DIY Deck (Part 7): How to build a pergola on the deck? No additional footings needed!

Welcome to part 7 of my DIY backyard
project. if you have missed the previous progress check them out in the
description. If you are planning to build a deck by yourself. I am pretty sure you
will want to watch this. This time we are getting to build
something exciting I am showing you how I built a custom pergola on the deck. The
first question you may ask is – Do I need a permit? If you have seen part 4 of this
series, you know the answer already. I did NOT need a permit but the building
inspector came and took some photos and measure the height everything passed!! Next question is, do I need footings for
the pergola. It all depends on your local Building Code and the height of your
deck. For our local bylaw they don’t care as long as the pergola does not have a
solid roof. Let’s take a look at this cedar pergola from Home Depot cost you
around $4000 CAD with tax. The weight is something that I want you to pay
attention to. It’s around 600 lbs. Honestly it’s not that heavy but doesn’t mean you can install this on your deck Well… it depends. Let’s do some calculations This is the worst case scenario that I
am using 6x6x12 for the posts At 125 lbs each I have 5 of them. It comes to 625 lbs. Now there are some 2x10x16 at the top. 10 of them total weight is 600 pounds, so the grand total is 1225 lbs. if I attach this to the deck each post on
average will get around 245 lb each. Carriage bolts are strong enough to handle that if you have done
to your deck frame properly. Because there is no solid roof in winter time, there is no need to worry about additional weight for the snow. If you
have footings for each post for the Pergola. It is definitely over killed. What I’m more worried about is the wind more than
the weight. In our area, strong wind can cast gut up to 100 to 120 km/h. I will show
you how I secured the post to the deck. Enough talking, let’s do some work. I
needed to notch this 6×6 post so that I can put a 2×10 on top. This
is how I did it. For your satisfaction I am going to shut up for a moment and let
you watch. This is not as crazy as those Japanese
carpenters you saw it on YouTube but for deck, this is pretty okay. I am pretty
proud of myself because I am NOT a pro, I am just a DIYer. Okay, let’s attach them
to the deck, there is the DIY tips I want to share with you. Pressure treated wood
especially 4×4 and 6×6 post they will twist and crack when they dry. You need
to install them as soon as you can. Couple of days to a week is okay but if
you don’t secure them together for a month or two you will regret I am using this FastenMaster HeadLOC
screws. This one is 6″ long and they are very strong screws similar to
GRKRSS. Let’s check it out there is no footings for the Pergola. It’s all attached to the flush beam of the deck. My wife never involved in the DIY
project except I need opinion on color. indeed I am glad she did not help at all.
Some friends and neighbors saying I was crazy. How did I get the 2×10 up there
by myself? Here is how…. I used quick clamp to secure a piece of wood so that I can put the 2×10 on top of that post. Now for the other side, I used a piece of scrap wood to hold the board. Your guess is right, you
slowly slide down little by little. There you go, not too difficult at all Time to install 1/2″ carriage
bolts, it is 12 inches in length I think you got the idea.
Next you want to install blockings around the 6×6 post. We need to
secure it so that it won’t move a bit. I have to agree this is bad for drainage
but it works. This is another piece of blocking you
insert it here and put tons of screws to secure it. I told you I love GRK RSS
screws. I am using carriage bolt for the top
part of the Pergola. If I had to do this again, I would not use carriage
bolts on this. Yes it is strong but you have this ugly thing at the end you need
to cover it up. it is completely waste of my time.
Because one piece of 2×10 is not bolt enough, I am installing a cosmetic
board using construction glue and the deck screws. This 6 inches TimberLOC is
designed for rafters to use . It is perfect for me to drive it and at 45
degrees angle. For cosmetic point of view, I don’t like this 45 degrees bracing. In modern Pergola design, this is ugly in my opinion. But I am a structural first
person, this makes a huge difference in terms of stability Now, this is the fifth post of the
Pergola – the divider. This post will go to the back, there are
two purposes first in access a privacy screen to block the neighbors at the
back. Secondly it is used as a top divider so that I can install the
retractable shade in the future. The middle divider has been installed. For
this end, I am using the double joist hangers. For the other side, of course it
will be sitting on the 6×6 post. It looks very solid eh? And, at back I am using a metal bracket. This is how it looks from upstairs, looking good! I got the black
color plastic privacy screen from the local hardware store I am still debating
on how I should install them Time to let nature do the work, we need
to test it under the storm. One last DIY tips I want to share with
you. This is how I transport the 6×6 post using a releasable cable tie and a hand
truck. Look is so easy, don’t hurt your back. I hope this video helps if you want
to build a Pergola on your deck, give it a thumbs up if you think there is some
good information in there. Next time deck boards were delivered and
we will start to install them. If you love DIY and want to see the progress of
this project, remember to subscribe! Thanks for watching and see you next

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