DHS Testing Of Steel Border Wall Prototype Proved It Could Be Cut Through | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Ekepati Niko

    This is good, for every action there is a reaction. It will just get tougher once all the kinks are worked out. The wall does and is working. GOD bless Isarel and America and all those who stands with JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD. Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. David M. Evans

    Why a still shot and not a video 🤔 is it to hide something like that's not Trump's wall it's a hoax 🤔 why not let the reporter show us himself that section of wall 🤔 very suspicious 🧐

  3. Akbar Ralston

    Even though the wall can be cut the number of illegal immigration has been slowed down. Plus by getting rid of catch and release and having the wall it's slowing them down too be apprehended . Just imagine how many could come through at one time if it wasn't for the wall don't be dumbfounded ! Noting on earth is indestructible its there too slow down the flow and enhance border patrol ability too apprehend the illegals and drugs and criminals that are harming our brothers and sisters citizens …

  4. Marie Light

    Hmmm… missed how the steel, concrete, and rebar were cut clean through during the failed 35 day gov't shutdown. I am not tired of all this "winning".

  5. Sean Oconnor

    What is a household saw what is a common saw. Is there any other type of Saw besides a common saw.. I'll bet you a dollar that a plane can't go through them…. ANYSIZE !!!!!!

  6. bettybassman

    Idiots! A "prototype" is breached!? LMAO! Is that not the point of "prototypes? …to test them to be improved upon? The final design uses harder concrete, more & higher quality rebar inside of harder steel tubes. Try reporting the TRUTH occasionally, wont you? I use a "saws-all" everyday in my work (Building contractor), It is NOT EASY to cut through this kind of a steel post. One person would need many (8-10) hours, many (20-30 or more) fully charged 18 volt batteries, several (8-12 total – they burn out) reciprocating saws and many (30-40 or more?) saw blades… AND THAT"S ON THE OLD PROTOTYPE! The new & improved steel wall requires even more effort & equipment. I once burned out (dead) a brand new Milwuakee 15 amp/120 volt electric (not 18 volt battery) reciprocating saw (saws-all) with 4 blades on a 4-inch cast iron sewage pipe. …and it took me approx 20+ mins to cut through… Further my little darlings, the wall has sensors and roads allowing vehicles to move quickly to any section attempting a breach. ARE THERE NO CRITICAL THINKERS LEFT IN THE RADICAL-LEFT WORLD????????

  7. Dennis Mitchell

    Lethal force is the only fix to the illegal alien invasion ( no repeat offenders)! ! The wall is the humane effort to prevent the Democratic liberal loop-holes from enforcement of the immigration laws. Those of us that have suffered loss of loved ones and property prefer lethal force but will settle for the completed wall and enforcement ( remove loop-holes) of immigration laws.

  8. Michael A

    All those that don't want the wall. Imagine living in a house or apartment that does not have a door you lock at night. Let me know how you feel about that one.

  9. sicsempertyrannis23

    NBC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Bank vault can be tunneled into and cut through! Implication: We shouldn’t put our money in the bank and we should keep our doors unlocked because people can still break in. Liberal logic 101

  10. Charles Wesley

    The democrats are selling out America to the Globalist .They have been bought with campaign money and are looking towards communism for America. They should be tried for TREASON

  11. Bob Steenson

    This was published 11 months ago and they're using the same key terms "household saw cutting the fence" and now 11 months later the news is reporting someone opened Trump's border wall using a household saw —- this is extremely suspicious ???????

    This looks SCRIPTED ?????????

  12. Bob C

    This photo of the breech is an edited photo. It is not real. the steel rebars that are in the concrete are not shown It is a fake.I went to that spot no breech.

  13. Jose Diaz

    One more scam,from trump got millions to construct a wall, or fence,whit the cheap material I thoug the us army engineers were working on develop that wathever is being build.
    Bernie 2020

  14. 煙和蠍子煙和蠍子


  15. Randy Gillespie

    He said that many World Class Mountain Climbers couldn't be Climbed to but in less than 16seconds it was climbed over and down the other side.16sec.

  16. Allen Yeong

    The moron is not worried whether the fence can be cut or not, he only check his bank balance to see whether kick-back was in or not, a very good con artist-declare emergency, make supreme court approve usage of Arm Forces budget sad

  17. Debra A.

    Any gov't contract is full of corruption and kickbacks. How much will trump pocket??? American government is corrupt and oversight is nonexistent with GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY. It's all about the Benjamin's. It really is!!! VOTE BLUE IN EVERY BOX IN 2020 AND BEYOND. SAVE DEMOCRACY. Demand oversight!!!

  18. Condor1970

    You can cut through anything. Funny though. The Border Patrol is now reporting 90-100% reductions in illegal crossings where the new sections of wall have been built.

  19. WestsideDavid

    An engineer built a replica of the Trump wall, and amateur climbers, who did not say they were the sort of world class climbers Trump supposedly could not climb his wall. Good climbers took less than 20 seconds to go over the wall, and they were trailed by an eight year old, who took less than a minute. In short, Trump lied about the wall being impossible to climb. One more lie, from the most dishonest and corrupt president we have ever had. .

  20. DokdoTakeshima

    SMH. No wall can stop everyone. If a border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 illegal crossers — 9% to 12% percent of those expected to successfully cross in the next decade — the fiscal savings would equal the $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall. It is also expensive to apprehend, feed-house, document and repatriate illegal immigrants.

    I would say this wall could easily prevent most people from entering the US illegally. It would be quite hard for families with children, supplies water etc to scale that wall. No wall can prevent everyone, however, Trump's wall needs only to modestly reduce illegal migration to be worth building. The main objective of the wall is to stop en masse, unimpeded border crossings.

    Walls work, that's why many other countries with illegal migrant problems (ie Turkey) are also building walls.

  21. Blujonny11

    That's not the final steel wall with rebar internally. That's concrete filling. Cutting through rebar reinforced steel would take an explosive most likely.

  22. George Scott

    The wall deters and slows down crossers so border patrol can get there. The number don't lie unlike fake news. Nothings impenetrable and wall does not work alone. People are still required to catch and apprehend those slowed down by the wall. Now we can work on what needs to be done to fix the damage caused by law breakers.

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