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Hi, we are introducing a new product for outdoor
decks and railings. If you’ve ever wanted to control the amount
of sun, wind and rain coming through your railing systems, we now have a solution. A traditional baluster is a fixed baluster. We’re now offering a louvered baluster. Simply by turning the extruded aluminum blades,
you can control the amount of sun, wind or privacy that you’re able to achieve on your
deck. The louvers can actually be fully closed and
placed into a locked position. These can either be vertically oriented louvers
or they can be horizontally oriented louvers. So, if you even want to child-proof your deck,
you can close the louvers, lock up the louvers, and children can’t open the louvers or otherwise
climb up. So this is our new all-weather railing system
from Shade and Shutter Systems.

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