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Hey awesome ones. Some of you don’t know
this but, Bill and I, we used to have a gigantic home five bedrooms with a pool
and a sauna and all that sort of thing. We have downsized because Bill’s mom
she’s 93 and she lives in the heart of the city…. and of course we were living on
the outskirts of the city. So we downsized to this home….and now
that winter is over take a look at our little deck here.
This was our umbrella and there’s not much left of it right now it’s a pretty
sad looking and we can see a little bit of wear and tear there I don’t know if
you can see a little Hurricane through the window there, that’s our kitchen but
anyway what we’re trying to do is we want to have a little bit of an
outside area you know to have coffee and and tea and and breakfast….that sort of
thing. So we’re going to liven it up a bit this
little tiny deck and we’re not going to spend a lot of money on i.t So check it
out and let’s see how we do. So here comes Bill with our big purchase for this little project that we’re doing.
We got ourselves a gazebo and it’s gonna fit all on the deck we’ve already
measured it out and it was only about, only about 129 dollars eh Bill. So it
should be a nice little outdoor indoor kind of thing….
well maybe easier said than done. All right Bill, so you got the instructions
there? Oh yeah especially the caution. Does it look easy? Oh yeah how much can there be….really…I
mean. Yeah easier said than done. This is volume one. Oh we’re not gonna give up
right? Never give up. So Bill has everything all laid out. You’re quite the
organized guy Bill. This was the easy part just laying it out. I see
you’ve got your toolbox there….did I see some knee pads or something as well? Yeah,
yeah I gotta have everything just in case. So how are those instructions
coming along? Well sometimes the English isn’t the greatest thing on here. Let me
read something okay. Okay all right…it says….’place big canopy ‘E’ onto top frame,
but not expand before install the fourth upper bar. Oh boy. I guess I’ll have to
put in a few little words in between to get the sentence, but hopefully, hopefully the diagrams are
better than the sentences. We’ll figure it out. We’re at a part where we’re absolutely not too sure
if we got this thing going right or not. Oh well, just keep going, right Bill? Have to keep going. Bill? Bill? Hey how’s it going? I don’t know….hey
check back with me later and I’ll let you know. I see your feet….okay
we’ll check back with you later. Well Bill it’s starting to look like a real
gazebo. Now I just want to point out too that we had to kind of reinforce
it. A lot of these gazebos they go on to the ground. So we certainly learned our
lesson about reinforcing. Remember that green one we had like years ago. It
lasted about a week and we came out and it was gone. It was pretty well blown
away. It was like a twister took it. Yeah and it wasn’t even a big storm. So Bill
it’s really looking good. Yeah it’s taking shape. We had to stop last night
because it was getting dark and cold and everything, but no it’s really starting
and I think even little Hurricane….I think even little Hurricane is liking it
a bit…. right? So one of the things that we want to do
is we want to anchor this whole gazebo with a rug. Now we already had this rug,
so Bill do you want to just put out the rug and we can sort of show what we’re
doing here? Sure…. and that’s just gonna be a nice….well
kind of rug for the bottom of this gazebo .Okay so I don’t know if you can
see this, but it is a flamingo. We had it kind of backwards so there we
go it’s it’s really a nice anchor and a nice setting for the rest of the
furniture. Hurricane do you like it? Yep Hurricane gives us his approval. So one thing
about… know….if you’re doing a new kind of design on a deck, try and reuse….these were just in the garden, Since we have the flamingo….since we have the
Flamingo look out there…. I’m gonna just You
know I love a touch of whimsy, so I’m just going to shine some of these guys
up and sort of reuse what you already have until you run out and don’t go out
and buy something right away maybe you can just reuse recycle. Now we’ve got
some old furniture….it definitely needs a little bit of life, but we want to make
two distinct areas in here. One for eating and one for lounging. You’ll
see how old these chairs are I mean, but they’re nice chairs…. there….they may be
old but, Bill do you want to show how they rock and they swing? We need a cushion on it.
Yeah of course, but I’m just sort of showing everybody that they’re not
brand new chairs…there something that we kind of got out from….well gosh these
have to be about 10 years old right Bill? At least! Now we did make a small purchase we
bought some new cushions and really wanted to liven it up out here, so Bill do
you want to put that cushion on that old chair? You’ll see that right away
our little eating area has got a little bit more life to it and we also had
these other decorative items just sort of hanging around down in the garage
from last year. So we’re making it… It’s starting to shape up into a a nice
little eating section. So we’re working on a little lounging area, you know this
is a nice little area….we’re not eating here
we’re just lounging….Bill this is perfect for kicking back. Looks good to me. Not not yet Bill we still have a lot to
do as a matter of fact….yeah yeah yeah let me just show one of the things we
have to do. More decorating and a little bit more….watch this….remember folks,
always to take those numbers…you know the ones that are ‘A’ and ‘B’ and all that
sort of thing. Make sure you take those off okay. So it’s really really starting
to take shape and this isn’t just a little gazebo either you know for the
amount of money we spend like it’s really really high. You certainly don’t
have to duck and I know…. Hurricane you seem to be really liking it. Bill’s liking it too. So here’s another view of our gazebo and as you can see we have
another….there’s more to the deck…and we have another big table if we want to
move it inside for more people enjoying dinner with us and it’s a real mess down
here, but we’ll show you that we actually still have a yard down here, but any who.
So let’s just sort of walk into this new gazebo that we’ve built and as you can
see I’ll just pull the curtain back. So this is the gazebo that Bill and Heather
built with a little help from a package. This is our kind of like….little
sitting area where we would have our breakfast or something like that and you
can just see as I showed you before this is going to keep all the elements out.
It’s going to keep the bugs out because it’s completely screened in. Now as you
can see little Hurricane is sitting there, but I understand Bill, Hurricane is not
happy. I’m in his seat. That would be my seat over there so, but what I want to do right now,
Bill snap your fingers….cuz we’re gonna show them in a second what it looks like
at nighttime…. go ahead. So isn’t this a nice ambience?
Hey awesome ones. Hey awesome ones. So we finally did it. We finished the
indoor/outdoor room and it is awesome. Yeah I love it. It only
took us a few hours to do and I don’t know if you know this but it’s all
screened in so keeps the bugs out and it’s got this great roof to keep you,
know the sunlight and the rain and all that sort of thing and thanks for
joining us on this video it’s it’s kind of funny because now when we are doing a
project or something, Bill and I are like oh my gosh you know let’s do a video on
it. Let’s just share the idea. Exactly….so on Tuesdays we usually put out those
kind of videos for lifestyle we’ve got some ideas for healthy eating and you
know exercise and that sort of thing coming down as well. So well and if you
want to join us there’s a button down there somewhere to subscribe and I made
us some nice sangria, we like red wine so just a little mini cheers to all of you
that are part of our community, our subscribers and until next time keep it
awesome. Enjoy those days and we’ll see you later.
We’ll see you later. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.

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Reader Comments

  1. Awesome over 50

    Hi, it's Heather…Here's the link back to our blog where you can find similar items to the one's shown in this video on how to deck-out your outdoor living space

  2. Paula Kotecki

    Hi Heather and Bill, I know what you mean about the gazebo, our neighbours ended up in our garden, still it kept our sheepdog Arthur entertained for a while x have a wonderful day x ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’–

  3. Candula Girl

    Hi Heather & Bill,
    You two did an outstanding job putting this lovely outdoors room together! Bright & cheerful
    like yourselves. Great protection from mosquitoes & ticks.

    Hold it guys..don't take off the #'s on the gazebo form that you pointed to Heather! May need a reference as to what part connects to what part next yr.

    Thank you for bringing us into the night time appeal 2. Love the flamingo rug while bringing in
    the coordinating colors of the bright, cheerful cushions.

    An outdoor retreat/meal/relaxing space to enjoy the birds, animals and people that pass by.
    Enjoy Bill, Heather and Hurricane! I know I thoroughly enjoyed watching & seeing you!

  4. MegaJansue

    Thanks so much for sharing. What a great idea. I am currently working on my little area. Want to get some plants and make it more private. I live in a mobile home right now. Little Hurricane looks so cute and happy. Take care…Jan

  5. Kim Watts

    Hi Heather& Bill,
    Love your gazebo:)
    Love the colours on your chairs,
    Cain chairs are nice to๐Ÿ˜€
    Thank you for sharing,
    Cheers to you to๐Ÿท

  6. Katalin Gerstenberger

    We have a covered patio now, but in our first home, we had a large deck built and got one of these gazebos to give us shade. Loved it!โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Enjoy it!

  7. Carrie Goodwin

    Nice gazebo guys! What a difference it makes to your deck – I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. KATE '

    Thanks for sharing your latest project! It has inspired me to redo my living space, to include items that make it more inviting at night. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  9. Anita Tate

    You guys did a great job on your gazebo! You will really enjoy it Spring, Summer and Fall….We have a screened porch now that my husband built on the front of the house (where our carport was at) and it is nice to have coffee in the mornings and we enjoy late afternoons there too. We had a gazebo and it ended up in our neighbor's yard after a storm. We weren't smart like you two. We didn't anchor it down. We got a lot of use out of it though. ENJOY!

  10. Cindie McReynolds

    Love what the 2 of you did with this project! I am inspired to look around the house for items I can re-purpose on my wrap-around porch!

  11. Teresa Keough

    Nice cozy gazebo. Looks so enviting! Nice place to relax and read. Great idea to add comfortable living space. Love it!! Love seeing Little Hurricane!

  12. murphy1384

    Cheers!!! WOW nice for the price. I would love to be sitting there at night with a glass of wine.
    Awesome guys!
    P.S. great job Bill

  13. Pam B

    My husband just took apart our old crappy canopy swing today. Then assembled the new one we just bought. He had a rough day too.

  14. Monika Gallos

    Enjoy the nice days and nights in summer. Your both make a great job!๐Ÿ‘ a Kiss to Hurricane ๐Ÿ˜˜ he is so sweet.

  15. Kerry Howell

    Lovely ! I haven't decided whether to screen in part of our front porch or create a small deck in the back. Thank you for the reminder to repurpose items.

  16. Rhonda Flanders

    Great job Bill! BTW you need to talk to my hubby about reading & following directions, which is why I usually wind up putting stuff together, lol.

  17. loz uk

    Aww I only just saw this. I'm a day behind with the bank holiday over here in the UK . But I love love love your ideas you really are inspirational as well as awesome. We have just had a record breaking bank holiday with regards to the weather which makes a change. 28 degrees in London . So you've given me some ideas for my indoors/ outdoors space!
    Thanks guys! I tell everyone about you!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. Mary Lou

    Bill and Heather, love the way your gazebo turned out. I moved into a quadruplex unit and actually have a small patio. You gave me lots of inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mary Lou

  19. Doogy Dog

    Oh this came out so nice, you guys did a great job! I love that you incorporated some recycling too! Very cheery. I am curious how it holds up for you, please let us know in a few months, it looks very solid. You know, I had that green one too a few years back,lol and it also blew away.

  20. Nikki Craw

    I enjoyed the video & love the chairs. I have chairs that are 25 years old – aluminum with weaved backs & seats. Enjoy your newly created outdoor room. It's very nice.โ™ฅ๏ธ

  21. Dr. F.

    Thank you for sharing how you two met. You and Bill are living proof that one can find their soulmate – just don't give up! You are an inspiration. I enjoy your videos. Keep them coming!

  22. Fefe Cook

    I love sitting out my husband Gordy bought me a day bed so I can enjoy the outside and when Iโ€™m sore I can just relax we donโ€™t get good weather in Scotland but itโ€™s sunny today xx

  23. Roxana Mcglinchey

    It looks very nice, good job guys. Are you going to re-stain your deck too? I think it would really make it pop then

  24. Hunnie B

    Hey Heather & Bill……..absolutely LOVE your gazebo, it's the perfect spot for relaxing during the day or the evening. I like how you decorated this space, and the best thing is that it is BUG FREE ! Thanks so much for sharing guys…..wishing you both well ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. cobweb afternoon

    I had to go back and watch your gazebo video! We moved so we have a new deck and gazebo to enjoy this summer. Currently we are painting the deck and replacing rotten boards. I can't wait until we are done! With all the rain lately it's been challenging! I love what you did with your gazebo! โค

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