it’s there’s a
page like there’s a page content page and invisibly out exactly out and then
there’s these entry entry button entries basically where you enter stuff in time
are you doing the book you know or doesn’t it just like yeah what do you
want to like have a carousel of images but you also want to be able to go back
up recently how do you do that if those are
different pages okay so wait a carousel inside one well you have like
carrots okay yeah but what if you want to have a carousel
advantages but thank you also want to be able to go back yes that’s a really good
question so what you want to do is let’s say use a master detail page or unit
head page you probably use a massive deal page because you want to go back so
you use a master detail page you click on you know another page make that a
carousel page and then you know just basically hit that button again and
select whatever other page you want each page type of navigation to in some it
depends on if you use a navigation page so if if you want this okay let’s say
you want this inside another page then you have this as an app as a navigation
page over here and then when you click that inside there it will go to that
carousel until then it will have like a navigation button by default so you can
have a header and a footer regardless of the type of page yeah you could make the
CLE have a header footer they also have a carousel they also have
a carousel view so then you know like it depends of how you want it because this
is basically a house some apps they don’t have buttons at the bottom
they’re just carousel you know like the folded of the amp is especially going
back and forth back you know for me yeah okay
get it started so you guys understood with so pages layout to you all you guys
have to remember over there pretty straightforward getting started how do
you get started all you have to do is download Visual Studio so this is you
know when you’re downloading it’ll ask you for stuff like this
and it allows you to install like Android SDK the blah blah blah you don’t
have to worry about it just hit yes yes and you know your downloaded so it’s
pretty straightforward now hmm your is to me your new solution oh wow crash okay so once you have the jewels to be
installed no not I don’t hide one yeah once your Visual Studio install file new
project that’s it like all you guys that’s all you got to do file the wait
here let me let me do it again let me close solution like oh well he’s length
so when you install vim this video this is what you land on guys like you guys
can fulfill your dreams of becoming real that fill that amazing out it is this
new project oh my gosh come on computer oh yeah yeah
so multi platform app blank forms app is that and then I mean you can do it an F
sharp if you were super jealous but I don’t I am NOT personally let’s say apni
solemn build okay so on the right is basically how to look it’s kind of
saying hey that’s not a good app name because that’s too big so good for won’t
sell the song world tour on gone to some toes you got a heel there y’all right
cool except because it’s demo for me anyway uh next we’re doing pretty good
on time guys so create and bam over rich hi so my phone is connected so if I if I
just click play it’ll build on my phone and I have an app on my phone already
playing off baby just like that and you connect to your phone is got that crazy
heart or is it hard you know it’s not crazy heart um
you do have to activate developer mode on your foot on your phone pain under
book no no it’s great yeah yeah but but I mean you don’t have to do that there’s
ways around it but so here’s what you do now that you have this open on the top
just hit that where it says Android and just change the IO i/o and let there’s a
macro throw think of it no good Apple doesn’t like money no no it’s because
I’m there to go okay and then just put on an iPhone and wait so that’s all I
did I didn’t quote it all it was like zero
code until this point yeah and Chris played what I didn’t know I think
million yeah no this is an Android I could connect it to an iPhone as well
but you know everyone won’t be able to feel it there we go only is everyone
here for you yeah okay now all right so notice how
over here by default they put it inside these pages open by default I do not do
anything over here so they have a Content page a layout and
a label and they say welcome to diamond farm so what I’m going to say is welcome
wrap oh right red rat Oh No hi and then I’m going to change it to
the center on the left yeah Oh autocomplete in all yeah but we’re not
going to do much more demo I’m going to transfer it over to C sharp C sharp is
life and see it’s building over here at the
bottom and come on now just like a live building any change you’re making you
save it it gets rebuilt or you have to rebuild it
yeah it’s not like flutter yeah felt like butter over
yeah but let’s see boom yeah magic on to your app and I love my god app it’s
starting it start from the from the left and sort of thing so what I do generally
is I I just remove this initialize component stuff and I say I start off
then bar a label equals new label text equals okay and bam
actually I have this open you just show you guys so so you guys saw how I got to
this point pretty straightforward let me move over
to Big Show thing when those shows were you
know the kicks already done enough but oh my god haha to look cool so probably the person yeah look at that
good so the initialize component was there before I moved it and what I’m
doing over here really quick is I added a label so these are all these remember
of you and entries of you a button interview you know and then here’s
another label you know I call it a result label and then since this is a
button a button has has an event that basically whenever it’s clicked you can
they could do something so over here I said but not click whenever it’s click
you know make it go ahead and do the event and this event is over here at the
bottom so basically it changes the text to something else okay so let’s test
this out so what we want to see is that there’s a label says hey there’s an
entry with a placeholder to type your name over here so you type your name
over there the button that says don’t press my button and it’s colored yellow
background let me just just look at it like it’s so straightforward you know
it’s not like there’s no like whole names over here uses hammer like type
and then I’ll come up you know background color text so Stifel is like
invisible true yes is visible text color you know so they make it so they make it
they make it very like very intuitive and they make it they make that learning
curve must shorter you know it’s like oh yeah it makes sense to me now
any reason why they don’t call components instead of use I mean there’s
the art controls but they just call them view like yeah because I guess can you
view them what you do why do you prefer doing like layout in code like to me it
seems like they would be a our separation turn yet to let you know
yeah the kinetic cook begins upon you can set up you lay up in where you can
see the structure handily where it here I can’t really see the structure yeah I
mean what you like what you cook I mean that’s that’s a very valid point you
know there are like schools of hot and one is like oh yeah let’s do everything
demo the other one is like t-shirt you know and woods mo you got to do a lot of
binding and it makes it more tedious for example if you want multiple views you
know you could use lists and stuff like that but my findings if you want to be
sam’l and what I hear binding comes to mind mvvm do you have a yeah yeah yeah
you guys you know it’s all like gets very hairy and that’s it but yeah yeah
you know it’s work I think for beginners like demos not the best thing to start
with because it’s like oh how does this know to get this from services you know
they got to understand the whole concept of two-way binding is over here over
here it’s like there’s nobody at all straight for it but even in code you can
separate your concern you separate the view in Chloe
yeah yeah why don’t you have a listener yeah yeah yeah totally beautiful sort of
here comes money from go to yeah yes so you don’t have to just like touch
the views directory and update their properties remaining very recommended
best practice by coming from Microsoft saying that you should use mo or kind of
going out into remove the trend no no that was coming an inch under trend okay
yeah for beginners though like I would highly
suggest are you sure because it’s equally powerful help improve memory
yeah it makes you know very clear yeah I know she didn’t pick a page or layout oh
so so so we’re already inside a main page Oh content in common first exactly
yeah and then so we’re just this is the constructor of your function so as soon
as this content page is made these are like these this function automatically
gets called so olio all right right now I’m no no you have to use a
layout so right now I’m just initializing I just initialize the
liberal view you know I just initialize the button and then at the bottom over
here okay yeah kind of laid out I knew would be enjoyed
yeah I wiggle layout is not questions like in are you if you try doing this in
Miami would you also get autocomplete and all of all that good stuff about
them you wait for the voltaren yeah I’m sorry mistake
family assets reminds me a lot more yeah I’m very comfortable with oh yeah yeah
what is obviously because you’re not a bigot yeah so you remember how the first
one is labeling those an entry and I said don’t press my button and though
the result labeling and so when you just like you can you can type your name over
here same law even even autocomplete yeah rebel right there so and so that
was I us really quick go over to Android build all the other integrated or not me
be microphone to the echo there emulator so you’ve got to download any one that
you want so in the meantime Wow in the meantime since the done was almost over
for the first part I’m going to switch right to the second part the same parts
going to be the fun part oh yeah this is just basically what I
did you know so you can see it better I added a few more things but there’s
content page there’s some views and I put those views inside the layout so
layout and then just put those views and tighter so you know all that stuff that
I did basically so you can do stuff like on either felt like you can Center
everything with the layout or you can Center the integral like you so the
views make it look so real everything the centers but I want to label to be
like on the left so then you would have to create another layout and place it in
time so that layout to be where you can have exactly out inside of its deck Leon
yeah that is so we can organize the way horse on the tack net and vertical sex
yeah yeah yeah it gets exciting I just still building so some resources out
there memory University they charge thousand dollars a year in orange for
like certification but what they also charge $80 a month and so if you finish
in what about the only baby if you don’t you have you this is so weird god I
dunno Vienna friends know me I like whoa where’s your sharing Goleta
peoples of everything and then there is a vigil through the hot center so
remember they’re trying to make it even more powerful by Animal Liberation
so minute it’s super easy for to add push notifications are so epic crash
analytics like the ICD or all that is emitter really really like within I
would say like 30 minutes you can you can add push notifications to your you
know hi us and end it like that just insane so so they are working really
hard to solidify summary position and then Zemin Doc’s basically other
resources or pre useful so the second part now I don’t have slides for this
because this is more hands-on and luckily we have internet so and we also
have a little bit more time so this what really got me into mobile development of
versus was controlling robots with bone while they wanted to do it with website
but I was like oh you know be cool did like dudes phone and so I I figured it
out eventually took me like six months but I created this github repository for
people to they’re really quick and like salmon
really helps you out over there because you don’t need to learn so if you know
you know you can join a welcome to creating languages and it’s kind of like
a repository Ospreys of language table so for people who are new to github
you know there’s basically a place where people are able to put their quote up
for free and other people share it and stuff like that so over here I mentioned
like all the steps to follow I you know it says how to use this and what do you
need to buy this is a particle photon that’s what we have over here and then
what code do I need to put inside the particle photon so there’s this website
called build dot particle Safari build yeah and so over here you
this is like an environment an IDE where you can pass the code into this so you
don’t have to be connected via USB and the specific code that’s it on the
device is here so them reforms over move over to like microcontroller development
in general use C++ mostly for all the devices like especially the Arduino over
here we basically are assigning you know pin d0 d7 like like you see already you
know on the device that’s turning things on and off is what is this yeah yeah so
this is the point directly onto yeah this would so if I press over here that
verify and then flash it would deploy directly over here even if this was in a
different country so how do you make that connection you have to register the
device on the account for her story yeah you got to register the device on the
account using your phone what I was trying to do inside
I like Victoire no you just log in and yeah to make sure that it’s connected to
the internet using your phone okay I see you guys the Wi-Fi of this device and
then it like all the instructions are and github over here
you know I highly suggest buying one of these elections of the sec $20 but like
something you can do is really really amazing so these same devices without
the cloud so basically particle photon they charge $20 because they provide the
cloud service where you can actually do stuff like this and you know plan until
I opt but otherwise like you can buy one of these for like $2 so they make $17
you know the Eastern Eye says they’re selling and you know it’s still worth
the cost and there’s there’s 32 just drop it and and so here you know I give you all
the code that you need and so over here you know every microcontroller has a set
up function and a loop function so you know in the setup function gets called
only once whenever you turn it on the loop function gets called over and over
and over and over so right now we only have a set of function and the setup
function says pin mode like basically whatever output value we put in you know
set it over there and there is an LED toggle function as you can see where
your particle del function this is where all the magic happens potentially
there’s a function called led and it calls this function called led toggle
and the name of that function I think is led not even sure the thing and and so
essentially what you can do is you can go to a browser at such a we’re up any
of you know about put pen yeah so you can make a coat pen very simple
very very simple and all you know all you got to do is say so right now the
blue light over here and even like this morning it’s like super dim is on so you
just say turn the LED up and bam oh look at that yeah and then so and then over
here it says oh yeah you know this is the response JSON you know it’s all
that’s where you guys and you can turn it on again yeah yeah I’m just going to
post super straightforward I understood but you said in the code you have make
your setup function is a function that your and another function so you don’t
have to use the loop function no no no that that function was being called in
the setup function so they’re just they’re just two function set up and
loop and then this function is called from set up but I don’t say anything
they use absolute yep for now he’s not yet you don’t have to use them you don’t
have to yeah yeah and and so yeah McMahon I think I think it’s taking in a
function incited so like the part of the function is what sort of work is it only
it’s called one like cuz you only run someone once right yeah yeah then what
keeps calling that function like how do you reference the particle function from
code um the listener listener yeah but you
set up the API then I think I did this one this function over here is setting
up these guys so it’s a it’s the framework inside of it does that yeah
okay yeah me notice the books public led you the post has also years ago yeah
everyone is they all right here’s all again okay perfect I can fill it up with
comments and everything yeah cool race combat video on the topic
nice yeah I’ve done like other stuff with it
for example so one my first hackathon that I won with a bunch of buddies we
use this to create a device so in in Texas and in California there’s like
clay soils so they have different soils textures and densities and so during a
sinkhole and extreme heat water gets sucked out and then you know the
foundation and so you know you can close the door sometimes the windows are shut
or open you know so that’s basically a foundation issue so we use you know this
along with other stuff to create entry for anonymity plays next your house and
that checks the moisture level of the soil and so if it is too moist let sorry
if it’s too dry it’s send you push notifications using some article what do
ya to sweat so but just lets you know that okay expect your daughter
oh yeah that you don’t have foundation damage
right yeah we saw you dead of like that mix for like a $30.00 device you know oh yeah I don’t answer yet because I mean I
can get into this all day I didn’t know yet what kind this is the most basic
stuff either cool so yeah yeah first of all Pam yeah so um anyway you
guys saw how it you know how I did it over over website can you do that sir
your phone can you be here damn it again like when you click the button oh thanks so either way like you guys have seen
how like straightforward it is over here you know it’s it’s basically like radio
buttons in post command like it’s HTML there’s no JavaScript there’s no CSF let
me go really quick to the build so build our particle kayo gives you a console
that you can that you can check you know like you can create web hooks and
stuffer then that’s how you basically connected to it this in that you can
have it set send temperature data directly to a Google sheet sort of
automatically populate rows in the sheet you know so you’re going to see how
you’re doing at the time it so going back to the github repository that I set
up where you go here yeah so I set up is gonna buzz Barry it has this quote over
here I downloaded that I clone the repository ur downloaded it and I made
and I built it on my computer so here over here I basically made it a little
more complicated you know I had a Content page there’s the title of the
page there’s the layout and then I added three different views to that layout so
view layout page page there are beautifully on page and then that’s
optimized you know anything you guys remember like like oh yeah so you can
you can make it really complicated like the button you can give it like command
and then the command function you like call over here
you know there’s a lot you can do and then there’s the access token device ID
particle function that we’re calling or y’all and this is the base address and
here’s like the post command that you do you know and let me try to build it how
we have it built here just basically what it looks like and so guys was over
here just like super damn or like the blue over there turns too late it’s
already it’s already off it’s a super editor paper yeah it’s
really freaking awesome and you know it gets even more powerful when you can use
this device like the electrons because you don’t need any connectivity because
of the battery and liking to be anywhere in the world it’s the same thing
but this is Wi-Fi only this is with SIM card oh yeah you were not yeah yeah go
for some party you pay like three dollars a month control little world
with these over Robert love it so it’s a place to be guys we got this do you like
premiere on our own stuff and here fight yeah I actually I have a repository and
there’s a link over there to control like the same similar stuff with your
Android phone your rendered watches so you can do the same exact thing with
down reform and your lunches yeah they have much LEDs and how many just happy
really yeah so I what I try to do is you know when I go Cup and competing I use
it isn’t that quite a bit to you know create a device and I show them that
it’s connected to things and it becomes like all member of the internet society
you know so whatever device you want yeah
vulnerable yeah I mean this active silicon is
already up to the world like the world of the actual anyone would like gorgeous
and in other line you’re gonna go on you can get it okay if I wanted to do
something right now Amy I buy right now yeah any of us can go there and
dangerous yeah like yeah I literally go to get out and okay yeah yeah would you
do if it’s better when you’re like I’ll be like I’m gonna stick you know smack
on the head like like your screen yeah how do you push the quote from family to
Apple App Store or Android App Store that’s a really good question very very
good question so on Android it’s significantly easier you can just right
click on your drug project and say archive for publishing and you get the
apk file you can give your apk file to your friends you know so you can make an
app like that in seconds and have it built out in freakin seconds like so
fast and you know they installed it over at Google Drive is put on Google does
give me the link go to that link download and install you know it’s
access other sources yeah oh yeah and up all the Google store is you can overdose
or so so what you can do is you can go to the Google store and absolutely apk
then on we should do that iOS and all you do that or you can there’s also
direct connection once is once you’ve already downloaded the app the first
time if it has the same thing it mmm key code am i leopard alert always like yeah
there’s if you use the same authentication the first time for the
same thing after the same app then they let you do it directly to the to your
computer long any hope for Iowa on the other hand
you do something similar you say our type for publishing and then you go to
so many different sketch developers now you pay for that is we have time is over
before I go I always think or whatever yeah yeah you need extra Kodiak so you
cannot give the app over like the internet but if you get that person’s
device you’re connected similar it will pop up over here at the bottom connect
an Apple device on you guys can also use like a custom movie power distributor
yeah test rails or any other pending after that again yeah that’s not both in
the prejudices they they have their own little cheerleader which is kind of like
their own that store type of thing except more may need another everybody
follow you submit Wow yes what is book and any other questions guys devices you
know yeah thanks for yeah hard-boiled I share fences no you can
use any Raspberry Pi pencil yeah that’s a great question
okay so for example okay cool didn’t I so there’s there’s
something there’s different kinds of ladies like multicolored one you know
RGB so things with blue green yellow spending on whatever you wanted to make
it you can control like these servo mutters so in line it’s your decision a
so you can like turn on lights like you know yeah it’s like no but these are for
your sonic persistent centers so into very yet very 25 that’s the way it is
that it’s about yeah but it’ll very short range that with the animals we
have nobody tell you as I hate which is like foreigners distance I’ll show you
like Oh 29 2.8 okay so there is what he has to move a red light what I have in
the back of course and you charge you like $200 more I don’t look like
thousand dollars or oh how I can ever take away oh that’s our new sensor like
this oh my companion you know like oh look let’s integrate it you know and
then they charge you a temper but in reality like you know so much you get
you get like 29 sensors for 10 dollars or something like that
really yeah eBay and it will give you like this entire package that started
with right yeah one of these kind of Judge Mark been readmitted LED lights
hopefully already said yeah yeah make whatever LED turns on that’s the only
advantage those everybody already have you for sees this you know as well one
like how do you any question yeah I was looking to start with that okay so big
guys think about like a wind energy farm is mess okay what energy companies
spends more than two hundred thousand dollars just for replacement cost like
getting the huge like trailer so like good milk no no no like it wouldn’t
sorry there they get these like travel to move like replace the part three ways
cream things cream but these grains gonna be super tall you know because
they had to get like the so there’s two different parts of generators gearboxes
and like the blades they’re very expensive to replace you know you can’t
get the entire machine down like when it’s directed you know you could you
know move it down but right now it’s already erect so you have to get a crane
you know moves is so it cost or is how large just to like get the parts to move
it and then you’re the cost of gearbox is different so what you can do with
this is you can sense vibrations you can send a heat you know fifty percent of
all electronics in the world are destroyed because of heat you know so if
you have been searched for heat you know like oh this is heating up too much
alright send a push notification like oh it’s heating up save money
same anything let me know oh you’re giving the doctor guys this is a
protocol of windmill yeah yeah how do i buy the rehab phone
president or also my question we all recognize you’re one of the room is full
of people thought I belong my room a bit yellow I am no need to properly aged out
the cash market knows yeah yeah what yes the next packet bottom yeah how about
you just Jeremy dangler iot huh yeah yeah yeah we had wait I wonder if you
oh you’re headed where was that album three-year legal when I was at one focus
in yeah for how that’s right no electric we’re one or two before so
it’s going to reform I love you wo can detect oh yes yeah remember yeah is a
GPS thing is right there so you know echo is I already watching I’m gonna put
some of my kids back yeah yeah this stuff is like amazing
like this is deepest tractor like those awesome thank you
you guys are future is today minute

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