Denis Sucks At Minecraft – Episode 10

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  1. Minecraft Plays


  2. Ginger McClendon


  3. Ginger McClendon

    Patrick Dennis loves cats 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😻😻😻😻😻😻

  4. Iwillrulethecosmos

    18:18, been waiting for this moment ever since the last episode, I mean c'mon Denis. It's all I could think about when he passed by the village. smh, smh


    i have a cool idea i use in my every world

    so u where talking about the back door thing instead of that put a door into the back of the house which connects to your animal farm make it so that the only way of entering the farm will be that door that would be cool and u woudnt even have to go out side of your house but do remember dont add a room for your farm

  6. Reversed

    How many book bookshelves can a bookshelf book if a bookshelf could book

    A: the bookshelf can't book
    C: Crazy math formula

    Denis: uhm… 9:50

  7. Super Gamely

    0:26 the captions XD
    Subtitled by a nine year old kid which is ME!!!!! XD
    I didnt mean me i ean the one rtht created the subtitles

  8. Fire Horse

    blaze rods to make the eye of ender. And it's not a stronghold, it's a nether fortress, strongholds are the places you go to get to the end.

  9. Mayra Ticona

    One of my dogs killed a little kitty

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