Dead by Daylight – Map Guide / Tier List

In this video, I’ll be ranking most of the
maps in Dead by Daylight. I’ll be dividing each map into 1 of 3 categories:
Survivor favored, Balanced, and Killer favored. Factors like pallet spawns, window spawns,
map visibility, and map specific structures will be taken into consideration when sorting
each map. While these map rankings should give a general
idea of which map favors which team, it’s entirely possible for the opposite team to
gain the advantage if certain killers or add-ons are used. So with that being said, let’s begin. Our first map is Shelter Woods. It’s a large and heavily forested map that
offers lots of cover for survivors. However, it also has long sight lines and
an open area in the center of the map, making it risky for survivors to cut through the
middle. The terrain is almost entirely flat, making
it impossible for survivors to gain a vantage point or use the Balanced Landing perk. Looping structures and generators mostly spawn
around the outer ring of the map, which often results in survivors getting cornered by the
killer. And once a survivor has been spotted, breaking line of sight is a challenge since they can follow their movements through the gaps of the trees. While Shelter Woods is a decent map for hiding,
once a survivor is found, its map layout tends to favor killer, so I’ll be ranking it as
a killer favored map. Next is Suffocation Pit. This is a relatively large map and contains
a landmark known as The Mine. It features a guaranteed generator spawn,
a few windows, and a few pallets outside that can make it a decent place to loop the killer. The map also contains a few jungle gyms in the center that survivors can use during their chases. Hills sometimes spawn on the far ends of the
map that can give survivors a height advantage. But the generators on this map tend to be
clustered together, often allowing the killer to utilize the triple generator strategy later
in the game. While survivors have quite a few resources
here, the generator locations on this map can single-handedly win games for the killer,
so I’ll consider it a balanced map. Next is Coal Tower. This map features a landmark structure known
by the same name. It’s a two story building that always contains
a window on the first floor, and a generator on the second floor. Pallets can also be found around its walls. The rest of the map contains trees, broken
walls, and the usual looping areas found on most maps. Aside from the Coal Tower’s window and upper
floor, there aren’t any gamebreaking loops on this map. It’s also relatively small which allows
killers to patrol generators quickly. Overall, I think Coal Tower is a fairly balanced
map. Next is Blood Lodge. This map has high visibility and a signature
structure known as The Cabin. It features a possible generator spawn on
the porch, a balcony with a potential chest spawn, and a window on the lower floor. Apart from The Cabin, the map is mostly made
up of debris that can easily be seen over by killers and survivors. However, the lack of line of sight blockers
tends to favor survivors more, since it eliminates the uncertainty about the killer’s location
and lets survivors make better decisions. The numerous pallets in the center of the
map also lessen the chance that survivors will be punished for getting caught out. The many pallets and ability to see the
killer at almost all times makes Blood Lodge seem like a survivor-sided map to me. Next is Gas Heaven. This map’s main structure is the Gas Station,
which sits near the center of the map and always contains a generator, windows, and
a chest. It also provides a large amount of cover,
making it a fairly safe area for survivors. Outside of the station are a few short debris
loops, and the potential to spawn either a claw machine or a bus near the center of the
map. Scattered along the outer edges of the map
are the usual looping structures. The map also contains long car piles that
generators often spawn behind, which tend to favor survivors since they block line of sight and force the killer to go around them to patrol. Overall, Gas Heaven strikes me as a survivor-sided
map, but more balanced than Blood Lodge. Next is Azarov’s Resting Place. This map’s landmark is The Office,
which lies at the far end of the map. It contains three windows, a potential chest
spawn, and a potential basement spawn. Outside The Office, players will find three
generators on the same side of the map, three generators on the opposite side, and one generator in the center. This layout is the deciding factor for which
team will have the advantage. Initially, the map tends to favor killer,
as they can simply focus on guarding one side of the map and utilize the triple generator
strategy later in the game. However, if survivors manage to finish just
one generator on each side, they’ll become evenly divided and make patrolling all of
them nearly impossible for the killer. So given that there’s potential for either
team to gain the advantage, I’ll be ranking Azarov’s Resting Place as a balanced map. Next is the Disturbed Ward. This map is relatively large and has its generators
spread out widely, making it difficult to patrol for most killers. Its main structure is The Asylum, which features
two floors with numerous pallets, windows, and lockers on each, essentially making it
a safe haven for survivors. Outside the building is a mix of open fields,
debris loops, and broken walls, which aren’t as safe for survivors. However, experienced survivors will understand this, and typically run to The Asylum to make use of its strong loops and hiding
spots. Given how much of an advantage The Asylum
offers survivors, I’ll be ranking it as a survivor-favored map. Next is Father Campbell’s Chapel. This map is relatively small and has most
of its generators spawn near the center, making them easier for killers to patrol than most
maps. Its main structure is The Chapel, which features
a generator on its second floor, and numerous windows on both floors. Similar to The Asylum, The Chapel offers a
great advantage to survivors with the shelter it provides, the height advantage of the second
floor, and the loops it enables. It isn’t as large as The Asylum however, so killers should have an easier time dealing with it. Outside of The Chapel is a mix of debris loops, trees, and broken walls, most of which are pretty standard. Aside from the map’s main structure, killers
should find most loops to be manageable. Overall, Campbell’s Chapel feels pretty
balanced. Next is Grim Pantry. This map is fairly large and features two
unique structures: The Pantry and the Cursed Cabin. A generator will always spawn on top of The
Pantry, and potentially spawn in The Cabin. There’s also a pier that always spawns in
the corner of the map that often contains one or even two generators. The height advantage and pallets these buildings
offer usually makes completing their generators easy, as survivors will be able to both see
the killer approaching, and run to a pallet if they get caught by surprise. Aside from these structures, the usual loops
can be found scattered around the map, but there are also open areas that contain foliage and debris for survivors to hide in. Given how many buildings there are that grant
survivors a height advantage, I’ll be ranking Grim Pantry as a survivor-favored map. Next is The Pale Rose. Similar to Grim Pantry, this map is pretty
large and features two unique structures: The Pale Rose and the Small Boat. The Rose always contains a generator and potentially
a totem and chest in the wheelhouse. There’s also a pier that spawns near the
middle of the map that always contains a generator. These structures give survivors numerous vantage
points from which they can locate and evade the killer. They also have a number of pallets and windows that make them safe areas to run to during a chase. Aside from these buildings, the map features
a large open area in its center with a sparse number of loops scattered around it. Even if survivors get caught in the open area
of the map however, they still have the map’s main structures within a short distance. So for the same reasons as Grim Pantry, I’ll be ranking The Pale Rose as a survivor-favored map. Next is Mount Ormond. This is a medium-sized map and features a
landmark known as the Ormond Ski Resort, a two story building that’s often considered
a safe haven for survivors thanks to its many windows, pallets, and height advantages it
offers. The resort always contains a generator and
often contains a chest. Outside the building are the usual survivor
loops, but also piles of snow and rocks survivors can use as cover. However, a big advantage killers have in this
map is its high visibility. Killers will find that Ormond’s snowy landscape,
long sight lines, and lack of tall grass makes it easy to spot survivors. And after injuring a survivor, the snowy terrain makes bloodstains very obvious. Since both killers and survivors have distinct advantages on this map, I’ll be ranking it as balanced. Next is the Treatment Theatre. This is the smallest map in the game, which
gives killers a great advantage in the form of shorter patrol routes. It also has short lines of sight, which makes
it difficult for survivors to determine the direction killers are coming from. The Theatre’s maze-like layout also makes locating generators and totems a challenge sometimes. However, this also allows survivors to easily
break line of sight with the killer thanks to all the rooms and hallways available. This can sometimes work against them, though. Many of the Treatment Theatre’s rooms look
similar, which make it hard for survivors to remember where the windows are and what
pallets have been broken. And similar to Mount Ormond, the white floors and lack of foliage make tracking blood and scratch marks easy. Killers seem to have the edge on this map, so I’ll be ranking it as killer-favored. Next is Lampkin Lane. This map is relatively large and its main
structure is the Myers’ House, which contains one of the most overpowered loops in the game if survivors have the Balanced Landing perk. Additionally, this house, as well as most
of the buildings on Lampkin Lane, have balconies survivors can use as vantage points against
the killer. Most of the map’s generators spawn inside
these houses, which all contain stairs survivors can run for when they hear the heartbeat. Apart from these buildings, the map is filled
with line of sight blockers like fences and hedges that make it easy for survivors to
hide. It’s also a night time map, which allows
survivors with the proper clothing to hide more effectively. There is one map advantage killers have though,
and that’s how the basement always spawns in the center, which can result in more basement
hooks. Survivors seem to have the majority of advantages
on this map, so I’ll be ranking it as survivor-favored. Next is Badham Preschool. This map is relatively small and features
the preschool as its landmark. This structure always contains a generator,
pallets on its upper and lower floors, and a fence near its entrance that
makes it great for looping. Apart from the school are a few buildings, which often contain generators. Unlike the houses on Lampkin Lane however,
these don’t have balconies, which makes them more balanced. Outside of Badham’s structures, the map
is a mix of open fields and debris. The streets offer long sight lines that allow
killers to spot survivors easily. Scattered throughout the streets are cinderblocks, tire piles, and bushes survivors can use as cover. The usual loops can be found here and there,
and while there are a couple safe pallets on this map, the rest are manageable. Overall, Badham seems like a fairly balanced
map. Next is The Underground Complex. This map is relatively small, making it easy
to patrol for most killers. It features a signature area known as
the Rift Room, which always contains a generator. The complex consists of many intersecting
corridors that shorten players’ lines of sight, which often makes it difficult to determine
which direction the killer is coming from. Its floors are primarily gray and white, with
no foliage to obscure scratch marks or blood trails, which makes it easy to track survivors. However, the laboratory also features many
pallets, windows, and catwalks survivors can use to loop or hide from the killer. While there is an abundance of escape tools
for survivors on this map, most of them are unsafe and can be ignored in most cases. Since killers seem to have the majority of
advantages here, I’ll be ranking it as a killer-favored map. Next is the Yamaoka Estate. This map is medium sized, and its landmark
is the Yamaoka House. This structure always contains a generator,
as well as several windows that make it a decent looping location. Outside the house is a large garden, populated
densely by tall grass, trees, and boulders, which serve as great hiding spots for survivors. There are also a few hills and shrines that
can give survivors a height advantage. While the loops on Yamaoka Estate are pretty
standard, chases in general seem more difficult on this map. Dark patches of grass can hide blood trails
and scratch marks, and the garden’s numerous bushes often obscure the killer’s view,
making it easier for them to lose survivors. Given how many advantages the Yamaoka Estate’s
garden grants survivors, I’ll be ranking this map as survivor-favored. Next is The Game. This map is one of the smallest in Dead by
Daylight, allowing most generators to be patrolled quickly by the killer. The map consists of two floors stacked directly
on top of each other, which make it difficult for survivors to determine which floor the
killer is on and which direction they’re coming from. The Game shares a lot of similarities with
Treatment Theatre: it has short lines of sight that make it easy to sneak up on survivors; its rooms all look similar and are arranged in a maze-like fashion, which make it
difficult to find totems and generators; and the floors are primarily white and gray with no foliage, so blood and scratch marks are easy to follow. However, almost every pallet on this map is
a safe pallet that most killers will have to spend a lot of time to get rid of. There’s also windows like these that are
pretty safe as well. Experienced survivors will be able loop killers
on The Game for a long time, but overall, the advantages killers have outnumber the
survivors’. Next is Temple of Purgation. This is a large map and features a unique
landmark known as The Temple. It’s a three floor building that always
contains a generator on its lower level. The Temple offers survivors a multitude of
windows, pallets, and high ground to help loop and hide from the killer. Outside The Temple, the map is brightly lit
and has long sight lines that can make spotting survivors easy. However, there are numerous loops all over
the map; some of which are strong, while others are weak. Regardless of what kind of loop it is, most
of them surround The Temple, which survivors can use to migrate from one loop to another. Given how great an advantage this map’s
landmark grants the survivor team, I’ll be ranking it as a survivor-favored map. Next is Mother’s Dwelling. This is the largest map in Dead by Daylight,
which makes patrolling generators more time consuming than most maps. It features two unique landmarks: The Hunting
Cabin and The Smoke House. The Cabin is a two story building that always
contains a generator on its second floor. It also has a number of pallets and windows
that makes it a popular area to loop the killer. The Smoke House is also a two story building,
but much smaller than The Cabin. It always contains a window on its upper and lower floors, which gives it some looping potential. Outside of these structures, the map features high visibility and loops scattered around its landmark. Foliage and trees can provide cover for survivors and their tracks, and hills frequently spawn on this map, which grant survivors numerous vantage points when including The Cabin and The Smokehouse. Given how large the map is and how easy it
is for survivors to obtain high ground, I’ll be ranking Mother’s Dwelling as survivor-favored. Next is Torment Creek. This is a relatively large map, and features
a landmark known as The Silo. A generator and window will always spawn in this structure, as well as a few pallets around it. The window of this structure is especially
strong, and will often guarantee a survivor can make it to another loop before the killer
can catch them. Aside from this building, the map contains
a few cornfields, hills, familiar looping areas, and machines like the harvester. Visibility is somewhat obscured by hay bales,
trees, and corn, which tends to favor survivors more than killers thanks to their third person
camera angles. While there isn’t anything too gamebreaking
about Torment Creek, the map generally favors survivors thanks to its size, cornfields,
and the main structure’s window and pallets. Next is The Thompson House. Like most Coldwind Farm maps, this one is
large and features The Farmhouse as its landmark. It’s a two story building that always contains
a generator on its upper floor. This generator is often considered a freebie
for survivors due to how long it takes the killer to patrol. However, there’s only one entrance to the
upper floor, so it’s pretty difficult to avoid getting hit if the killer does choose to patrol
it. Outside The Farmhouse are a couple pallets
that are relatively safe. There’s also a massive cornfield that survivors
can use to traverse the map without being seen, although the killer can use the harvester or Farmhouse entrance to see over the field. Overall, the map favors survivors thanks to
its size, cornfields, and the free generator in The Farmhouse. And our last map is Rancid Abattoir. This is the smallest of the Coldwind Farm
maps, and features The Slaughterhouse as its main structure. A generator will always spawn inside this
building, as well as several windows. One of these window spawns is especially powerful, and is often taken advantage of by survivors due to how safe it is. Near the entrances to the Slaughterhouse are
a few pallet spawns that can usually be mindgamed. The rest of the map is filled with the usual
cornfields and common loops found in the Coldwind Farm realm. A harvester will also always spawn on this
map. Depending on which window spawns in The Slaughterhouse, this could be a balanced or survivor-favored map. But a 50% chance is quite favorable for survivors,
so I’ll consider it a survivor-sided map. And that is the last map for this tier list! Keep in mind when looking at these rankings
that some killers will perform better on some maps than others, and could flip a survivor-favored
map into a killer-favored one. But anyways, thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
to subscribe for future content.

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Reader Comments

  1. PainReliever

    Six maps were not discussed in the video. I picked 3 maps from each of the realms that contained 5 maps and left 2 out from each for the following reasons:

    Most maps from the same realm were similar apart from their main structures, and I didn't want to be redundant.

    Some map rankings were obvious (Rotten Fields being survivor-favored, for example).

    It was a lot of work going over the number of maps that I did, and I lost my voice midway through the recording, so I went over the amount of maps I felt I could manage.

    Also I apologize for the music being too loud. I'll tone it down in future videos for sure.

  2. Mr. Cuddles :3

    You didn’t lie when you said it’ll be worth the wait! Glad I waited for this great content like usual. Keep up the great work, and hopefully I see you in game once again!

  3. Matt Friant

    I’m happy that most of the newer maps are leaning more towards being balanced or maybe just a bit in one direction over the other. Some of these older maps are actual cancer to play on

  4. Dark Konoha

    Some of the balanced maps I would say are actually survivor favored, like Chapel. Still a good video though. Appreciate the time that went into it

  5. Wora

    Great video, the only thing I thought you could add to it is the potential basement spawns (apart from the killer shack ofc) and how difficult it is to escape it successfully.

  6. Tupac Amaru Shakur

    You don't know anything about maps man come the pale rose survivor side NO! Every time I play killer in pale rose I win they can be also the best survivors in the game I Win because it have 4 pallets in the map also 12 map survivor side and killer side only 3 come on how many hours u have 0.6?

  7. Ceecee Costly

    This is the first video I watched that came up in my Recommended and I am so glad I watched. I love your narration style and helpful tips. The music you use I find very relaxing too. Started watching your other vids on Gameplay too. Cheers!

  8. D1collosus LMG

    I’m going to place my bets on what map is what here

    Shelter woods: killer

    Suffocation pit: balanced

    Coal: fair but more to survivor side

    Blood: survivor

    Gas: fair

    Gas: killer no question

    Disturbed ward: survivor if you can save pallets

    That map…: killer

    Grim: killer unless your sweaty with swf

  9. thesuicidefox

    I would have called the "balanced" category "neutral" instead. Balanced implies that the maps in the other categories are unbalanced and need to be fixed. Whereas neutral simply implies these other maps are just skewed towards one side or the other, but not in a bad way where the game is broken or anything.

    This is actually normal for most games where the map can be a factor. For example, Super Smash Brothers series has "neutral" stages for initial games, but then for the following games the map options expand to include a few "counter pick" stages. And despite being called "neutral" some maps can favor certain characters in certain match ups. Best example here is Dreamland 64. This map will always favor floaty characters, or characters with strong recovery because the kill zones are so far from the edge of the map that these factors will more heavily influence the match. Jigz V Spacies (Fox/Falco) would favor Jigs because she will be really hard to kill, while at the same time she can easily gimp these characters' recovery options. However, in Jigz V Peach the stage is indeed a neutral stage, because both characters are floaty (though the end result will be a VERY long game, but that's a different issue).

    So it's honestly not a bad thing that some maps favor the survivors or killers. It only becomes a problem when it so heavily favors them that it becomes unfair. THAT is what an unbalanced map would actually be.

  10. Roadrunner93

    Not really connected to the Topic but thank you very much for listing the Background Music in the description. Many People don' t do that and for me it' s quite frustrating to hear a track I know but do' t remember where it is from… 😀

  11. Pretty Pixie

    I just want to say, thank you for always including captions in your vids. I have audio processing problems and always have to watch media with captions on. You are one of the few YouTubers I can enjoy without stress 🙂

  12. Cyberneticspy 2d

    One point you missed to counter act your listing for treatment theater is that if you close hatch, patrolling gates is super hard, as the gates are on opposite sides of the map, and can lead to the last survivor escaping based on timing alone

  13. congobongo productions

    Hearing the Eterna Forest theme remix while the video shows images of eerie and creepy forests reminds me of the Old Chapeau and the ghosts that spooked me as a child…

  14. m.r. Stevenson

    Now tell me how can u compare it when for hunter best maps are grim pantry and etc. and for spirit the best maps are such as the game

  15. Michael R

    Here's an index of the maps he ranks by timestamp, separated into the realms:

    MacMillan Estate
    0:38 Shelter Woods
    1:28 Suffocation Pit
    2:15 Coal Tower

    Autohaven Wreckers
    2:50 Blood Lodge
    3:33 Gas Heaven
    4:14 Azarov's Resting Place

    Crotus Prenn Asylum
    5:03 Disturbed Ward
    5:42 Father Campbell's Chapel

    Backwater Swamp
    6:29 Grim Pantry
    7:13 The Pale Rose

    Lery's Memorial Institute
    8:50 Treatment Theatre

    9:40 Lampkin Lane

    10:31 Badham Preschool II

    Hawkins National Laboratory
    11:23 The Underground Complex

    Yamaoka Estate
    12:12 Family Estate

    Gideon Meat Plant
    13:01 The Game

    Red Forest
    13:55 The Temple of Purgation
    14:36 Mother's Dwelling

    Coldwind Farm
    15:32 Torment Creek
    16:17 The Thompson House
    16:58 Rancid Abattoir

  16. Ever Monster

    Well, it's nice that survivors have more favored maps, since since how many advantages Killers have, even though I always get caught in any map

  17. Tea_sus

    I generally think this
    Any Autohaven is good for survivors
    MacMillans are balanced
    Coldwinds are mostly favored for killers (unless it's nurse or the killer is going against a team of p3 claudettes)
    And any dlc map is just meh for both sides (except haddonfield because of high ground and balanced landing for survivors)

  18. DottComm

    does this mans not have a girl/boyfriend? He is like the perfect mix of sass and
    s o o t h i n g v o i c e
    And i feel like this man is really tall

  19. Fallacy

    The Game, like any other map, is killer sided with low skilled survivors.
    Otherwise it's survivor sided easily.
    Also any map with an infinite (Lab) is not killer sided. Other than those two.. good list.
    Which just goes to show how much DBD is survivor sided.

  20. Bryaxis

    Hey can you make a pig gameplay please. I really like your videos and i found the tips for pig but i would really appreciate it if you make a full gameplay video.

  21. Onyxiphoid

    fractured cowshed, wretched shop, and ironworks are some of my least favourite maps in the game. ironworks isn't as bad as the other two, but there is still that damned window in the factory. i hate all of them so much, lol.

  22. Cortyn Nightshadow

    You always sound like you are recording your voice in the middle of the night with the fear of waking up your parents / wife / children.

    Good video though! 😀

  23. Mike Mac

    It's so obvious the Devs want Survivors to win. Either that, or they know Survivors are op but are scared to nerf them. Either way, to all the new players out there. If you haven't started this game yet. Don't. All you will end up feeling is anger and frustration Killer side.

  24. hens333

    I disagree with coal tower, the map is pretty small and is guaranteed to have a godlike vault in it. If you have a mobility exhaustion perk you can just run to the vault from anywhere in the map. This is obviously a lame way to play but if the killer doesn't have bamboozle he will have a very bad time. The fact that there are pallets around the vault makes it even stronger.

  25. No Touch That

    Lol imagine ranking yamaoka and grim Pantry as survivor favored. Grim Pantry can spawn with absolutely 0 pallets in the middle of the map making it so that if one corner is out of pallets, there will be 0 places to run.
    Also, Yamaoka has the potential to spawn 0 jungle gyms and pallets are extremely hard to find as they're covered by trees. Not to mention the middle of the map is also a dead zone. It's horrible for survivors unless you're immersed.

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