Dani Plays Minecraft: Building a Nether House

I want sound. Is there gonna be sound? Okay, today… we’re going to–to make, like a nether house. We’re going to make it out of, like, well, nether blocks. Well, we’re going to do it anyway, even though I don’t know what it’s called. But I know what it looks like. Oh, there it is! That’ll be nether stairs. ~daaa da da-da~ We’ve got to clear out some space. Mom: I’m gonna change how zoomed in this is. Why? So that you fit on the screen even though you’re going to be scooted up. Oh. Well, we were just about to do it but we had to make the screen to make it see me better. So, we’re going to dig out, like, almost all the ground. We have to do that so our floor fits in. Really. We can make a floor out of nether bricks– yeah, that’s what they’re called. Oh! I don’t need seeds. [sigh] Now I’m gonna make the floor. …four, five, six. Wait, what? Oh yeah, bunnies. If you want, you can get bunnies to follow you. You gotta get carrots, but we’re in creative mode so we have everything we want. Where’s carrots in there? Aww! We’re gonna make a little, little farm– Oh no! My bunny, my bunny! Bunny, bunny! Come back here. We’ve gotta use some fences. Also, we need a gates. We don’t really need to say “gates.” We need to say “gate,” ‘cuz we don’t have to use many ‘cuz we’re in creative mode! *And* we can blow stuff up. No! No! The bunny, the bunny! Come on, come in. Come on. Come in. It will be time for sleep soon. Oh, we can’t sleep in creative mode. But one time I could. I need some torches–I can’t see very well. [burp] I forgot to make some more! This is a pretty long video. I’m not very fast. [singing nonsense] [still singing] ~this might take a little whiiiiiiiile~ ~but we still have a lot of time~ Like, about the end of this video, but it’s not actually the end of this video. Once we finish this, it will, I guess. Oh. Well, we also need a door. We need to use glass paaaanes! Glass paaaanes! Whoah. I’m fast. So, we can fly as well, because it’s creative mode. It’s a bunny! This is, like, gonna take forever! Well, it’s gonna get really dark soon. And Megan’s gonna come here. By the way, you don’t know Megan? She has the baby named Sully. I do the creative mode where you don’t get even hurt. I’m getting very hungry. My headphones are like this, by the way. By the way, that’s how I normally look like. Right now I’m wearing my school clothes. There’s no talking anymore. No more talking. Actually, there’s stuff under the hill. So, don’t be everybody looking at my secret. Close your eyes, then. Close your eyes. No one can look at it. Soooo…three! Don’t even call me stupid…stupidhead…no. That’s not really nice. Then you’re not gonna be my friend. Oh, my ear, my ear, my ear is itchy! Just– Wait, one second. By the way, I’m using headphones so you can hear me. Not using the headpho-o-o-o-ones. La la lalalalalalalalala [babbling] No more talking. Don’t say anything! Okay, we’re, like, all finished, but we need to do this door first. We got– Now I need to put some stuff in here. I wanna blow stuff up! Muhuhuhuahahaha! Wait, what? We need also a bed. Where’s the bed? Doot, doot. I’ll just put a, like, chest here… …a crafting table here… …and then a furnace there. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! So… …this is about the end of the video. So, byeeee!

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