Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall

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  1. Mark Lenington

    Everyone criticizing the anchor isn't seeing the interview for what it is. The anchor is asking critical questions without expressing his opinion. However, he's taking the tone of a skeptic as in asking questions that liberals might ask but all in the name of leading the guest into answers that are Pro Wall and explain the viewpoint. He was not interrupted and was invited to give his complete answers. IMO the anchor probably is pro wall and agrees with all the answers but used this method here to outline both sides of the argument. Great people on both sides of this interview 🙂

  2. TonyMVF4

    This host is a freakin’ idiot. The wall is meant to be a deterrent. It IS working because it has greatly decreased the amount of illegal aliens/immigrants crossing the border. By his reason we shouldn’t put a lock on the doors to our home. A lock on our doors isn’t a 100% guaranty from theft but it will deter most from entering.

  3. leanard flow


  4. Norman Lee

    lmfao, as soon as someone puts trump in a negative light all of yall attack him, even turning your heads at the only news station yall watch. i guess when trump tweeted that fox news is no longer a credible news source y'all should just listen.

  5. craig bishop

    looks like it working good to me… how much drugs can they backpack< how many people can one person carry over that wall? then there on foot .. its working good !!

  6. Shasta Graff

    The whole point behind that structure is cut way back on amateurs.
    If it takes mountain climbers with proper gear then it works.
    It slows them down so much that it makes detection easier

  7. bayricker

    Why can't the border patrol flip a switch and electrify the section that is being breached. Would be great to see them zapped off the wall like that kid in Jurassic Park.

  8. Taurus Man

    I think after Shepherd Smith, this idiot needs to go next. Why are liberal journalists dictating some kind of narratives on a conservative platform?? This is STUPID

  9. platinumtnw

    They never said the wall will completely stop anyone from trying to get over or cutting but, the wall will definitely slow them down in time for a border agent to get them versus just walking over and nobody sees you.

  10. I carry my Revolver In single action

    Hey fucktard reporter have you not realize that wall has slowed down illegal immigration already.
    Nobody said it was going to be %100 proof

  11. Thumper 1968

    The point is the wall is that 100s could walk across or go over small walls like nothing but this wall for a 100 to get over would be very hard time consumable and not possible for many physically.

  12. Gymkata Hikeeba

    I'm officially changing my news source to OAN. I knew Fox would slowly turn left after their change in ownership. They're on their way to liberal bias; a few months after that it'll be full-on leftist bias. Fox, we KNOW the left will stop at nothing to gain complete control over all American media. You're selling out. In fact, you've already sold us out. The truth is now leaking out for all to see. Switch to OAN everyone!

  13. Invasion Of Privacy

    That climb took 2 people approx. 5 hours after ringing alarms with a convoy of ICE paddy wagons waiting at the bottom..🤣😂 nope not working

  14. Kerri

    America's got many people within working against it. I'd love to catch the FBI, CIA, Homeland, etc, who's helping the southern border to continue to be trafficked from.

  15. tiggergolah

    This is the best wall that is humane. A wall that is more effective would cause an outcry because it would be electrified, and or include razor wire and landmines. Until someone invents a forcefield, this is the best we can do. Its way better than people pouring over the border and giving BP a mob rush.

  16. Koong Kumnodnab

    The wall works! It works just like the gate or the front door of your home! Those guys climb over the wall are desperate and breaking the law. What they are doing is only to show you that they can and willing to break into your home, knowing no authority can stop them. It doesn't make any residents of any community feel so safe, is it?

  17. Jomo Callinder

    Strange USA Tells SOVIET UNION to trea down their wall and NOW LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING YOU ARE BUILDING A WALL SOOOOOO IRONIC !!! Why should the WORLD or other Countries follow you !!! BS ZILNIST LIFESTYLE !!!!

  18. Charlie Harper

    Its all a distraction. Dividing us with politics, meanwhile Pelosi and the Democrats approved Trumps 1.5 trillion for the war in afghanistan and the 700,000 people kicked off food stamps ( which saved maybe $100 million). Not to mention Trump and the Democrats agreed to re sign the Patriot Act. No one heard of those 3 things because they happened in the middle of the fake impeachment hearings. People are so dumb. Trump and Schumer are good friends.

  19. Daniel McAninch

    What they should have done when designing the wall is make the top 10-15 feet at an angle, eventually rounding out until it's flat across the top. This would make scaling the wall much more difficult and it would allow border patrol agents to walk atop the wall so they could prevent anyone who's skilled enough from climbing. That's how I would design it. Of course, if they have a long enough ladder, they can get over anything.

  20. Glenn Evans

    No sympathy…they try. Come in illegally…pay the price….bleeding hearts see if they welcome u with open arms in their country…..coming here to steal jobs and raise yr taxes…and when here they wave their country flags and send most of $$$ back to family in their country…..wake up….yr cutting yr own throats

  21. jerry thomas

    It is a deterrent NOT a final solution if you don't guard the wall then there is a way around it.. think of a prison with no guards how long would it take for it to be empty.

  22. Doc Titan

    It's all about spin!
    But the spin doesn't change the fact. Facts are a constant. The data shows the wall is very effective!
    Leland knows better than to spew that nonsense!

  23. George Beeson

    who is the jackass asking the questions? he looks like he has no clue what the hell the scumbag is doing on the t.v. and why is he attacking a man who works for a living

  24. Fluke

    I still don't get their side of the argument saying the wall doesn't work. A 3 foot horizontal wooden fence literally takes 1 second to jump over it.

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