DayZ Standalone Rap Cinematic Trailer Music Video [GER] – FANMADE Movie #2016 | CrazyMcMad

This song is for all survivors of the apocalypse out there in Chernarus who have lost hope in life! I hope I can help you with this to be friendly once again For just as it runs, it cannot go any further! hey I’m Vladimir just as desperate as you I come from Electro, just what I should still be here? Once upon a time, you could hear laughter here. But it has all changed, now it is getting worse! Yes .. I’m afraid just probably like you, sometimes it seems to me who the death my only goal! But no, I tell you that is not right my friends, hope is better than any kind of sorrow! Yes now it’s really gone so far, the people struggling in the not as if we were always our own enemy Yes says honestly, it is not a paradox? Instead of helping us, we slaughter like fucking snopes. The apocalypse should be a lesson to us, but rather to understand them, we fall for it. Together we can do so much good, but instead of doing it we go and hide like a nasty chicken. I come to the story that will help you, yes you know maybe it should go about actually. The story begins in a small village in front of Electro my hometown. I ran there so completely hopeless! Ready to die, as if it were the last chance. When I suddenly saw a movement from the corner of my eye which should save me from the impending danger! It was a man with an AK who looked at me threateningly with his dark eyes! He came up to me and told me calmly : ” Mate I´am friendly! what can I do.” This was the moment of a wonderful friendship, where I again drew hope where I thought back to humanity. yeah I was desperate. But everything changed I broke down and started crying did not know how it happened, all this senseless stuff. as the man then grabbed my arm, I knew it had to be postponed A whole horde of zombies rushed towards us And the man shoot like a maniac from his AKU. One after another, many now on the ground And the ammunition flew me just so around the ears. We finally ran like singed sows through the city across streets through the alleys over fences Until we were finally safe, behind thick walls where we embraced with last forces And the moral of this song do not trust your fear prefer. Otherwise you’ll never change something And I fervently hope that you know what I mean with the song! And now my friends I say goodbye!

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  1. dyshon is op

    Loved the video. Keep up the great work, it would be awesome if you could check out my friend channel and possibly subscribe and if u can leave a comment in one of his videos and like it

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