Denis Sucks At Minecraft – Episode 10

Get the brand new pals holiday package now available at Denis I’m not supposed to dig down actually wait a second I hear lava Why do I hear lava Oh, No Okay, you know what we’re not gonna dig straight down wow, I Literally would have fallen and lava if I dug any more (Music)Subtitled by a nine year old kid which is ME!!!!! Okay before we get into this episode we have to for the first time in this child’s history Open the video With the kitty of the day ladies and gentlemen today’s kitty of the day is this or look at this pretty little itty-bitty kitty Hmm, those are the cutest ears I’ve ever seen huge Anyways had to show you guys this one before I forgot and Recently you know I always seem to Forget or pass or you? Had to start the baby with that and also some more exciting news We’re about to experience episode 10 of Dennis X a Minecraft. I believe episode 10. I think pretty sure Yes episode 10 oh And what is episode 10 going to entail well last off? We were in a established house right I remember We are in a much much much much much much a better position with the house than we were previously It’s nothing special yet. There’s still no roof or any pizzazz to it but It’s coming together quite well so far. I will say if I do say so myself. You know what this could totally use I Wonder if this would actually look good for all. I know this might end up being poop when isn’t that work? Oh, those are the slabs okay, so check this out Does that look better. I don’t know I honestly have no idea Like matters so little but for some reason it matters so much at the same time I think it’s fraidy all right. I don’t know let me know in the comments if you hate it, but anyways Let us know well. There’s no cheese or storage that needs to be done and in here is where we’re gonna be making our Is where we’re gonna be doing the the cave our own home made personal cave, but we’re not worrying about yeah, exactly are we doing? I want storage to probably be the first floor because I would want to be able to Logically I run into my house and grab an item. I don’t want to have to go up to the second floor Just to do that meaning that I could maybe have furnaces on the second floor would that make the most sense? Probably I would say so Well regardless. I’m gonna be doing this then I mean while the logs will be building up, so we’re actually Technically gonna be going like that Yes, yes Something like that laughs. I don’t have any more logs after that what? Okay, all right all right where the furnace is gonna. Go though because what’s a better view I kind of want to have some windows on this floor We got a little bit of red growing as well right. Oh, we were doing this farm farms coming together real nice mmm ouch We could do what we’re gonna need some fence in here this is gonna be a wall that gets it built up Technically Technically here. We could actually go a little opening Because why not whenever it comes to this one here. He just looks off into the balcony Because then out here, this is just gonna be I’m assuming like fence You know push out more log, but yeah, you know someone or something like that open around like that dia See yet not so bad Logically that would probably be logged that gets built up right Yeah Yeah Yeah, because you’d go like this you build the log up there meaning that we’re gonna have to go get some more logs That’s all right there we go Okay, not too. Shabby getting a little bit of a some structure going here See ya views. Where are these views gonna be man. That’s kind of a nice little view cute little view there Did you know this is a extremely simple house? We don’t want anything too crazy here I’m probably gonna line up the chests along this wall. I would say unless we had like They don’t have to be technically right against the wall. You know so one of the main things I wanted to do today the thing is I have 18 levels I would really like to spend my level somehow, but I’d also really like to go back to the nether So which is why? I want to spend the levels I don’t want to end up losing all of them you have a decent amount of leather But not nearly enough to make a bunch of bookshelves For the enchantment room meaning that I want to breed some cows But there don’t seem to be any cows in this here area, so we’re gonna have to go find some I unfortunately slaughtered all of them so My bad with that do we have oh, man we’re gonna have to do some some transportation Here’s I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna dump literally everything in here everything Everything there we go except for like You know I’ll keep these just as like a super. Just encase actually. I don’t need the diamond pick right now I do need this wallet at all times, and now we’ll go back to the hole And we’ll bring everything over and we can finally forget about that godforsaken place This is the new base, and we will treat it as such so let’s go get the other stuff and Then we should just probably head to the nether because I need to find that stronghold Again, though why do I need the stronghold? I don’t remember I can never remember these things Hello, Reginald. Just coming to move everything out of you just we’re abandoning this place I don’t want to be here anymore, okay What are some stuff we can forget about well? I mean probably that and The single string I mean we can make potions I forgot that that’s also a thing in this game Oh with a lot of stuff in there, okay? We don’t need this crazy amount of cobble, so let’s just bring this I want to be able to just do everything in one go honestly. I don’t want to come back here It’s really not that could totally just quickly come back though. It’s just because now at this point. It’s just kind of ridiculous You know okay fine? Yeah I’ll be back. I need to see How many books does it how do you make a bookcase? I I don’t I don’t remember I don’t remember what the what the optimal amount is. It would be nice to actually just get a even if I just spend 18 levels I would still be pretty happy so actually I’ve got an idea let’s build the We’re gonna have to fix the bushes and stuff going on out of here, too. There’s another thing We’re gonna build the the enchantment room real quick Because that is very important to to really and get that to its optimal optimal level I’m just gonna dump this for now I do want to take these out because Does that look good. I don’t know what it’d look better on the other side coming in like this some of that Looks all right. What about up here? Out there No, no, no, you don’t even technically need a door up here You know it’s not like we’re playing with any other any other players and stuff on the server It isn’t really a server right now was it take these actually might as well start getting those going Don’t really know what they would smell it for now. I mean we should just just place them I feel like they would go best right here You do like an ultimate furnace wall, and then I don’t know what we’re gonna have here though We do like wool station unless we do just make it a whole nother floor But I mean we don’t have to it’s kind of fine this way Yeah, you know since I’ll be using the furnaces a lot. I’m probably just gonna line the wall with them too many furnaces that Might be too much We can just make this our little station we get I’m like a little brewing going on maybe something else down the line So I’m gonna grab Grab these need these the these planks. Okay. I’m gonna do this real quick and then these can go Right here, yeah sure That looks kind of cool having it like that You know rather than just putting that one up there. It’s like a little slope I Don’t know I say now we We go do the enchantment thing like right now. I need read sugarcane got a whole lot of that And then I need the leather So am I growing it fast enough. Yeah, it’s growing pretty decent rates not so bad okay We’ll grab those them. I want to miss any here man. Who’d be nice having a back entrance Just if I happen to be right here. I can just come through a little back door. That’s okay though for now We’ll just quickly it’s fine coming through here Okay perfect so How many book? Bookshelves does this there need to be beside the enchantment table. I don’t know. I don’t know how do you make the thing okay, so? We go Like this okay, that’s fine 30 And then we can go like this Decent amount of books, that’s not so bad at all start off with a solid ten books, and then we can even do and go I Want to say this is how you make a bookcase oh man that requires a lot? Okay, it could be worse you know starting off with Starting off with three. I think maybe I could use 18 like fairly efficiently I don’t know if I’d want to apply it to the pickaxe or the sword Probably the sword if we’re going into the nether with it actually no probably the pickaxe because we can just use that Up until we acquire more levels just through mining and stuff that probably makes the most sense Okay, let’s do that. Then I need some air actually I just need like some basic some basic stuff here something we can start smelting actually as well as We should also get that chicken farm going, but I want to go to the nether I really really really want to go to the nether so let’s meet with someone What do I need what am I doing gonna get some carrots, okay? I guess I’ll be using those for now then one two perfect and then I can put this book away for now no, that’s enchantment table you and then there we go not so bad always good keeping some cobble on you and Some sticks as well very good. Okay these carrots barely He’ll either only gonna make some ladders, but we’ve got a whole lot of sticks. This just is a still hema clatters Oh geez, that’s not how do you make it all there you go? Okay, let’s go Twelve is that enough? Yeah Mmm might as well. Just do this okay, and then we’ll use up the rest of those because why not forty torches perfect So what what’s gonna be the? Outline of everything here because we want to keep it consistent, don’t we here’s what we’re gonna do that one too? And then the rest will be you could just go normal stone Hmm yeah, I’d say so it’s a nice normal stone. He had one two one two one two So we go like that like that like that and like that Perfect you are mined out here Oh, I need to I need an axe where did my skull you there? We go you you and you booboo and then? Yeah, if I had more stone. I swear. I had more stone Doing not I don’t have any like stone stone. Huh also I got an idea if we go andesite and crab hole Yeah, okay. We’ll be using those as well. Don’t worry like some fence posts need some torches. That’s fine I’m thinking I’m thinking about the path that leads to the nether portal but if we real quick just You know what even if we go. I know I’m not supposed to dig down actually way to say and I hear lava Why do I hear lava phone no Okay, you know what we’re not gonna dig straight down oh wow, I literally would have fallen in love if I dug any more Joe That could have been really bad. Oh, my goodness that could have been horrible. Okay well I know what I’m doing. I’m going to Go ahead and grab this oh Wow ridiculous, okay these these these ladders will be temporary because I’ll make it all how can a lot nice I just don’t worry there. We go. It’s not gonna that do it. I actually want to do I Mean this is all gonna get replaced with stone. Anyways. I don’t have any stone on me. Okay down here is Kind of the perfect little in Chapman area, and then the floor can be made of obsidian That’s kind of cool, okay? Not bad Okay, where is the right way to if you come from there that means? We want ladders going this way, then we can go grab some stone real quick I’m just gonna do this and just some monsters don’t spawn down here, okay Don’t worry Everything will be sorted very soon We drop stone up here no got that awesome food Uu oh it’s all pretty much done, anyways you just got a Reminder all wait for the rest guys. I mean come on. We’re right here anything else We got to smelt while we’re at it. Now this should be fine mmm three four so You dad I’m going to get killed oh No, that’s not what I meant to do at all look at things you you I’m very very like I There’s no way I would be able to make a basement without having Things be nice and consistent with the material this stuff drives me crazy. It has to all look very nice there we go okay, and like that and then I Can do this way faster there you go cool, and now we have a pretty spiffy ladder there We go like that will make this this room three high There we go Okay, how exactly do we want this to work because this isn’t just actually I just realized this isn’t just going to be our enchantment room it’s also going to be the the way to a mineshaft and stuff I’m assuming there’s caves nearby So if we actually build it like this put torches in here done any potential spawning going on There we go Yeah this can be a little area of Okay, what if we do this so right yeah, there’s gonna be Entrance to mine shaft We’re gonna dig it straight down like this. We’re not gonna work on that right now I’m just I’m doing this now to sort of remind myself later, sweet, so that’s the start to something very beautiful And we don’t might as well just have that up to right here cool stuff cool stuff Yeah, okay, and then what else might as well do that actually? and then Where’s the enchantment gonna be where’s that gonna be happening like right here? Just just plop her down Put these like that Yeah Sure sure looking good there we go shamon table here I believe Does this stuff gonna you’re gonna come to it? Oh yes, the particle is there? They are okay, so I don’t know what kind of a chance we can do. What do you put with the lapis? What? you put Oh The more a lapis you put in there it’s better for the enchantment that only uses six levels So we need more books if we want better leveling. That’s crazy I didn’t realize how much more we needed this place needs to be a little more to it as well. That’s kind of that works Interesting there’s no other we don’t have extra bookcases or I mean the Leather Wow I really couldn’t think of the word leather hello anything, huh? Nothing Wow Okay, I almost don’t even want to do it still gonna though because you know what? It’s just uh I mean I should do it on the sword actually I can do both on the pic and the sword that’s totally fine because we’re probably not gonna be getting a whole lot more bookcases For at least a little bit, wait a second There’s a village near us There’s a village near us and villages usually have bookcases in one of the buildings Why didn’t I think about this and then we can maybe even get that horse okay? all right quick little change of plan because I know I know that they’re bookcases and villages I Don’t know if we just like missed the building Okay, okay. I’m just gonna keep this stuff here for now All right Okay, and I’ll bring should I bring the emeralds? Maybe maybe they can give me maybe some decent stuff. I don’t really know okay guys we’re gonna real quick Go do that. We are gonna actually NAB this up There we go as well as some read because we need this to make books but the main thing isn’t actually the reads as much as it is the Actual I should also replant these there we go It’s not even so much the reads as it is the the leather So if we actually find cows we don’t even want to kill them right away especially if they’re close ish we want to We want to bring them back so we can breed the cows and then that way we can be doing those top level Enchantments because eventually what I want to be doing is levelling up all my combat stuff I only get like a nice full set of diamond armor with a diamond sword I’ll enchant it, and then we’ll have a pretty good chance at beating the ender dragon well take that egg Thank you very much, and then we actually do need a little bit more oak logs anyways, so this is actually gonna be pretty productive huh I don’t think it really would have gone to there’s just so many chickens I need to make that chicken farm as well actually and I do need to make it in the basement otherwise I’m just gonna be hearing a huge amount of chickens all the time I’m looking out for those horses cows cows cows cows hello. Oh Okay, good cows you guys are some good cows I’m gonna be keeping you guys around. Where’s the village though? That’s number one, so we know there are cows nearby. That’s a really good thing. Good. Good knowledge. Good discovery Oh, I didn’t bring the saddle no I might have to come to the horses some other time the village is right here, though. We did find it Is there still that that hole that got just that void it doesn’t seem like it, okay? Good good. There’s the little little farm that I destroyed. There’s the books Yes, oh all these books are getting thank you. I can’t believe I miss this oh That’s what I’m talking about right there 21 books oh But they didn’t chant anything. Thank ya and now With watch let’s quickly check some villagers villager trades over here you when you got 12 leather for one emerald can I do the the other way around please? You guys you 40 for that for that that’s ridiculous you No, no No, no no. Oh what? Punch one enchanted book I forgot you’re gonna chant books. That’s paper for emerald. See I want the paper See none of them are offering me leather, I’m the one that wants leather now see they’re the ones that want leather No, no sir. What are you doing? Hello? No terrible deal you suck Let’s go lure those cows I actually got some wheat here and I believe that that’s what they like we can potentially lure them home all of them whoa Let’s try it. Where did the cows go I believe they were over here, and I’ll take those your egg Dude, and we can get cows going we might even be able to just like Level up and I needed to like fully get rid of all the levels and then we can go to the nether pretty stacked Feeling pretty good, and then we got to find the stronghold you guys still gotta Let me know in the comments what what exactly I actually need from the stronghold like why am I going to the nether again because I honestly just don’t remember I know I know I have to I think I think it’s blaze rods because you need blaze powder in order to make an eye of ender I think you do an ender pearl and then blaze powder Something like that and then that’s how you find the actual Strongholds which leads to the under dragon, and so we’re actually like you know or maybe we’re doing pretty good You’re gonna come with me cow what about you mr.. Cow yeah, okay? Well, we need a missus as well because all you you guys are gonna be making love. Okay. What about you you too? Okay, all I need to stay close you as well good cows Hello, there cow you don’t want any be serious there you go come on How do you not not at all there you go? coming home with four cows That’s pretty good alright squad rolling out here it is squad team team Moo team Team hello, dude, you know you know I do you’ve really shown any team spirit right now You know you could be doing a little bit better Don’t you like take it away, and then bring it back out I? Just lose their interest come on guys here look look guys. Oh what? Delicious wheat why aren’t they listening to me anymore? Yes, you’re paying attention Okay, good. You know what even if I come home with only three cows Oh careful the whole look how many eggs There are okay. Even if it’s only three cows that’s kind of okay because Just as long as as long as I literally only need two if I can do two. I’m golden Okay, come on guys honey here. We go that other cow I don’t know what his deal is, but that’s okay We don’t need them. Okay. You come on man. Not you, too Really, dude okay fine two cows then two cows whatever Totally, I’ll come back for the other ones For that blood God you guys are slow can pick it up a little bit You still got a little bit of a ways to go mmm come on guys? There you go all right Jesus feels like a loading bar. We got to get these cows home, and then we can finally use Use the uses saying when the cows come home I don’t really know what context you use that saying and did you guys really okay? You know what I’m gonna quickly go get one of these here trees cuz I just need to do that anyways Oh, man, we got to get you guys back before nightfall. I just realized I was gonna be coming pretty soon Okay, just a quick couple of oak trees. It’s gonna be fine. I just need it for the house you Limpy you there we go I mean pretty much just exhaust the rest of the sacks There we go it’s going to die any second now. Oh Perfect right as the last tree was finished. Oh that was great. Okay cows You guys are still there? Okay, you guys are coming with me come on now Hey there you go, and then you too Oh, wow okay, yet a little bit of a spaz right there. Oh my good. It’s Okay, here we go come on guys dude. Dude. What are you doing dude here? Just the we take the wheat look at all this wheat now you’re not interested either Okay, here you you like it you like it. That’s good. What about you come on man? You give it a little sniff? Yeah, okay. Good. Good. Good. Good. All right very good guys you guys come with me here we go Almost there. We’re actually fairly close. We’re kind of getting there, so this is pretty exciting Come on guys. I know that I’m essentially making you you to migrate right now But trust me you’re gonna live a better life and a small pen where you were forced to breed And then you’ll be slaughtered and then the Sheep want in on this too now sheep this isn’t for you No, this is for the cows. I don’t know what you want from me sheep, but you’re not getting any wheat okay? I’m saving it I Will kill you right in front of these cows, but that might scare them, I probably Okay, mr. Cow really really we’re so close alright. I’m gonna kill these sheep. Though, okay go death to you and No, no not the cow not the cow. I didn’t mean to do that man here here come on Do you want the wheat he wants some wheat what about you come on boy? What do you say it’s a little bit of wheat? It’s becoming it look the Sun is setting I see my house in the distance there. It is guys. We’re so close okay Let’s go come on here we go Just like that Good cows come on. Then you too YouTube. Dude, dude. We’re so close like this is ridiculous. How close we are it Can you just cooperate a little bit, please? Come on, man. Let’s go. Let’s go. I’m gonna push you down this hill there. You go. See you Following me now there we go This is ridiculous. This is the whole episode wolken episode 10 everybody Cows following me extremely slowly not you mr. Sheep no no hole Guys guys guys were so close to her so close, please please please please please yes Come on Mmm. It’s right there. It’s right there. We just gotta cross the river come on guys. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go Let’s go. Let’s go. No no dude. Dude. You would you there? Where are you going wait? Why are you going? So far away Come back here come on can’t I like tie a rope to these dudes. There’s got to be something like that okay? You’re following me now good stuff. Where’s the other cow he’s down there. Okay? Going this way lose the cow please Yes, all I got their attention. Okay, come on guys you guys can swim good stuff everything’s fine Just got to come with me. Okay. I Know I know come on Yes, yes, yes, come on. Don’t close just like right here. Just get up on land I just don’t fall in any of these caves okay. There you go come on Yes, oh we did it. Okay. Just over here real quick come on We go you just need you to hang out in front of the house. Just like a little bit here I can build a pen around you. It’s probably gonna be a small one to start off. Where’s the other cow oh great? You know what I’m gonna deal with you in the morning when you quickly make some fences anyways, okay? What kind of fences do we have here actually these are Those are the dark one saying okay, alright? Well. We don’t really have any dark wood We have oak wood, and we need to save those logs meaning for now oh No, what do I do I can make some light ones? Might not be so bad and like this so now. It’s done. Yes Cool, I don’t know how many I need though yeah there we go Not so bad, then we’ll do a little sleep, okay Okay, okay. This is very good. This is good. I need to make also a One a one of these I believe that’s how it’s done Yes, okay, good stuff, and then I go out here is where the Cowpens gonna be Okay It doesn’t need to be anything special It just needs to be enough for a couple of cows And I’ll make it free don’t worry. I’ll make them. I’ll make them some happy cows they won’t have any right to complain Oh, my goodness. Please tell me I’ll have enough so close So close Okay, well great Fantastic, I need one more. I need literally one more Okay, like this sign. It’s bone. Okay You should be in the middle of them, so I’m gonna be doing this hold on like that and up boom no that doesn’t It doesn’t work because okay. Well you don’t actually that’s okay. I can have I can have two entrances one Here one on the other side now. I know that I actually didn’t have to make extra fences Because I could have just done this It’s okay. Everything’s fine It’s good having two entrances because then that way if they’re all really close to one entrance I can leave through the other And then we’ll go in there okay That’s a gate. I really hope the cows are still near And go here, and then some torches to protect them from the monsters there you go and Beautiful now. It’s gotta lead them in do they fit through there, or do they need the too wide I don’t know. Maybe that’s why I should have done too wide. Okay. Where’s the other cow mr. Cow you oh here come in come in from your best guys guys. Okay? We might actually Finally be done with this mr.. Cow are you coming you coming dude K. No, well you’re gonna come with me first We’re gonna come in here. Thank You mr.. Chicken much appreciated. Good cow very good cow Mr.. Sheep you’re not supposed to be in here, but you know what you did this to yourself okay, mr. Cow here here take this take this here We go go go come on come on come on come on come on so close so close Please please please just right here cow dude dude come on mr. Cow Okay, I’ll push you it’s okay. We’re almost there. You just here Can you just look at the wheat for a second you’re being very difficult right now, okay? I’m really not liking this if you could just just a little bit closer here. Just take them. Thank you Just come here come on come on mr.. Cow mr. Cow in here It says oh Oh, we did it. Thank you you cow and you cow there. We go come on Let’s see the cow, baby We are breeding cows we actually did it guys I Feel great, okay. I need to kill this sheep though there you go. I’m sorry sheep You were not wanted and now we have a little cow farm fantastic I didn’t think I would get one this early so I feel pretty great and now with this we can get the leather that we need to make a bunch more bookshelves and and Let’s not forget that we actually have I’m gonna need a little bit more wood I don’t even need seven so oh Man, okay, I’m just gonna need to get more wood later. That’s totally okay. Go you You and Then we literally one more would One more would okay fine fine. You know more would so one more would in here no blue. There’s more books no That’s okay. We don’t even need it. Oh, this is so good after finding all those books I don’t even really know how how necessary it is having this full out cow farm It’ll still be really good for food though, so I mean it’s really not that bad like this Dude That is so good. That is so good We have like almost a fully done enchantment setup that is crazy, okay we got to go get some lapis will enchant the pic and it’ll be great or We can actually start off next Episode with that ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another episode of Dennis sucks at minecraft If you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already And other than that also also also also also Don’t forget to check out the Palace holiday package link in the description below, or just go to Dennis, okay? That’s it guys fine. I’m done. I will see you in the next one

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    i have a cool idea i use in my every world

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