Well, you know, I’m really scared. I do not
want to return to play Minecraft on what’s left of my life, and is that what I just witnessed,
let me dial in a terrible way. My hands sweat and my fingers tremble as I write, which makes
every word should try writing a couple of times before moving on to the next. I turned
on all the lights in my room, until I have the television on, all to distract myself
from the terrifying images that brought me a game before, could be considered harmless. It all started Thursday night, while playing
Minecraft. As I talked to my girlfriend played by Skype, so for best wearing earphones listening.
I was exploring that to create new worlds with different “Seed”, words or numbers that
make random creating a fixed world, with default values ​​by number or word that is written.
Also, before playing Minecraft, Gore had seen some videos that she sent me, my girlfriend,
so it also had that reelin mind. So, after writing nonsense and see what worlds turned
out, I decided to try with words “dark”. I put “Death”, “hate”, “Lie”, “Hell” and several
others, all resulting in worlds without any apparent evil. By staying short of ideas,
I remembered how I was trying: was Minecraft!, If you wanted to find something unusual, try
a Seed was regarding this very thing. After some thought, I came to a Seed which was perfect
for the occasion, “HerobrineIsAlive”. I put the game mode “Creative” and I clicked on
“Create”. Appeared in a normal world, or so it seemed.
The only difference was that all around me there was nothing, just grass, and also that
it was daylight but the sun did not appear. At first I thought maybe the graphics were
not charged at all well, so I did not care. I looked everywhere to find trees, or whatever,
and not seeing them, I decided to open my inventory (with creative mode should have
all available objects) to create a tree and thus “decorating” a little landscape. Until
then everything was fine, I put a sapling and some bone powder in my shortcut, I planted
the sapling and made to grow the tree. To my surprise, the giant tree that was left,
much more than the average, must have measured about 20 blocks high. Pressed twice to fly
space and put up the tree, but when I got up I noticed there was something in her drink.
It was a sign. Front Reading it, I was surprised. The sign was in English, but translating said: “They’re all gone.
Only I remain. Do not look for me.
Let me find you. ” Seeing it and reread it about four times,
I thought to myself, “What a joke of Notch …”, soothing me with the idea that maybe
he had found a secret worthy of recognition. Still, not get over my amazement, and after
this I decided to go exploring. I started flying again and headed toward a
distant point on the horizon. As he noticed that the earth was still flat, with the detail
that the color of the grass was opacándose increasingly so gradually that I did not realize.
There came a point when the color was too dark, so I went down to examine it more closely.
Just as I stepped on land, took two steps and say with a fall. I panicked and tried
to pull double room to fly again, but no use, he could not move the sight, I pressed the
Escape key but it was useless, did not work either. All I could do was watch was falling
and falling, faster and faster, to a place increasingly surrounded by darkness, until
in a moment everything went black and I could only see the shortcut bar. Finally stumbled ground, or so it seemed,
because the character made the noise characteristic of damage (which was odd, because even had
the life bar), only this time it was different. The noise was louder, like a grunt of pain,
almost as if the fall had broken something. Now I could move the mouse, but slowly. I
looked up, but could not see anything, any kind of input. He could walk, but the look
he bent down slightly with every step, as if the character was limping, and could hear
grunts light every time progressed. The Escape key still did not work. I could not see anything. I was lost down
there, exploring a cave unknown to which inexplicably had come, until my character completely stopped.
I was waiting, knowing I could not do anything, and then two torches were lit in front of
me, spaced apart by about three frames, and then another, and another, and so on, forming
a sort of way. I followed the path set before me, limping, not bothering to see sideways.
I reached the end and, ilusionándome with the idea of ​​being at least “enlightened”
I stayed to wait with torches. I looked back and there appeared another sign. He gave me
a big scare read. It read: “A which is fun.
Killing monsters unknown. You did not know that they were once alive?
“. I turned to turn, but could only move slowly.
My breathing was rough. He had a torch as a sign that I was moving, it was moving slowly
across the screen, and it was not until I stopped seeing her when I had my next surprise.
Hundreds of torches were lit at different locations, forming something that from my
perspective it looked like a circle. Now he saw a building in front of me, was a stone
pyramid with torches that lit the staircase leading to the top. I thought briefly before
continuing with this madness. I’d seen enough, but still, something called me, wanted to
see what was there. Then I continued. Gradually was coming, and suddenly came across the screen
an arrow coming straight at me, I feel like I hit in the face. The character screamed
again, but now it was a sharper cry of pain, was a scream that lasted several seconds and
was followed by groans. At that time the character began to walk alone, I saw the stairs and
then to get to the top, he stopped suddenly and looked at the floor. There was nothing.
He looked up, and in front of me was one Enderman … just had no eyes. I examined his face
looked a little and then his hands to see what she was holding, and my eyes opened wide
to see it was an object, but a head full of blood and with white eyes, radiant. I looked
back at his face: his eyes were open, they were red. He opened his mouth producing a
dreadful shriek, and as he had headphones on I had to hold the head, then disappeared
suddenly and scream faded to miss. I panicked thinking what to do, I could not close the
game normally so I tried other ways but nothing worked, and to tighten Ctlr + Alt + Del screen
just got bigger and now he saw the game in full screen. When I was on the verge of running
out, appeared in my view a third poster: “Herobrine is alive.
Or it was. Now I’m just me. ” The floor of my character vanished, dropping
into the void. The screen changed to the usual screen before loading a world. Wait a few
seconds and was elsewhere. It was like the Nether, but it felt different.
It looked eerily different. Around me were rods, such as fences, but above them had character
heads, eyes and blood stained the rod also. He heard the cries of the Ghasts along with
new sounds, like people wailing, crying, screaming children. He had several roads around me surrounded
with heads. I chose one at random, and when you walk by it I realized that I had no edges,
each side was empty. I opened my inventory to find the map and see how it was drawn.
I gave a start when I saw only two items: one red Enderman Pearl called “Heart of Solitude”
and head I had seen before in the hands of Enderman. I panicked with your name. “Herobrine
Head.” When closing the inventory, I saw that had appeared beside me a chest. I opened it,
inside had a map with the name also changed. He said “Soul Contract”. I put it on my shortcut,
I opened it and the map was already loaded, ready for the road traversed. I only had that,
follow the path set. With heart in hand walked the path that would lead me to something I
did not know why, I just knew I wanted to find an answer to this. I was waiting. Scared
to death. I reached the end of the road. Go ahead, expecting
a box, which I opened and I realized it was empty. I looked at the objects I had, the
map said “Sepúltalos”. I thought he meant to them, so I dragged objects and left them
in the trunk. By leaving the map, its name changed to “Goodbye”. The picture of the chest
was closed and the last sign appeared: “You’ve done a lot.
Get here. I’ve found it!
Now it’s my turn. ” Behind the sign appeared two red dots. I stared,
my soul felt llegarlos up. They disappeared quickly retreated a bit and the end came.
Solitude appeared again, with his arms on the character and his eyes staring at me from
the screen, his cry became stronger, sharper, and the image was trembling as he opened his
mouth. A chill ran through my body very loud when the screen went black and the computer
was turned off completely. I took off my hearing aids, I threw on the floor and pressed my
back against the wall. Maldecí my curiosity often maldecí everything. Now I’m scared finishing writing this. I fear
that at any moment Solitude appears to keep his word and not have how to avoid it. I saw
out the window once or twice and I’m sure I saw a pair of red eyes staring at me from
the shadows, in the same way as they did from the game. Only this time it would like get
rid of him or how close the game.

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