Donald J. Trump and the Big Beautiful Wall

-And now it’s time for
“Donald J. Trump and the Big Beautiful Wall.” There once was a President
named Donald J. Trump. Donald loved to build things,
like skyscrapers and an angry fan base. But the one thing
he never got to build was a big, beautiful wall. The country said it was
a bad idea that wasted money, and that made Donald mad. So that night before bed,
he kneeled and prayed. -Dear Colonel Sanders,
I wish for the biggest, most beautiful wall
for my border. -The next morning, he woke up
and turned on Fox News, and here it was —
a brand-new wall on the border. Donald flew on Air Force One
to meet it, and when he got there,
he couldn’t believe his eyes. The wall was 20 feet high,
hundreds of miles long, steel, but concrete, solid, but slats. Donald hugged the wall
and exclaimed… -Hello, my big, beautiful wall. Will you be my best friend? -Of course! -…said the wall. -We will be best friends
and go on many adventures! Hop on! -So Donald jumped on the wall’s
back and off they flew. -Let’s go fight
the Great Wall of China. -…said Trump. The wall laughed. -[ Laughs ]
I can’t go there. I have to fight crime
here in America. I have a better idea. -…said the wall
as it turned on its side and dipped down into
the Rio Grande River. -I could be the world’s biggest
waterslide! -Wee! -…Donald exclaimed as he
slid down into the water. -Oh, no.
Oh, I forgot I can’t swim. Help me, wall. -…shouted Donald. But the wall couldn’t help him
and flew away. -Sorry, Donald. I’m off to stop refugee children
from crossing the border! -As Donald flailed in the water,
he woke up flailing in bed. Was it all a dream? Donald quickly turned on
Fox News and saw that there was no
big, beautiful wall. Sad! So Donald took
an executive time nap so he could once more
go on adventures with his best friend, the wall,
in his dreams. ♪♪

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Reader Comments

  1. Diarmuhnd

    Humpity TRUMPity sitting on a WALL, crying & screaming as he TWEETS to one & all that he's the most bullied POOTUS of them all ;
    while Papa Putin & Little Rocket Man shake hands as they abandon the Tariff Man to his fall.

  2. Just Me

    General George Patton said: Fixed Fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. I guess that's why tRump wants it so much. He's don'e some pretty stupid stuff.

  3. Walter Pearlman

    Thanks again Seth for being the first to urge Donald Trump to run for President!!!!!

    No amount of this mewling , puking satire will atone for your original sin – TDS has stolen you talent

  4. le-de- France

    Pope Francis, Who Chided Trumps Border Wall, Gives $500,000 To Migrants In Mexico

    A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian, hesaid, referring to Trumps planned immigration policies.

  5. Noises

    I had a dream someone hijacked that wall and flew it into a skyscraper, then some stuff happened.
    What, why should only right wingers get to say deplorable things?
    Look on the bright, at least I'm not signaling any virtues

  6. Yammo Yammamoto

    Rofl @ regressive…
    when are you going to get over your Trump syndome?
    You've got a huge problem with your border – the sane thing is to fix the problem!
    …that's unless you wish you weren't a country… You're not having second thoughts about disowning England, do you? Or are you looking to come back to the Queens welcoming embrace once again? …because judging from this little clip – you're acting a bit immature.

  7. loren salazar

    Seth Myers has made a disgrace of himself.
    The show has not been at all funny for the last two years as he has put comedy asunder to
    maintain his crying and whining about the democratically elected administration.
    Further, Mr. Meyers, along with Mr. Colbert & Fallon together do not pull the ratings numbers
    of what Jay Leno alone used to achieve.
    ~ Pathetic Mr. Myers; Time to get a job and stop your pathetic, embarrassing, incessant whining Sir.

  8. Rocky

    Bahahaha every single white nationalist republican is a retard and is wasting oxygen every time they breathe 唐不 they voted for this idiot and brag about it!!

  9. wvu05

    Given Moscow Donald's power of projection, did anyone else notice the acronym he uses for the wall? Given the way he makes fun of overweight women, does he really want a BBW?

  10. Philip Favata

    Some of these idiots commenting actually believe they are not building that wall but yet they believe in some fantasy about Russian collusion. What idiots.

  11. Richard Russell

    Let the psychopathic, narcissistic, pathological lair orange buffoon pay for the wall himself since he's the richest Con man ever!

  12. raydeen2k

    When they finally jail that fucker, then he'll get his wall. It'll be big and beautiful with barbed wire and towers with guards who will shoot on sight anyone trying to climb the wall. He'll love it. I don't think anyone will have the heart to tell him that it's a prison wall and he's in prison. The one negative of all of this is that they'll have to change the color of prison jumpsuits from orange to neon green as Trump would find it way to easy to escape simply by hiding in a prison laundry basket headed for the prison linen truck.

  13. David decider

    This is low budget through and through.. he's one of the best confidence men in the business.. he's con to the white house should make a must see film.. he'd probably play himself… FTLOG give donnold trump a knight hood..


    Funny, how miles of border wall have actually been built under DONALD TRUMP. He even visited that place and talked with the sheriff county.
    Also, as a person from another country which has border walls, like every other fucking country on the planet, I don't get his a wall can be racist.

  15. KNowLeGe is p0weR iGNoRaNCe BrinGs cHa0s

    I really don't care what he does to America cause I'm not American. But guys, just give him a break

  16. Fred Mauck

    Clearly made by a Democrat with no moral standards and no flooring or foundation on the truth in their heads high up in the air in the clouds with perverse imagination despicable behavior by the makers of the cartoon

  17. J Nuy

    I'm being sincere when I ask this, but did anyone ever think that Mexico would actually pay for it? And while I disagree with some of Donald Trump's values, the political satire should chill a little bit.

  18. SuperJV4x

    i have never seen such suicidal maniacs , you actually want the border open, though it will destroy the USA, just because you are against Trump – so stupid that the devil himself would not even want your soul

  19. Dennis Vidot

    This is my letter to you Donald J Trump i am not God to judge you i just want to be successful and make a positive impact in this negative world i am tired of worrying and stressing out about money problems and no I'm not gonna kiss your ass i just want to get back what has been stolen from me so i can have a better life and have justice because i am innocent and i have all the right's to remain innocent i was wrongly accused and wrongly imprisoned for things I haven't done i have all the winning numbers for publisher's clearing house and i was suppose to get way more then what i get now i am suppose to work from home and be financially stable and financially free also I've done a lot for Amazon and i haven't received anything and i was wondering if you can help me out so i wont have to worry or stress anymore please and thank you also i wanna say that i am sorry for all the name calling but i just want you to stop being a bully that's all

  20. Michael Dezell

    Trumpty dumpty sat on a wall
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
    all of trumps horses and all of trumps men
    would not put trumpty together again

    Or, alternately:

    Trumpty dumpty sat on a wall

    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall
    and died
    all of trumps horses and all of trumps men

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