Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer Retrospective

For many, their Cyberpunk 2077 journey began
with the original Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer that was released by CD Projekt Red on January
10th 2013. As 2020 approaches I thought it would be worth taking a retrospective look
of that trailer. The 3D Scanning Performers were Katarzyna
Danysz-Żelewska, Tomek Bagiński, Maciej Jackiewicz and Piotr Prokop. Katarzyna was
the model for the Cyberpsycho woman, who in many respects would be the face of the Cyberpunk
2077 game up until 2018, when CDPR reactivated their marketing campaign. I suppose a case
could be made that she is literally one of the most famous female characters in video
game history, given her association with Cyberpunk 2077, and yet six years later, almost no one
outside of CDPR knows anything about the Cyberpsycho character.
The Music for the trailer was called “Bullets” written by Darius Keeler, Pollard Berrier
and performed by Archive, a musical group based in London, England, who have been active
since 1994. The trailer was a collaboration between CDPR
and Platige Image, a Polish company specialising in design CG imagery, 3D animation and digital
special effects. It was revealed that when working on video
game cutscenes, it usually involves creating a visual story in an already established world:
the animation process is very orderly, divided into classic stages, and predictable. However,
the process for the teaser trailer was markedly different. The first drafts of the screenplay
and preliminary concept art was created when Cyberpunk 2077 was still in the initial stages
of core development. During the collaboration with CDPR, Platige would come up with dozens
of ideas before settling on a seemingly freeze-framed setting that loosely referenced the illustrations
from the original Cyberpunk 2020. This would imply that what you saw in the trailer, was
essentially for promotional purposes only, rather than accurately depict any content
from the game being in development at the time.
The 3D scanning sessions involved using a 72×18 Megapixel Camera system, that captured
around 1.27 gigapixels of colour data from 360 degrees, being a volumetric-based reconstruction
method means it’s a ‘single shot’ capture process. Interestingly Platige would reveal
that the promo would only work if the female protagonist engendered a serious emotional
response in the viewers and push the aesthetic boundaries of the typical female form. According
to Platige, video games frequently feature banally designed female characters, composed
of the same hackneyed elements. Though undoubtedly beautiful, these characters are often contrived.
In this case, the ability to work with a real actress thoroughly transformed the film. Pushing
the aesthetic boundaries of the female form is quite the proposition. Personally, I think
the keyword here is that the female in question was the protagonist, which might imply the
MaxTac agent is the antagonist in this sequence of events.
Another consideration is that she either went cyberpsycho and joined MaxTac, or worked for
MaxTac and went cyberpsycho, so the sequence of the trailer could be misleading, and in
fact could be foreshadowing her death. MaxTac generally don’t rehabilitate they terminate
on the scene. The scanning enabled Platige to capture this
fleeting element of authenticity, to use the beauty of a real person. Even though the scanned models required processing and remodelling, they turned out
to be the perfect solution for this project, as far as both timeframe and quality are concerned.
The hair was the only element of the scanned actress that was created from scratch, with
photographs taken prior to the scanning session serving as reference.
The newscast was designed to look like old time TV on purpose. They assumed that the
imagined viewer likes old school styling, so that’s how the channel ‘tuned into
him or her.’ It looks a lot like the non-stop, twenty-four-hour news channels we have today.
Platige explained they could have put a lot more information on screen, or even increased
the number of screens, but decided on a look similar to old (i.e. present-day) television
because in their opinion channels like that (CNN or FOX News) will stick around for a
while. Ultimately, they went with News 54, the main news corporation in the world of
Cyberpunk 2077. Aside from the obvious reference to Alt Cunningham,
perhaps the most noteworthy information to come from the trailer is mentioning Commissioner
J. Hammerman. Hammerman would become a significant figure following the end of the Fourth Corporate
War. For the most part, the NCPD are scattered, poorly equipped and badly managed. Cops can
often be bribed or convinced that they just don’t want to get involved. The situation
was compounded following the Fall of the Arasaka Towers. However, during the 2030’s Solos
and Law Enforcement Officers gradually began to reassert control. MAX–TAC remained resolute
in delivering justice. Incorruptible to the last and still led by their commander, Max
Hammerman, this lone bastion of the NCPD maintained an iron–fisted control over any and all
incidents involving suspected cyberpsychotic elements in Night City. Slowly, Commander
Hammerman and MAX–TAC began asserting more control over the districts of Night City,
pushing out protection cartels and recruiting freelance Solos into their ranks. By 2030,
Max Hammerman and MAX–TAC had re-established the NCPD, operating as an independent law
enforcement department maintaining contracts with each District Manager in Night City.
The NCPD is the only public service in Night City that is uniformly provided across all
districts. They are now efficient, dangerous, and reasonably moral, making them a safe investment
for all of Night Cities District Managers. Max is a man on a crusade, to maintain law
and order and protect the innocent. V could potentially cross paths with him in 2077.
As 2020 approaches, it is not worth reading too much into the trailer from 2013 aside
from curiosity or nostalgia, as the game has evolved substantially since its release. The
Cyberpsycho woman, has only been featured once in subsequent Cyberpunk 2077 promotional
material, CDPR handed out statues depicting her to those who had an opportunity to watch
the gameplay demo at E3 and Gamescom 2018. While previously it’s been hinted that the
Cyberpsycho woman based upon Katarzyna is a cool character, given the significant changes
since 2018, these hints might no longer be relevant, as much of the information from
that interview is now obsolete such as childhood heroes. Even amongst the current promotional
material from CDPR, in terms of wall papers and concept art, the character is nowhere
to be seen. If you feel strongly about seeing the Cyberpsycho lady in 2077, let me know
in the comment section. Thank you for Chippin’In

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Reader Comments

  1. Kazuliski

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  2. Master Gundam

    Wow I can’t believe this was shown in 2013 @ the beginning off the console generation now its at its end time moves by so fast feels like yesterday 😊👍🏾😎

  3. Vash TS

    The most interesting things I noticed when that scene was released is how bullet resistant her skin was and how that lone officer is standing almost next to the target his colleagues are shooting at.

  4. Daddy Dagoth

    I really hope the ability to join Max tac is still in the game. Or something akin to Oblivion's guild system where you can join various factions each with their own storyline

  5. Zyfir, Arasaka Corp fan account

    Yikes, how time flies! I remember being excited for the announcement in 2012 and watching this trailer. Hopefully they do some more with her!

  6. fantazjo

    back then i thought that it will be a game about police force going after lost cause's and chose their fate (kill or recruit or send for rehabilitation)
    it was also a time when i was in state of ignorance and when people were spreeding blind theories (barely based on lore of 2020)
    and yet thinking about this trailer made ma calm and happy (aside from love for rain)

  7. Moe A

    At first i thought shes will be the main protagonist of the game, similar to how Geralt is in the witcher.. was expecting at least some reference to her in 2018, but nothing so far 🙁
    The teaser really had a "cool" character xD

  8. Mark Able

    I have zero facts, so I am 100% entertainment here, but I get the feeling this woman is working for/with/against Sandra Dorsett, in order to find/kill Alt Cunningham, but in some playthrough's she ends up being setup as a patsy and goes cyberpsycho… Obviously, duh. XD

  9. Ian Birchenough

    The scar visible on the woman's face at the end (when she's uniformed as a Max Tac officer) is derived from the bullet strike seen earlier, so I suggest that the shoot out on the street that finishes with Hammerman aiming his pistol at the back of her head is before her service with him in Max Tac

  10. Revan Star

    My favourite trailer of all time.

    It’s rain wet streets, it’s nights like this with cars rolling in, faceless people going by doing whatever it is there doing. There’s something kinda hypnotic about it. – Mike Pondsmith 2013

    The rain in the background of the video suit’s it just fine Kaz.

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