Death Boats to Greece (Part 1/2): Europe Or Die

one of fifty million people are displaced around the world because of conflict poverty persecution and climate change mrs. kasuba also appreciated by meeting three of the biggest gateways for migrants and refugees into Europe or through the western central and eastern Mediterranean to tackle the unprecedented numbers of people risking their lives to enter its borders Europe is spending hundreds of millions of euros to fortify its frontier who’s mrs. involved in something illegal they’ll react when they say vessel approaching at high speed it will deter them muda Padilla any offensive acoustic in good academic Moscow and I’m shared now will young in the Mossad my headed for Caracas more than a million Syrian refugees have fled across the border to Turkey and with the advance of the Islamic state numbers are likely to be much higher tens of thousands attempt short but deadly boat journeys from Turkey to Greece convinced they be treated better in Europe this is not an option amongst a hundred options this is the only option and because there are no safe and legal channels that the European Union has offered for these people to come they need to put themselves into the hands of criminals and smugglers to try to make this journey Turkey has become a hub for people trafficking particularly in Istanbul in the neighborhood of aksaray we visited one of the many Syrian refugee families living there while trying to scrape together enough money to make the trip from Turkey to Europe their home was an overpriced on basement three floors on the ground how long have you lived here in this basement son listen to me one here the Kiowa Luciano Columbus area cinelerra Palatinate I built her a year when Adele Mustafa Muhammad SAW Harada the Nizam what is the situation for for Syrians here solidly on our freezer ahuyama Latrobe Unni Abney Lannister a film Abraha BG miss Ebisu regain a car tell me i’m rishabh america we shall happening tell me shock hi I’m al takea the low valium is horrible mood assalam o did you say that the boat was called the death but uniquely receive your heart is over our name is Sam nation will end on me yet anna-lena module Allah for us oh no my mother as how is she at them she those attempting the risky boat journey to Europe the part mainly from turkeys west coast in the hope of reaching nearby Greek islands so we traveled to his mere to meet a young Syrian Kurt whose boat had capsized halfway to Greece and for all we know he was the only survivor by the way has trouble enough Slavonic TV I mean vada was the hub the album the potatoman jaha Corbin oh yes the hub Arab Angelica by the rock a variegated the choukaku cannibal Jared division s todavía took dear Stephanie that was nice – Ian basura de wasn’t being ambitious no Jota was hungry Hamid Oracle Safina cerrado eight pcs a venerable a posh posh dakatoka liebe Safina la Ola say I’m cotton of a Rihanna bond venom Erin Hannigan danke danke quasi oniy a shot a durable master Sato machine hi Augusto de halcones I’m older Hanna there behind haka snezana sarivola Moony any questions on October Zeenat in his mute the people traffickers operate in an area called bossman a there are a lot of cheap hotels around here where Syrians say before they attempt to cross they meet with the smugglers in the small cafes around here the guys who just passed me were probably carrying life jackets in these plastic bags we wanted to speak to a smuggler but they would have meet with journalists then a Syrian refugee offered to do the interview on our behalf Safina Jima subpoenaed Rajesh 3fg he read be cool mystery and given some how can she do she comes easy teamwork Rahman has over a thousand Iraqi army and a bloody human for travel on our spa service I see the way Donna and I’m shared now will ya need Mossad wine to come or any release I’ll reduce yield one of the main destinations for the migrant boats and even of Turkey Iran Izmir is the Greek island of Lesbos the migrants usually depart at night in small overcrowded votes I have a much easier journey because I have one of these a European Passport guarding the sea between Turkey and Greece alongside the Hellenic Coast Guard Europe’s external Border Agency Frontex has also been active in Greece for years to assist with the monitoring of so called irregular entries so the role of fantasy is mainly to support the national authorities responsible for protecting the borders when they face big migratory pressure the increasing irregular border crossing has been multiplied by five last year we were invited to join one of front X boat patrols off the coast of lesbos Frontex organises joint operations between EU Member States to bolster security at Europe’s borders the boat was sent from Malta but the multi Special Forces crew is everyone here part of context we have jobs with the Armed Forces of Malta just for this deployment they nominate us and there was very touched as part of the context and a desired patrol area and we’ve reduced our speed and we will start monitoring and patrolling the border the sea is completely pitch black how can you see if there’s a boat with migrant using our navigational radars we will be able to detect vessels and other targets in the water we have also a night vision and daytime camera we had stopped right at the European border between Turkey and Greece they didn’t have the mandate to enter Turkish waters so you can actually see here if there’s a boat departing from Turkey how do you know the fishermen boats you can see it from here the the direction and their speed plus plus is a massive Island you’re surrounded by a big sea is it possible to monitor everything that’s going on on the coast I seem to think so yes if you would notice anything if you would see my brains trying to cross over to to lesbos what’s the procedure we’ll arrive at a safe distance speak to the migrants make sure they have life jackets and then they will be taken to safety as required we’re here to assist the Hellenic Coast Guard patrol the borders inspect any any targets so right now the guys are monitoring the Turkish coast and the beach place and if there’s a boat they can see it’s like a dog so something showed up on the radar a big boat and now Ben and the guys are checking out what it is versus involved in something illegal and I’ll react when they say you know mr. fassl approaching at high speed will deter them it was a false alarm but the crew still reported it and took photos not many migrant boats seemed to be out that night sophisticated equipment is used to alert both Greek and Turkish border authorities when a migrant boat is detected departing from Turkey this collaboration with its neighbors to stop migrants before they reach Europe is one of the EU through teen border practices because it’s illegal to send people back once they cross the European border what is referred to as push backs still many NGOs and migrants have reported systematic illegal push backs happening along the Greek Turkish border carried out by masked men in unmarked uniforms allegations have been made against the Greek border authorities but as of yet nobody knows who these men are they were tied with their open back to Turkey it’s not only illegal and domestic international European Union law but it’s also morally wrong and also inhumane to find out more the next morning we met with a representative of the Hellenic Coast Guard different NGOs interviewed migrants who talk about something called push box happening in these waters do you know anything about this we don’t have this kind of phenomenons this is an accusation that we we hear but as as it is approved from the very very large number of the people who are apprehended those phenomenal does not do not exist okay why do you think that these stories are being told by many different migrants of different nationalities you should ask them I don’t know why those stories are shared are you allowed to tell about that actually this is Greek water and you don’t have permission to enter we call the Turkish authorities to deal with both who are in Turkish territorial waters while we were talking a Coast Guard boat had disembarked with rescued refugees they were put into a police van in front of the newly arrived tourists because the detention center on the island was overcrowded the van headed to it used to be a children’s holiday camp this is a place where migrants and refugees who just arrived to lesbos by both can come and rest up before to get processed it’s an open camp and it’s run by NGOs and local activists apparently the people we saw this morning on the port we’re 31 Syrians and they’ve all been taken here how was the journey from Turkey here about us but we have to do this because we want to run away from the war in our country also fleeing war was an Afghan family whose boat had capsized halfway to Greece and the mother was flung into the rough sea many died this way but by a miracle 18 hours later she was washed up alive on the shores of lesbos when you stepped into the boat that night but this fish not gonna Kalyani what is it called oh sorry to make you work on harmonica manager cannot do as an addition second and commercial saying that’s the Attorney General coach is in I should imagine the village of altogether is exceptional because while other greek camps operate like prisons here people can come and go as they wish but that freedom only lasts for a few days then the authorities come to pick them up and process them everything has to do with the tension and that’s why we we stay here and we keep this place open because we believe that people can stay in a place open the place without fences well they can move and go out because they are not detainee they shouldn’t be treated as detainees are they illegal let’s say as if they could legally many of the volunteers at the camp were critical of Europe’s migration policies and border practices I think the best ways to create a European policy of reception of the people and to have some standards everywhere Roma ties people from this and also to encourage the smuggling money in the smuggling networks that they get the profit of the situation this is the only result of this big hope area he seems we were introduced to an Afghan boy who had been pushed back by the mysterious men to reach the island do you know what language they were speaking so do you think that they had called the Turkish police to say we’re gonna drop some people off when you start to see so many disconnected people saying the same thing you have to start to wonder what’s going on the allegation is given credibility because of the fact that you have so many different and unconnected people who are telling the same story kingdoms Maura Padilla Maura co3 emerald anemia Vanya Mimi Ortega she died from hypothermia see Kevin personal 1267 name documents and I think

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  1. Sandra Wehrley

    What I don't understand is why these people don't just stay where they're at and be appreciative of that? Boosie they want the best kind of life so they're going to be picky and try to get to where they have freedoms and rights and can get what they want which I find ridiculous go back to your home country and fight for your freedoms there. All these people migrating is going to end up ruining every culture. Or turning all these countries into Muslim countries. Wake up people

  2. A little Bit Of This A little Bit Of That

    Wow amazing that this happened to only individuals that have no white skin.

    Why white skin don't suffering so much to survive?

    Why life is always hard for the none white people?

    Equality is a hard thing to achieve but if we have more education to the youngers and help for this country that can't afford their people but keeping alouwing them to have kids and making their population big every day.

    Life was be better.
    The African government need to fix his mess and help his people understand that more kids they have more problems they will have.
    No I am not saying only African but the holy planet in general. People need to thinking twice before have kids.

    I really don't care if my kids decided to jot have kids because I understand that life is becoming hard and hard.

    No there's many stupid people out there that forced their daughter to married young and have lot's of kids because they want to he grandparents.

    We have no right to forced our kids to have kids is their life their decision not ours.
    This is a issue on our planet and people need to go to school to learn the consequence or having kids when they can't afford their self.

    And we that have too much should share a little with those in need and also our political leaders need to help others country's educated their citizens so this people don't need to come to others country's for a better life. Why we can just do this? Seriously.

  3. A little Bit Of This A little Bit Of That

    Why they don't send the immigrant back home? Ohhhh because they make money with them. They need their jobs.

    Unbelievable how some white individuals are so devils.
    Is a big corruption everyone. 🙁 situation like this is responsible for all the terrorists atack around the globe.

  4. Barskor1

    Learn what the Cloward-Piven strategy is @t it is the method to destroy nations by importing people like this. They are not simply people they have been made into weapons of mass destruction.

  5. Robert. L. Hansbury

    VICE NEWS… just stop already this is all political bullshit my brother was in the military and him and four friends were ambushed in Somalia they were all shot in the head with an AK- 47 Point Blank Range dragged out of the vehicle they cut off the heads…hands…and feet… then they lit all the bodies on fire an after the Flames went down that was little kids 10 years old laughing and jumping on the bodies with a big smile on their face
    as far as I'm concerned you can get every refugee put them all on the biggest boats you can find and sink them all in the middle of the ocean I have no mercy for these videos it's all political propaganda bullshit…..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. Alex

    I am ethnically Greek. My grandparents lived on a town in Lesvos called Skalochori. They had to leave because so many people were migrating there and the economy and crime collapsed the island.

  7. Stephler

    Very interesting to see that most of these “refugees” are healthy looking MEN..they’re infiltrating our countries..our economies and our gene pools 🤯

  8. Naughty Finger

    Now the fighting has ended in Syria its time for these men to go back with their families and repair their country. NOT stay in our European countries taking our tax money, robbing us and raping our women. Ok even the good ones need to go now

  9. horseman528

    If you change the demographics of Europe and it becomes majority African, Arab, Syrian, and Muslim, it will turn into the same nightmare these people are trying to run away from. Cultures create those hell holes, and when their cultures become predominant, Europe and other western nations will turn into the same mess they tried to escape from.

  10. Elaine Stewart

    Yes very strange that the oil rich Muslim countries don't want them! We have many poor adults and children in The West. They are white native Europeans. They have no jobs and no hope! They need help and support first! The should take priority!This is a biased report job!

  11. Elaine Stewart

    What! I have lived in basements, what do these people expect! I think the reporter on this video is obviously some priviledged Brat!

  12. Border Reiver

    if they stopped the fighting and vile governments who they are fleeing from there would be no problems..until then freedom and safety will always be their target as it would for me and everyone else living under oppression and war…

  13. Greg Green

    The only people deserving of entry are the Syrians. The West ran ISIS as it's been proven. This leftie global warming nonsense tells me this is a Globalist video. These people are not asylum seekers; it is a plot to destroy the west.

  14. Tadi Bop

    That Syrian man could do something, why dont he stop impregnating his wife. Disgusting to be such in a difficult situation yet still bringing out so many babies then act helpless.

  15. Be Ren

    Those immigrants or refugees were not raised right. They will never fit into western society. Their instincts are to hunt animals and dominate women. So long as their kind has enough food, they continue to breed, and when the resources are exhausted by over population where they are born, they invade new territories where they continue to hunt and dominate. You cannot even educate their young. Their young sit in a classroom with a blank stare, not paying attention, and become disruptive, demanding all the attention be paid to them as they act out like a loud and stupid ape. Make sterilization mandatory of every immigrant. We especially do not want their DNA destroying civilization. They are wild and cannot be domesticated. I stereotype but I am correct about the majority. Why give a free pass to 100% when only 1% will ever prove themselves valuable = worthy? By sterilizing everyone, we can hold their semen/eggs in liquid nitrogen for as long as they live; labeled with their name and #s, finger print match, iris scan. When they want a child they can demonstrate ability to afford a child along with certificates of completion of parenting classes. We do similar for people who want to drive a car. Why should having a child be easier than getting a driver's licence when the rest of society is put at more risk by people than cars?

  16. Jalisaa Lanaye

    Saying once they go they leave it to god , is like throwing a bunch of grenades into a crowd and saying “I leave there lives with god” nah your causing the problem that would put there lives in jeopardy in the first place

  17. Berkshire 759

    Insofar as 90+% of these immigrants are concerned,I have only one thing to say DILLIGAF . Sort your own shit holes out, don’t expect to come and turn mine into the same, if necessary revolt and kill off the corrupt vermin that have f***ed up your own country.

  18. Princeshwy

    If they're running from death then surely people have to help them but I don't understand why with the Syrian crisis diminished people arent moving back

  19. Jay russel

    Serious question…with all these problems why do these people still plan on having more babies if they know they'll be bringing them up in this type of environment

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