DISASTER!! Our Narrowboat Engine cut out on the Oxford Canal

whenever we say good morning a boat comes good morning
good morning It’s seven-thirty maybe
Yeah, its about 7:30 and I’ve already told Kath that she’s got
mud on her face
Which is a change because normally she lets me wear it all
so when she watches this later and says can you edit out my face cuz
I’ve got mud all over it
Why didn’t you wipe it off? That’s what a good wife would do
good wives comment below when we were first married and someone at work had to
explain to me that it wasn’t my job on the school holidays to do all the cooking
and all the cleaning and to wash all of Kath’s clothes it was my job on my holiday
to have a holiday do you remember that
No so we are now leaving Banbury
for the second time we’ve been here for
who even knows how long I don’t know we definitely overstayed you’re only
supposed to spend 14 days per month in Banbury but we loved it so much
we’ve been moored up for a week outside Tooley’s boatyard And more about that later
before that we did some time on a 14 day mooring just on the outskirts of Banbury so there was like legitimate reasons we
had to be in Banbury first of all Ru who helped us down some locks you might
remember her from a previous episode she was going to be in Banbury so we were
outside of Banbury and we turned around and headed back to have dinner with Ru
and at which point then she said oh you should have stayed where you were it was
only a five-minute extra drive for me Took us 5 hours. And that awesome reversing
you did yeah I had to reverse down a whole section of canal past 3 moored boats with an oncoming boat so we headed back for dinner and we thought I will just – we’ll just go
up to a printers we headed back for a printers
which you will have seen in the previous through the hedge yep and then
we headed up to Tooley’s just to say to Matt oh we’ve got a bit of a diesel
leak could you have a look at the engine And then the printers didn’t get back to us so we
were kind of stranded with the printing and then Matt discovered that we had
some that our fuel injectors were loose also that the overflow arm had broken
so we needed to order a part well we’ve already been in Banbury for 14
days and so Kath called the CRT we were on a 48-hour mooring and we stayed there
for a week which is fine because they will charge you 25 pounds per day
but quite frankly 25 pounds per day is massively outside of our budget yeah
I rang them up and I said we’re officially broken down because our
engine won’t run and they put a little note on our file to say that we were allowed to stay for free which I think they’ll do for any
legitimate reason when you need to overstay but we literally couldn’t start the
engine but we literally couldn’t start the
engine so Matt gave us some power and giving boaters giving
continual cruisers
he said you’re officially broken down and I said 😮 and then he said do you want some power and I was very excited and you know what the first thing Kath
did with power comment below pause the video comment below the first
thing Kath did with power was charged her electric toothbrush that’s so true
not mine not mine mind you just hers apparently we don’t do things for each
other Kath’s just told me I’m not allowed to
have a rant but I’m gonna have a rant and it’s just it’s a very simple rant
it’s about whose side the water is on and if somebody’s exit
water conservation
we’re quite low at the moment on the Oxford Canal and it’s water shortages
throughout the UK because there hasn’t been any rain for something like 50-something days
and if I’m coming up to a lock and there is a boat exiting a lock then don’t
close the gates behind you and refill the lock so that you can come down just
leave the gates open and I will come into the lock the water will fill up
which you were gonna do anyway and then I’ll leave second point when I blow my
horn to let you know that you should not be closing those gates don’t wave as
though oh no we’re still gonna do it and then also thirdly when you decide to let
us in by the good grace of your sudden manners don’t expect a thank you like
seriously that lady was like aww you’re lucky aren’t you I’m lucky that you’re
not moron but the world is lucky that you’re not a moron
But she was a moron But also if you are in that much of a rush shut the second gate for us
yes so then she watched me
do all the gates by myself while she told me how lucky I was I don’t actually
care about doing all the gates and spoiler alert lady I did do them extra
slow so we have now headed out of Banbury we
are going to stop for some water because we’ve what happened was we had a heap of
electricity but we had no water that we had just a tank of water Where are you off to?
Post box. Who is it for? Cathy Larson.
Aw Hi Cathy! hi
don’t forget to keep an eye out we genuinely know I’m not going to keep
an eye out that’s why you don’t moor near cows
no offense guys they will come to your boat and they
will get into the canal and they will knock on your windows and in some cases
in some fields when narrow boaters have moored up they have tried to knock the
boat and there’s nothing stopping them from
stepping on the boat and then they’re gonna hurt themselves yeah they’re not light at all I reckon
they could sink a boat we are gonna moor up pretty much where we
were last time and we’re gonna more up for tomorrow as well because tomorrow is
meant to be 31 degrees you said it
Oh Thursday is supposed to be the hottest day on record or something yes since 2015
No, this year
I remember 2015 2015 was only hot at heathrow this is the plan
and we shall see how it goes
How many locks? seven locks today and then lunch
we can do
that before breakfast Accept we’ve had breakfast so it could be some air in the fuel it
could be something in the weed hatch did that turn your engine off you’re trying
to turn maybe I mean it went clunk yeah and then cut out
I could try turning it on again and we can time to see how long it runs before
it cuts off Lets not do that yeah we were just pulled up at the lock landing to go through a lock
and the engine suddenly cut out it went clunk and then stopped then I was able
to start it again but it cut out again and and I’m in the middle making lunch we’ve just recovered from a breakdown you know this is our first trip so I
wasn’t sure if the issue was to do with the fuel getting to the injectors but
the other thing is that the I don’t know what to call it
the throttle
The throttle will go forward but it won’t go back into neutral so Annamarie said so the next
place to check is the weed hatch and I’ve already got the weed hatch off
because Annamarie didn’t have the strength to do it so true and I think it was just
a ploy because she didn’t want to put her arm in but I haven’t had to put my
arm in very far because I can’t even get wow it’s tangled I think it’s a bed
sheet No so I’m gonna need a knife okay because I can’t even well or you’re gonna
have to go in into the canal yeah your choice I think we’ll go with the
knife We might have to go in you know yeah to go in to the canal and release it from the prop so the prop won’t even turn I don’t
even know what to do yes okay we just have to just cut it away slowly because
it’s not winter it’s not so bad having your arms in the weed hatch why is there blood
I cut myself with the knife didn’t I You can’t see what you’re doing in
there and I just took a chunk out of the end of my finger but I’m battling on but
I’m probably gonna get disease from the water but we’ll keep going Can you put this glove on now yeah on top of the TCP yeah It won’t go over
well no not on the cloth just the TCP
is now on your finger so put the glove on Notice how I have to have a glove on not out the way, I’ll do it I’ve offered so many times as you can see Kath has given up and because she’s got an
injury so I’m taking over I think because we have this thing where I’ve
got really good fine motor skills and Kath has really good gross motor
skills so I think that I’m gonna have this done in half an hour
Kath recons we’re gonna have to take shifts for the rest of the day Not the rest of the day, three more goes and then
somebody and then somebody’s gonna end up with their swimmers on
And its not going to be me! How do you get in the engine bay?
Not like you’re doing it how do you do have you done it before so that’s how much
I’ve got out all right my pile will be over here in awesome land have you ever put your hand
in there before No go in with your hand first to scope out
the situation okay I’m going do it my own way this is the worst bit here so it’s 35
minutes later oh there’s an extra sheet blue I was gonna say I’ve made a new
discovery so there’s a greeny sheet yeah this brown slimy thing yeah and the blue
thing yeah so I’ve become intimate with the weed
hatch and lost by the sound of it
I’ve lost everything’s clear
really yep it was that that smells like death ah it just suddenly came loose huh
Kath’s side, my side

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