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KiaOra it’s Ruth here in my backyard
in Christchurch and it’s officially summer it is now December which means
it’s time for my December garden tour and it also means that it’s six months
since I’ve been showing you around my garden so it’s awesome for me at least
seeing all the different changes there’s been if you want to have a check out
I’ll put a link up top to my first video and then this is really are now now I’ve
decided normally when I do my garden tours I’ve been starting with the
veggies and finishing with the flowers but just the way the sun is today I
thought I’d start with flowers so you get a reverse tour so come join me as we go
around the garden now I’m gonna be showing you things have been going well
but also things that haven’t been going as well because there’s just the nature
of gardening so here has been an awesome change even just from the last video
showed of this garden everything has been flowering so beautifully these are
the alstromeria that mum planted while she was here thanks Mum! and
everything else is just looking so beautiful take you around the back here
as well to show you these ones we’ve got a few pinkies coming through and some
red ones which have been picking a lot which has been awesome hydrangeas which
is just starting to come out they seem to love it in the shade which is awesome and here it is all bit here I’ll take
you out so you can see everything but shaded but it’s looking awesome person
and tree we’ve ended up adding extra stakes too because this seems to be
quite a wind tunnel and so it was giving some wow
to be honest some pretty scary when it was falling over so far that we
thought we probably should put some extra stakes in so we’ll see how that
goes we’re hoping we can leave the tree here
because we really like it here and we’re really hoping that it’s got a beautiful
structure – Persimmon trees so that’s it gets bigger it will just be a really
nice place in this area let’s take you around to the next tree
these guys are all in the shade this is our crabapple that we cut the top off
just in winter because it got really tall and it’s actually doing a whole lot
better for it it’s bushed out a lot down around here
add some seeds I just planted yesterday now you might see some green in it but
those just leaves that have fallen them sadly nothing’s popped up within a day
and so we’ve got the next lot of seeds at all coming out and I’ll take you around
through here into the of the garden Oh down here I started digging up a bit of ground and it will be for another video I’m quite excited but the
garden might be growing so here is our garlic and it’s going really well just
starting to get a little bit of rust I thought we’ve done so well with not
getting rust and but we’ve been feeding it Lots and we’ll see how it goes I’m
pretty sure the bulbs will be pretty happy now so hopefully they’ll be out
soon here is some more round here in the shade
now these onions we’re waiting for a plane to go past so take you to see the
girls who are looking at me through their little window here the onions are
looking a little bit sad I’m not sure if it’s a cross between the hail but you
can kind of see a whole lot of marking on their leaves from the hail or the
wind or that they’ve decided their time some bulbs are a lot smaller but some
are getting to some really nice decent sizes so these will might end up coming
out soon we’ve already used a couple and my planting of the carrots and beets
right in between have gone well also weeds we’ll just take that one out while
I’m here so that’s going pretty well with this garden over here we’ve got some
more carrots these ones I need to get a bigger covering with
carrots actually fine but it’s the lettuce that keeps on getting eaten by
birds which seems to be a common trend so carrots are going well only to start
picking these as some babies to thin them here we’ve got more beet roots that
are looking pretty good see them all swelling out of the ground so we need to
start using more and more in salads tomatoes and all of these are the
spinach there’s gone to seed and I’m gonna take you around to a garden bit of
mulch and I think that is going to be my trick over summer as mulching but what
I’ll do is I’ll leave a few of these ones and to collect for seeds and then
I’ll end up taking the rest of them out while we’re here let’s have a look in
the chicken coop and see what eggs we have oh we’ve only got 4 eggs this morning I
see oh no I can see when all the way through there
you’ll grab that one soon but let’s go see the girls don’t come out no no no
how can you go Oh while I’m here along this back fence I’ve planted some
sunflowers and what I’ve done is I’ve protected them from the chickens so
hopefully they’ll be able to grow up nice and tall and then I won’t need the
netting on them in here is not our grape it’s our neighbors but it’s awesome it’s
coming over and what I’ve done is I’ve trained it around an old frame that was
for raspberries but as you can see the raspberries aren’t really doing much so
this just provides some shelter for the girls and there’s some little grapes
coming so see how they go either the girls will enjoy them or we will take
you around here I haven’t cleaned out the coop this morning we’ve gotten it
all the way back here under way happens one day either she couldn’t make it in
time or it was way too full Oh interesting
color so you have to look at this why the egg it’s got that color on it background here the girls are all very
noisy you go hello hello good morning I’ll give them a proper pet later let’s put the egg down with the others
see it’s a bit but whiter interesting I have to look at that back here we have
more sunflowers more marigolds and these all the wild flowers coming out we’ve
got some that are starting to flower already so it’s been a tricky making
sure we don’t weed this by mistake but I’m looking forward to when this all
gets beautiful here our broad beans are coming to an end they have been amazing
and what we’re gonna do is soon just pick them all and blanch them and freeze
them so we’ve got them for winter our spinach in here it’s going to see it as
well and our broccolini is doing pretty well going to see – it’s definitely now
too summery for them but again I love it the bees are having a pretty good time
it’s hard to track it be anyway there’s bees all through it. down here our sugar
snap peas coming to the end as well and so is this so soon those will come out
or keep a couple for seeds and otherwise just let the bees enjoy them and here I
forgot to say about this so I thought I’d cut my kale off at the ground
because I’ve heard a lot about just trying to not disturb the roots and the
ground system didn’t think about the fact that regrow and some of them are
grown too so we’ll see how that goes I’m all into experimenting in the garden I’m
not sure whether they’re going to grow back and end up just bolting straight
away because that’s why I took them out they’re bolted and I’d collect the seeds
or it might be great so we’ll see okay we’ll take you around
here so it’s back to sunny so you can see my
shadow hello rhubarb’s going pretty well here is all our berries are black
currants so the looking pretty okay we haven’t
really had any here’s one zucchini not doing too well
oh yeah and here’s some other ones they aren’t doing too well I’m thinking it’s
probably because I planted them in the bark I thought I’d give it a go at just
using this space but there’s one, two, there’s four down here
none of them have really done well but I’ll take you around to the other garden
around here and I’ll show you how they’re going because these ones are
happy, they’re all planted at the same time so it definitely says something about
the soil right here along the fence we’ve got our four blueberries and
they’re all fruiting at different times of year so this is the latest one kind
of goes late middle early late middle early and so that means that we’ll have
lots throughout the season here is a little marigold to do some companion
planting and a little nasturtiums and and here we’ve just got some peace straw
some mulch for the garden we’ve got some lettuce that again is being eaten by
birds because we’re not covered it kale feet oh yeah this feature it’s looking
pretty nice down here too carrots have been getting along the way
and here are our strawberries too lots in we’ve had to net them now because
the birds enjoying more than we are, there’s a lovely little one down there and as
you’ll see with that last garden and this one I’ve mulched them and it’s been
something I’ve finally done and I’m like why did I not do it sooner especially
here in Canterbury with the warm nor-west breeze which is pretty much been all of
November as wind and wind and wind which really dries out the soil and I think
that’s the difference between the back gardens in this one is that of mulching
that’s probably been mulched only for about three weeks and but the soil
underneath is amazing if I show you some soil down here let’s have a look oh look
there’s a pea from the pea straw and which is awesome because I’m just going
to be picking them out and using them in salads and just a snack on have a look
down here look at it this is probably watered about five days ago and it is
still so moist which just means awesome and for any garden with needing to
retain water it’s fantastic but especially here in Christchurch I know
that over summer we’re soon going to get water restrictions so knowing that my
garden isn’t going to need as much water it’s awesome and it means that the
temperatures keeping a more consistent temperature and consistent witness which
i think is contributing to them not bolting and not going to see like the
back gardens so that’s going to remain expect or one of my next projects is to
mulch everywhere so all good I’ve got a mess of bale mulch that I might do
another video and show you what I’m doing but here again notices that are
being in and by birds I really just need to cover this garden more marigolds now
these are heavy zucchinis these zucchinis I planted at the same ones as
the ones in the back I’ll grow them from seed together so you can see happiness
and the ground means good zucchinis and they’re not as happy they just won’t do
as well along here is my shadow and also some little tomatoes which have grown
from seed and which have been trying to do a bit of succession some spinach from
my neighbor’s and then some taller ones and in another taller one so what I’m
really hoping with my tomatoes which is the first time I’m trying to do it is to
do a bit of a succession planting normally with to my tomatoes I’ve either
bought them all at the same time or planting my seeds all at the same time
so just had one lot of tomatoes and haven’t really thought about the fact
that I can stagger that planting as well so staggered it this year we’ll see how
we go to finish here’s one more thing strawberries oh here’s some lovely roses which I’m
not the biggest fan but these look great and my strawberries and more nasturtiums
again these nasturtiums are pretty happy here I planted these at the same time as
the other little ones and again it shows if you plant them in the right place
with the right conditions they grow so much better lots of flowers and I like
this meeting because it’s wide enough for bees and bumblebees to get through
but it deters all of their birds from stealing all our lovely strawberries so
thank you for watching another monthly update I’ve got lots of things I need to
do with my garden now such as mulching and adding to my garden a little bit
more and more seeds and more planting so make sure you check out more subscribe
if you’d like to and I’ll see you next time – Happy December! – see ya

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