DATING WONDER WOMAN (ep. 2) | Inanna Sarkis, King Bach & Rudy Mancuso

King Bach: So listen baby if we are going to work this relationship, King Bach: You can’t use a lasso belt on me no more. Inanna Sarkis: Okay, well don’t give me a reason to use it, Inanna Sarkis: Then I won’t use it. King Bach: You know you got trust and anger issues. Inanna Sarkis: No I don’t, Inanna Sarkis: You know you’re just an unfateful a**hole. King Bach: Well you like this a**hole so… ah Inanna Sarkis: Okay maybe just a little bit. Inanna Sarkis: But honestly you do get- Rudy Mancuso: Go, go, green means go! Go! Rudy Mancuso: Go! What are you doing? Rudy Mancuso: You’re sitting there in your car! Inanna Sarkis: It just turned green is he serious right now? King Bach: Baby, see this what we talking about. Inanna Sarkis: Are you listening to him?- Rudy Mancuso: Women shouldn’t be driving! Rudy Mancuso: Go, go, go! Rudy Mancuso: It’s a green light go! Rudy Mancuso: Crazy, go! Inanna Sarkis: Baby you know what? Inanna Sarkis: I’ll be right back. King Bach: Baby, you put the emergency brake on, enough- Inanna Sarkis: Wanna honk at me? Inanna Sarkis: Oh I’m gonna f*ck you- Rudy Mancuso: Oh god, oh sh*t- Inanna Sarkis: Hey! Where do you have to go, Inanna Sarkis: That’s so important? Huh? Rudy Mancuso: um.. m-my mom’s dinner. King Bach: Maria~ Inanna Sarkis: Mister Inpatient want to honk his horn. Inanna Sarkis: Like he’s a tough guy. Rudy Mancuso: What are you doing! King Bach: What’s up baby? King Bach: No I ain’t doing nothing important. Inanna Sarkis: Yeah well, now you’re in the air. Inanna Sarkis: What ya gonna do? King Bach: Show me well quick. Let me see. Inanna Sarkis: Why don’t you try honking now, huh? Inanna Sarkis: You can’t. (x2) King Bach: Ah ‘ight, cool I gotta go. King Bach: Love you. Bye. King Bach: Babe come on. Inanna Sarkis: Babe shut up, I’m coming! Inanna Sarkis: I’m tryna have a- Rudy Mancuso: I’m not gonna honk. Ah-
look I’m not honking. King Bach: Baby he gets the point! King Bach: Come on let’s go! Inanna Sarkis: No, I can be here all day if I want. Rudy Mancuso: I’m not honking anymore. King Bach: Okay, let’s do this photo shoot. King Bach: Alright, there we go. *Takes Photo’s* There you go Just,just like that

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  1. Marissa Raymond

    I am a big fan of Superman and wonder woman Thanks for you to join one doing wonder woman and Superman am a fan I am really big fan

  2. Sun Mai

    The male driver at the start of the vid is not Rudy Mancuso, because they don't look the same and the guy who did the captions probably messed up

  3. Gianichole Blackwell


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