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Today we are talking deck tiles. What our
deck tiles you might ask? I will tell you, deck tiles are our newest product
here at Cali Bamboo and they are the easiest way to take whatever kind of
outdoor space you have and give it an instant makeover. Okay
these are DIY to the max! You literally take a tile, put it on the ground,
take another tile and just snap it into place. These come in the four different
colors that are in our BamDeck composite decking series: Caramel, Slate, Coffee and
Charcoal and they all feature the same really nice matte finish so they look
very sophisticated no matter how you’re installing them. These are also great if
you want to get creative and you want to try out different patterns with the
grain or if you want to do different color combinations. These are also really
good if you are a renter a lot of renters, like myself, you don’t have so
much outdoor space to work with but these are a really easy way to give
whatever space you do have a nice upgrade and then, if you ever move, you
simply take your deck tiles with you! Pretty convenient. Okay so that’s the
deck tiles now what makes Cali Bamboo’s deck tiles better than the average
deck tile you will find elsewhere? The most obvious thing is the construction. Here
we have a Cali Bamboo deck tile and a deck tile from an unnamed mystery competitor.
Right off the bat, you will see from a bird’s eye view the competitor has wider
gaps between the planks, and when I shake them, the competition flaps around
because it’s got a much flimsier base. The Cali tile stays nice and firm. Flipping
them over you’ll notice the Cali Bamboo tile has a really heavy duty
construction. Unlike the competition, it also doesn’t
have any screws or metal parts so if you did have to make a custom cut, your saw
or you, wouldn’t get damaged. Locking the tiles together the
competitor, like most on the market, has little pegs that you pop into holes on
the connecting tile but the thing is that the pegs aren’t that long the tile
lifts out pretty easily. The Cali tile has a much sturdier locking design, so
you just drop the tiles into place and they stay put. Cali Bamboo tiles
surprise-surprise are made of a composite of bamboo in
fact they are the exact same composition as our very popular bamdeck composite
second 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled plastics,
and this makes for an extra strong very low-maintenance eco-friendly tile which
you will be able to start enjoying right away. So, to learn more about our new Deck
Tiles, head to the decking page at

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  1. Chrissy G

    My apartment's is right below a shedding tree and it gets dusty where I live. With cement, I just sweep and water away any debris, but with these tiles, there are gaps between the planks, so would dirt, branches, leaves, etc. get trapped underneath the tiles? Thanks!

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