Donald Trump – Numa Numa Wall

China Heeee China Hoooo China Haaaa China HA HA! China Heeee China Hoooo China Haaaa China HA HA! Believe me, we need to build a wall! Build a Wall Build a Wall Believe me, we need to build a wall And nobody builds walls better than me, believe me And I’ll build it very inexpensive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Some of the Fake News said “I dont think Donald Trump wants to build a wall!” Could you imagine if i said “We’re not gonna build the wall?!” D A N K M E M E S Fake news, fake news. Subscribe to grandayy [Subtitles by GumballSubtitlesYouTube]

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  1. fading colours Was Hit By A Giant Truck Named Kpop

    Gotta thank those gods that lead me to waste what's left of my brain cells instead of finishing those damned assignments

  2. QuarioQuario54321

    China-ha ha (3x, with change in beat the third time)

    Ello. Salute.
    Russia has taken my high duke
    But the need, is to stop immigrants from living in my land

    It’s me, AFO
    I will build, Putin’s great mall, with visa, no MasterCard

    Believe me
    we need to build a wall
    Build a build a wall
    Build a build a build a wall
    Every border I control today
    Now I hire more TSA

    My parks. My wife.
    My memes. My life
    And Russia
    will pay for it and water
    hello, it’s me again.
    AFO. I will steal.
    All of the steel, with my name on every wall.

    (Repeat chorus)

    (Repeat beginning)

    (Repeat chorus)

  3. Dog's Lit Stuff

    This song was literally my first favorite song, I was 3, listened to it every day till I was 7 when I started listening to dj splash (trance music)

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