Did Chandler Brooks Just Call Captain Lee An “A-hole”? | Below Deck: Season 6, Episode 6 | Bravo

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  1. Nancy

    Chandler has no management or ppl skills! He is not a leader but with that said, Ryhell makes it worse with her foul mouth& negative attitude!

  2. c carroll

    Wow poor Chandler. He's got alot to learn regarding his job responsibilities and supervising people. Stop micromanaging, empower your staff. Your ego is overblown for your performance.

  3. Zintkala

    Chandler makes me so annoyed when watching the show this season. Please don't bring him back for another season. They need to fire him honestly

  4. Pixel Trixx

    This is the worst bosun below deck has had. Poor management and then blames his crew. Just like when he let one of the guests ride a jetski without a life vest he had the audacity to say it was his departments fault when it was HIM who allowed it. Man up!!

  5. N ZG

    Chandler should read the book “how to be a bosun for dummied” I will describe him as a bully, unapologetic, poor communicator, poor listener, unavailable, blamer, indecisive. Am I missing anything else?. Anyways, who hired him?

  6. Luisa V

    Hes on something hes taking medicine for something in the way he put his finger in his ear it's a sign I'm not listening to you captain and then he calls him an a**** H

  7. thomascampr

    Worst Bosun in the history of below deck. Yes you're all over the place because you are not organized and your crew needs a leader and guidance

  8. kevin wh

    Chandler is weak and incompetent and Captain Lee smells blood.
    Captain Lee gets paid to be an As*hole just don't do anything to bring that side out of him
    This is what happens when Bravo producers pick your crew for you-Andy Cohen does not know the first thing about hiring a boat crew

  9. PipeLayer83

    he's done ,Chandler won't step foot on CPT.lees boat again, just for that one phrase, so he just lost out on a lot of money from the show, cuz he couldn't keep his mouth shut hahaha Ross will be the bosun next time, but Ross please don't go tattle telling on people to the Capt, especially on TV you look like a little b**

  10. simon beazley

    Chandler has to be the worst bosun on any season of below deck. Such a drongo without a clue on how to organise a team or to inspire them. Will someone tell him to get a whiteboard list all the jobs and excersions for the day that need to be done in order and the team can cross the jobs off as they get done so nothing gets missed!!!! CLUELESS!!!

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