DIY Table Saw Workstation Part 2 – Rip Fence

When I was researching ideas for a rip fence. I realized that their was a slight issue I
was going to have to overcome. Because of how I built this workstation, most
of my rip capacity is on the left hand side. Now I’ve learned to work around that by doing thinner rip cuts on the right hand side of the blade and wider rip cuts here on the left. So I needed a rip fence that going to be able
to handle ripping from both the left and right side. Now when dealing with somewhat more complex
projects like this. I like to actually break them down into smaller
components and then deal with those individual components
by themselves. So the first thing I want to do is build the
carcass. I’ll start by ripping 3 and a half inch pieces
of grade a preferred scrap. In my case three quarter inch melamine. Two words… Pocket holes. Use them…Love them. Ok… that was actually…four. Now the most complicated part of this is the
front. It consists of a piece of 2×4 Three quarter inch ply and a piece of quarter inch ply that is sandwiched
in between the two. The quarter inch ply is cut about an inch
shorter than the two by 4. Now below the quarter inch piece, I have drilled
a corresponding hole from the two by four to the three quarter inch ply. That gets a bolt. and a clamping knob. Also, the three quarter inch ply gets a strip
of hardwood attached to the bottom So i’m going to take this one step at a time. First I’m going to mark out the two by four. Then its over to the miter saw Now the quarter inch piece. Little bit of glue. And tack it down. Now i’m going to drill a slightly undersized
hole for the head of the bolt, then drill all the way thru. Mark the three quarter inch piece. Mark the corresponding hole. Also, a common problem that I saw on some
designs was the front would lock down ok. But the back side would have a tendency to
wobble. So I hope that by adding this piece of hardwood that overhangs the edge of the table. I can help solve that problem. And their it is, DIY rip fence. Well, essentially all it is is a big clamp
with a straight edge to it. Very simple design. And I’m by far not the first one to come up
with it. If you would like more information on this
rip fence or other DIY projects You can go to my website at simply easy diy
dot com. Until then, I’ll see ya later.

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Reader Comments

  1. martinsole86

    Hi Steve, I'm starting in woodworking back in Argentina and I just got a old used table saw.
    With yours videos I'm starting my own workstation!
    Thanks for the videos!

  2. Murray Glick

    I like your solutions to various projects very much.
    the table saw top and 0 clearance insert along with the table saw fence answers a question i have had for some time.
    thank you very much for sharing your ideas.
    Murray Glick

  3. Tim Russell

    I made this today. Nothing goes easy for me so it took me longer than it should have I'm sure. I had a hard time getting mine tight so it wouldn't move so I taped sand paper to the front and rear and now it's very secure.

  4. Tom Meaney

    This is exactly how i was thinking of doing mine however i hadnt seen anyone with a video like it (i havent looked very hard yet) so i thought it wasnt going to work.

    I am definately making it now!!!!

  5. lolo ent

    Hi, I'm a D. I. Y. er & most of my build I got from YouTube the other is my knowledge from my Father whom I care for a retired mastercarpinter with altzimer & dementia, he's going on 90 now, God bless him, I'm wondering do you have plans for this build by chance

  6. lolo ent

    Tnk u so much I've watch alot of videos on this & ur's by far is simple & easy to build others I've seen just to complicated & time consuming, so tnks. May I make a suggestion on this, maybe some t- tracks on both sides for fether boards or hold down clamps that uses t- tracks

  7. senior Blacky

    Excellent performance and work, however you don't really need music also if many people like music during they speak and work.

  8. palabful

    just got my first table saw. $90-dollars Ryobi from a pawn shop! minus the fence, etc. don't matter coz i tested it and the cuts are tight. and then i found your idea — thank you, sir:)

  9. Dirty South

    NIce build. Im new at this, I have aa old dewalt table saw that does not have a fence and its discontinued. I made a make shift one but dont work good at all. this one looks like it will work. Looks like i got a project….. Oh I don't have a fence, lol.

  10. Mystie3K_1988

    Thanks Man I spent like almost 2 hrs looking for a easy do and usefull and jig and yours is the only one worth me spending my time on. if you have some plans I could use would be great!

  11. Ben King

    did you put a ruler or some sort or measuring thing on the table or do you just measure it with a tape measure every time you need to make a cut

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