Crochet Summer Stitch Along: Week 2

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  1. Allison Clark

    Mikey this is my first CAL and my first time using Bernat Pop. Love the yarn! I have 2 favors to ask. First, can you put the number of stitches for each side that go in between the chain 2 space? I got to row 7 and something was seriously off. I frogged and restitched a couple of times. The mistake was in Row 5 but wasn't noticeable to a row 7. I was so excited this morning to start this and then had to restart and restart. Also can you mention the approximate dimensions when you get to the end of the piece for the week? Mine appears to be bigger than what yours is even though my gauge was right on the first time. Love you! Been watching you for the last year. Thank you!

  2. J. Lani Winkler

    Hi Mikey, I'm loving this Crochet along, but dang friend, You do love to torture us with these back post treble crochets ugh! This is my first project using back post anything and it is so awkward. But As I have several of these afghans started I will, I am sure, get to be proficient and old hat with them. Can't wait to see next week!

  3. Patricia Kinney

    Mikey, this is so beautiful and I have just the yarn to use, I have been looking for a pattern to use this type of yarn and low and behold you came through, and it is one of the beautiful patterns I have ever seen, you are awesome, and I mean that, thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Angie Mendenhall

    This is so cute & fun! Grandma Workman taught me as a girl, thanks for expanding my skills, it brings me closer to her ❤️

  5. Irishgirl4u2c

    Loving this already… this is absolutely stunning! I was a little intimidated by the FP and BP double and treble crochets… but between the Celebration Square and this, I'm now a pro!!Mine already looks amazing! Just these first 12 rounds makes a gorgeous square… I just might have to play around with this to use them as squares for a blanket on their own!

  6. Cassandra Graham

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was helpful seeing it up close. I would appreciate a stitch count for the sides so I can stay on track and not have to redo it. The pattern is beautiful. Thanks again. So much talent.

  7. Michelle O

    Good tutorial. it would be super helpful if you just said how many stitches there supposed to be between rounds so that way you dont have to go back and forth to look at Stitch amounts between corners.

  8. Michelle O

    oh no it's totally written on the pattern don't be sorry I'm just saying when you're giving the tutorial on the video at the end say you should have 27 stitches between each row or between corner to corner that's what I was saying just to say that so people don't have to go back and forth and look at the amounts

  9. Joanne Zednik

    Hi Mikey! I love your videos. Very helpful and we'll done. I taught myself to crochet and a video clarifies lots missed in photos and words. Thanks a bunch for all your time.

  10. Evelyn Chibbaro

    Have never worked with Bernat Pop was not able to find anything but Mandalay and have discovered I do not like Mandala yarn. It is to light weight. I will complete this project in this. I have to order Bernat Pop.

  11. carol29carnegie

    I'm with Allison Clark I would also like to know if you can say how many stitches are between the corners, I think I have frogged more than I crochet 😂 overall measurements at the end of each tutorial would help keep us all right, thanks for the instructions and help, Carol xx

  12. Monica Evans

    Thank you Mikey, your tutorial was easy to understand and I must say I love a good challenge. You have me hooked and I will be crocheting more of these awesome blankets. Bring on week 3, I can't wait.

  13. Patricia June

    Mikey, we (7) woman are doing this crochet summer school, you are a great teacher but your crocheting on this seems way to fast, & sometimes hard to see where you're putting the hook & we are not new to crocheting, it's been taking us the whole 2 hrs at our group as we have to keep rerunning it freeze it rerun again , better close ups & a little slower please, Thank you

  14. Kia Wilson

    This is my first try at a CAL… I started a week late UGH! I'm just watching the video, didn't download the pattern but I THINK my stitch count is right. It looks amazing already! I can't wait until the next part comes out… Yay!

  15. Cathy Meza

    Question: The instructions look like there’s a slight difference then on video on part of rnd 7? The part that is just before the corner, after where it’s says “9 times,” the written instructions state “1 sc in next dc.” Should it say “1 sc in each in next 2 dc?” (or similar wording)? That is what you say in the video. 😊 Maybe it’s just me – am I reading something wrong(?) THANK YOU for ALL that you do!! I love your tutorials & ideas! 🤗🤗

  16. Debra Hobart

    This is my first CAL and using Bernat Pop. I am finding the yarn very stiff to work. Other than I am a slow crocheter (lol), I am enjoying the CAL, it will be interesting to see the next six weeks. Thank you

  17. Danette White

    Nice Pattern…as for counting, you have to keep a tab of stitches in your head since I also noticed that Mikey doesn't give you a count

  18. Mandy Wilcox

    Hey Mikey. I’m loving this CAL. I was wondering if they can also have the diagram for us lefty’s? If they can just flip the image that would be awesome.

  19. אלין חלפה

    Hii mikey how big is the Afghan??
    By santimiters plz
    And thanks
    Love your tutorials .
    Tour the beast i started crocheting whit your videos about 4 years ago
    And never stopt.

  20. Pat Reish

    I hate doing back post anything, so I wasn't happy about the 12th round. I love the yarn though. I did mine with "Pop Art" and it was very bright, so I liked the look of it.

  21. Mieche Walker

    Your patterns are nice. However, there are errors in your patterns that you fail to correct. Many crocheter’s ask questions that you don’t answer. What good is it to give away a free pattern if its wrong. Is it really free? People spend their hard earned money purchasing yarn, hooks… This is also bad business for those companies that pay you a commission. Crocheting is suppose to be relaxing and exciting. I want to be exicted about the color of yarn I choose, not searching the internet looking for pattern corrections………. Do the right thing!

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