Dense, Lossless, Automatic, Cheap and Good Looking Sugarcane Farm – Minecraft (Fun Farms 13)

Hi guys and welcome, Gnembon here. Today, I have a really sweet farm for you. So I’ve been thinking about ways to farm sugarcane, and since there is not too much science to it, I came up with something fun because it’s Fun Farms. It’s going to be definitely
different from other sugarcane farms that you have probably seen. It’s very space effective, also cheap to make for one sugar cane spot and what’s more important, it won’t look weird even next to your great looking house. That’s not my house by the way but it looks good and the farm definitely fits the
theme because this is the farm I was talking about. So, sugar cane is something
that we don’t need until we really need it and then you need lots of it, either
to craft rockets, or I know some people use them to trade with villagers. I don’t know why you would do it but, whatever – need lots of it. Automatic farms typically involve building all sorts of piston contraptions, with sugarcane growth detection which requires typically lots of resources and are primarily very space inefficient, meaning you cannot fit lots of sugar cane crops in a small area. unlike other crops like pumpkins, melons, carrots, potatoes, wheats, and beets, there is no magic to speed up the growth and the best is just
to plant them densely and harvest by hand. That’s all folks, see you next time! Really? Not really. I mean this is the final shape of the farm but I’ll show
you how you can automate harvesting and collection turning it into a fully
automatic farm that also arguably looks good. So let’s talk about item collection and efficient layouts. I have to mention if
it’s not obvious that we’ll be using hopper mine carts to pick up dropped
sugarcane so we will have to keep this in mind when
discussing the farm layout. First is this very efficient sugarcane layout known as the “chess knight” pattern since the sugar cane needs a water block next to the block it grows on. This offers maximum 80% space efficiency. It’s great for manual collection and pretty much that’s it. You could reach all the spots with the
minecart track but it’s a pain in the butt to place and there is lots of this
curved rail elements here which unfortunately don’t offer full block
coverage meaning hopper minecart may not pick up an item that lies on the outside
of this curve. Second is this layout discussed by
Cass from Maizuma Games which he automated using redstone based wipers, offering
75% space efficiency But it’s not without problems as well. First is again the annoying rail pattern the second is that it again has some dead spots on the
curved rails. And this is just a variant of the previous one same efficiency and same issues with picking up sugar cane although the rail placement is not that tedious anymore. Third is this simple one with sugarcane
planted in lanes which has 67% space efficiency. Obviously not that far from
the other two but offers much more flexibility, no dead spots and ease of construction, important factor if you plan to go big with the farm. Here I should mention one more thing you can use Frost Walker boots to turn the water into frosted ice and then collect all the items below using a simple track
running back and forth but lighting would be tricky to keep the ice from melting while still preventing mobs from spawning and if you mess up something
you are risking that all this water will flush all the tracks below which would
be an issue for sure and on top of that each frosted ice block is actively
scheduling block updates to check for melting once every one or two seconds which causes extra lag even if the farm is in a dormant state. That’s why although
it’s possible to trick it I decided to use regular water So the next part is harvesting. Due to the obvious lack of space for pistons and such, we will be using flying machines. To build one it’s actually very easy. We need two Pistons, pointing into opposite directions, connected with slime blocks, like so. It is also quite important to secure ourselves with immovable blocks just in case, and then we need just two observers firing each of the Pistons, like that.
Just this one needs to be pointing that way. Ilmango released a while ago, great
introduction to observer flying machines pointing out that placement of your observers can be very different as long as they power each piston. There are a couple of things
that are amazing about this engine. First it can go both ways
depending which observer you update first. It can stop safely
and also because each part of it consists of only three blocks you can attach massive
number of blocks to each side. Nine more either way to be precise,
making it possible to form this massive 20-block-long cutting blade which you can use to grab our sugarcane with. And since the machine flies on its own, we don’t need any redstone to wire it up –
which is always a great thing. Oops. And this also means that we can
have fields as big as we fancy. Another cool way to attach the observers is to add them to the front and the back which makes this one high profile making it
possible to squeeze through even one high gap which might be useful in some
applications. Also Ilmango have shown a bunch of ways you can make an automatic
return stations for these but the concept is quite simple. What we need to
do is if the machine arrives at the end just stop it and update the observer to
make it run back so the flat layout you will just need a block preferably
obsidian to block the machine if it does max out with an observer detecting its
rival and a repeater on four just to update the other observer at the proper
time and if you want to control when to stop and start it you can simply attach
a torch here and power this block either with a lever for continuous route or with a button to send it once. Assume I don’t have to say that this makes a great alternative for all farms that use
ghasts or other types of ways to swipe the mobs of spawning platforms making it
slower but much more hassle friendly way to build a universal type of remote farm
that works in all dimensions for all types of mobs but for today let’s stick
with the sugarcane and leave some things for later. This floodswiper although very
appealing has one issue mainly if it’s cutting through the sugarcane these guys
are facing into the sugarcane which can randomly grow and update one of the
observers in the incorrect time and therefore stop or even break this wiper.
The way to alleviate this problem is to attach them so they don’t face the
sugarcane like so, or like so. The cool thing about having observers facing up is the fact that we can have this very simple and cool-looking return stations
with observers resting on an obsidian with some dust repeater on four and a
trapdoor. It is kind of funny because it kind of waves bye-bye when the
machine leaves a station. Pretty cool. And you can still stop it if you want. So
with these machines, we can build our first sugarcane farm. In this case 40 by 100
which is a very simple way of partially automating the basic sugarcane fields
so here we have the most optimal layout with lilypads over water. It needs to
be lilypads as they unlike carpets don’t stick to slime blocks. In the past can be
grabbed in a non sustainable way from swamps or sustainably by using one of
these lilypad farms. Since lilypads are I think the only actual unique thing
you can get with one of these. In this case with just a few blocks you’re
automating the harvesting part of the sugarcane farming, leaving item collection through the player. I marked out the path for the player to clear after he starts
the machine so let’s check out how it fares So each time our inventory fills up you
can just pack it up to the chest and continue. obviously the real pain in the butt are
the ghost blocks but this can be avoided by running with a tool in hand
and keeping the right click button on your mouse pressed So at the end from
this very basic looking farm we got in five minutes almost 4 shulker boxes, yeah, full of sugarcane. So let’s talk about full automation for that we can simply run
rails below the farm and run and collect them with hopper mine carts and for that,
we need a very effective mine cart unloading station. This thing is very simple
if we harvest the entire field at once we have to pick up all that sugarcane
within 5 minutes before it de-spawns so So since we cannot speed up mine carts much,
we have to have effective mine cart unloading station The station needs to
meet certain criteria first it needs to be fast because we
have limited time to collect all the sugarcane the second is to be smart
meaning when we send a signal it needs to keep sending the mine cart out until
all of the stuff is collected and then stop and hold the mine cart until the
next request comes. Also the request comes in between when the minecart is
not here yet even if it comes back empty it needs to be sent back possibly for
the second batch. So here’s your standard mine cart unloading station that doesn’t
meet any criteria we posted but it unloads items to the hopper with a hopper
speed and always sends mine cart back when it’s done. The simplest improvement is
to add a second hopper in the front and make sure we don’t pipe all the items
directly into the hopper that is measured with this comparator. This allows us in
most cases to collect items with double speeds by using these two hoppers to
siphon out the items. Pair it up with a simple double hopper
speed item elevator to elevate items into the water streams and it’s already
looking better. Now can fulfill the smartness requirement by simply adding
this RS latch with two droppers pointing into each other with an item in it. If you
activate it from the top this will detect the item and unlock this unloader which
in turn will allow to send the minecart out next time and when the minecart
comes back with the first batch of items by turning this elevator this will
reset the latch for the next request and since we know we are receiving items it will allow the minecart to be sent back to
collect more and if you brought nothing this will stay off so we will keep it
here till the next request because the station will be locked with this
elevator not processing items. Unfortunately the double speed is not
always guaranteed especially if the minecart arrives fully-loaded as its inertia in
some cases, not always, won’t allow it to fully stop causing it to ram into this
block and feed items through only one hopper which is annoying because of
extra clicking noises and what’s more important is it’s slow again which is not
desirable. The setup works great if you have a situation where a mine cart picks up just
a few items once like with the smaller farms where we have only a few items per
mine cart cycle but in this case it needs to be addressed because we will be
typically getting full mine carts and you can do it by using a boat and shove
it inside this block. To do it we just need to put a cobble wall here with an
end rod. Then place a boat on top of this block, drop it, align it with this cobble wall and end rod and when you are done you can just shove
the block back inside of it. So as you can see if we turn on the
hitboxes it sticks out just a little bit preventing the minecart to stick into this
block. So here’s the farm with this kind of minecart station. It’s 60 wide and 100
blocks long the really good thing about using flying
machines is the fact that you don’t need to connect it with any sort of redstone
which greatly saves on lag however this farm will lag on its own when it’s
harvested. It’s almost four thousand sugarcane and all of them is gonna drop on
the floor so this kind of one time harvest this may cause the sugarcane to
struggle for a little bit so let’s see how it runs. We have this little tractor
station for the harvester so we can see how it goes. So you can see that there’s an issue
with it in the form of sugar canes landing on top of these hedges. But that’s not a problem because when the machine goes back it pushes them back into those
pits. Updating minecart collectors again which means that the design is not only space efficient but pretty much lossless and only uses a
few hopper mine cart to collect all the sugarcane. This field will generate over
7900 sugarcane with one full harvest which is four and a half
shulker boxes all in six minutes but you can speed up the collection even more.
With this setup it takes about a minute to dump an entire minecart full of
sugarcane into this hoppers and also another minute to run the full cycle to
collect the next round and since we are already using two entities at the
station why not have almost instant item
collection and you can do it with this In this case we’re using a second
minecart hidden inside these blocks to grab content of our collecting minecart
almost instantly. To install the minecart we just need to replace the detector
rail with a trapdoor and place and push a hopper minecart like so, break the rail,
break the sand, break the trapdoor, and place the sand blocks against this
block and this lever and bring back the rails. Now we just need to form the
detector rail into correct shape and we are done. The cool thing about this is
the fact that it dumps all the sugarcane pretty much in no time and sends for the
next round while it pumps current portion out to the elevator
so you can save a lot of time allowing to harvest even bigger fields. Here we have two mechanisms to reset the
trigger that starts the item collection first is the same as previously by
monitoring the items that go through the item elevator and the other one is by
monitoring minecarts that leave the station. You don’t need both mechanisms
but one of them is just enough and that’s quite a bit of observers to transmit
signals but what’s good about them is since they are full blocks they can be
part of the item elevators no problem and they cause much less lag than
redstone signal lines. So these collection stations you can harvest a little bigger
field This one is 120 by 120 blocks and as you can see
the scheme is very similar. Six independent swipers each 20 blocks wide and item collection station
every two full sugarcane lanes. This design despite its size is very cheap to build requires only one regular
rail per sugar cane and the other resources to build the collector swipers
and occasional powered rail are shared among all the sugar canes. In this world,
I have disabled mob spawning but if you have to prevent mob spawning in some
shape or form just to prevent zombies to spawn and pick up sugar canes
and lag the hell out of your farm. This is ways to place a jack-o-lantern once-in-a-while on the hedge as it provides tons of light next to the grass which
will need to let up or conversely if you have tons of other blocks that emit
light to spare you can simply hide them in between the tracks
but that’s just optional. Only now with this field we can collect almost 20,000
sugarcane at once or if you run it with a daylight sensor simply by sending it
over every 20 minutes regardless of the growth stage we get 8.5 thousand
sugarcane per Minecraft day or 25,000 sugar cane per hour while being relatively cheap on resources to build it. Lossless and also relatively
good-looking so it wouldn’t be shame to leave it wide open lying next to your
house so while we can run it on a clock since we are using flying machines I
would recommend to use the button as they may break when you unload the chunks
with the fliers around the way so what we can do is just come in once in a
while press this button and just observe how the field is being harvested
automatically even supervised by one of your minions. and the goods are delivered straight
to your feet so as you can see at the end you got
over 11 shulker boxes for sugarcane. That’s quite a bit of it and all in one harvest. And in case you think the design is too big for you you can always build a smaller
farm you don’t have to go bonkers like I did like this one
it’s lossless cheap to build this one holds 360 sugarcane plants and requires
just one hopper minecart so that was your little-bit-different-but-cost-effective-high-output-and-good-looking sugarcane farm. Below you can find the links to all the videos I mentioned today along with the link to
this mansion project, so if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave a like, share,
comment and subscribe for more and see you in the next one, bye bye!

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