Stars like it’s confetti!
A high-end artistic collaboration! Over the top accessories! Kate Moss and Bernard Arnault!
This must be Dior by Kim Jones! It’s the event of the week! We are in Paris, it’s June 21,
2019 for Kim Jones’ Dior show. It will take place in this
white temple built for the occasion. And outside it’s already buzzing. Big collective excitement for
the arrival of superstar singer J Balvin. Here is Kim Jones hiding behind his dog,
with the artist Daniel Arsham, with whom he collaborated this season. Albane speaking! Does anybody
know where Daniel Arsham is? All is carefully cracked, it is thus a work
of the American artist Daniel Arsham, famous for its chipped objects,
instant archeological relics. The rehearsal is right next to the podium so as not
to deteriorate the gradient of pink and white sand. When the room will be crowded you won’t see that
the benches are a gradient from white to pink. These Dior letters are falsely ruined: all this is a
rather fine commentary on the notion of inheritance, on the central role of the archive for the Dior house,
how to venerate the past of Dior and to renew it. How to dig to find the precious nuggets,
to discover what is inside. The gradient between the past
and the present, all that. Show producer Etienne
Rousseau warns the models. And yes, outside, there is
a sand track for training. We train on the sand because
it is different from hard ground. But hey it will manage it. Yes and it’s different.
We need to be aware of our feet position. There is already the stress of the show, if you
have to pay attention to something like that… You have to train! Try! You’ll see! I can try? Walk fast? A tonic walk. That’s why it’s called a job! Yes, exactly! Here is DJ Honey Dijon,
the fabulous Honey Dijon. She manages the music
for the Kim Jones shows. -No kidding! Outside there is a crowd, Parisians know that
Kim Jones’ shows attract many celebrities. – How old are you?
– 14 years old. – What is your name?
– Paul. – Why are you here today?
– To see superstars. – Do you know the designer?
– Yes. Kim Jones. – Do you like Kim Jones?
– Yes a lot. – Why? I like everything he does
and the way he revisits Dior. – What do you like in his vision? He manages to use feminine elements like
the Saddle bag and masculinize it well. Movie stars are in a good mood! VICs are in a good mood too! Stars of “Ru Paul Drag Race”
are in a good mood as well. Hello, how are you? The cars of the Vip rush but not anywhere,
in a Dior garage! This is Kailand Morris, son of Stevie
Wonder and he is an intern at Dior. Basketball player Russel Westbrook. The American actor Nick Robinson is there,
already in a suit of the collection. And here is Detox,
star of “Ru Paul Drag Race”. We saw each other last year,
but we are still intimate. Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVHM,
is in the backstage. Pietro Becari the boss of Dior and Kim
Jones show him a preview of the collection. Last snips with micro scissors. And why are all these young people
in Dior white jumpsuits? The guys in white jumpsuits remove the
pink fences that protected the pink sand. That’s Dior, that’s French luxury!
Thirty manicured fence-men, impeccably coiffed and groomed, summoned
so that all is done quickly and well. Kim Jones removes the latest micro fluff
that he is the only one to see. Here we go! To explaine the collection in a
quieter ambience a few days earlier, we snuck into Kim Jones’s fittings in a mansion
near the Arc of Triumph with a baroque ceiling. Satin scarfs are sliding into costumes
and excite the first rows! Those Rimowa bags have
an enormous impact as well! This is my first Dior show!
I loved it! Something essential is
the Rimowa suitcase for the picnic! With space for a bottle of champagne. I said to myself, I must have it.
How did I live until today, without it? I must have it! Alexandre Arnault is CEO of Rimowa! – Hello. Nice to meet you! – This bottle of champagne
is quite incredible! It’s a picnic trunk. – It’s unexpected, right? It’s stylish! I’ve known Kim for a long time. We
decided to do that about nine months ago. – Is it common to work
nine months in advance? It’s even fast. Usually it takes us 18 months,
because we have a heavy industrial tool. Aluminium products, hard materials,
it takes a lot of time to nail it. I’d wear lots of pieces! The collection is very light,
I love it! It was a Kim Jones’s Spring-Summer
collection 2020 for Dior! Don’t forget to click here and there for more
fashion craziness and uncontrollable excesses! Subscribe for more! Or just stick to your champagne bottle.

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