“Don’t let the fences over there block you” – G.o.D. are looking for new blood to challenge them!

Hey and still the realist double-checks in the whole entire universe God the maker of all things God dang turn on one God the guerrillas of destiny next huh who want it’s the open their big fucking mouth huh who wants to step up to the plate open your mouth and speak so much shit besides me lookee here look Eva Sanaa the evil space pirate asked for rematch and we gave it to you huh I don’t know how many other ones we’ve had we’ve done many we won we are up who else what’s a rematch race goes another team that wants a rematch because you were the loser the first time the second time so you’re thinking three times a charm [Laughter] that’s old news bro here’s what we want some new fucking blood new blood new well ah you know when we said this is an open invite open challenge an open invitation to anybody and everybody clear their mother their mother’s daughter their daughter’s cousins best friends dogs pet insects whatever the hell y’all got it’s open you want some of us caboose come Hey FTR come get some huh don’t let the fences over there block you win come out to the open and play boys come out to the open

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  1. Tape Deck Catastrophe

    Fuck waiting… Start the hype builds now… Let these companies know we WANT to see it!

    If we want it bad enough we can all make this happen guys.

    Governments have been overthrown by people before, we just want a few wrestling matches. We got this.

    Guerillas of Destiny vs The Uso Penitentiary!!!

  2. Aussie AceHole

    G.O.D vs the usos now I will gladly pay money to watch that because the promos would be fire and the match would be amazing

  3. rclarke988

    Let me give you some names as to why NJPW will more than likely NOT work a deal with WWE…. Yoshi Tatsu, Funaki, Taka Michinoku. If anyone knows those names, they should know why they've been mentioned.

  4. Robert Garza

    Ooo weeee dudes got spunk. Called out wwe's finest. How bout lucha bros, SUC, hardy boys, grizzled young veteran's, british strong style, undisputed era, Imperium… List goes on of the magic these and other could have.

  5. Aethel Wulf

    the thing is i cant take any tag team besides new day serious in wwe
    the tag team division in wwe are there to be joked about and fill the lower places

    all around the world they take tags serious but not in wwe fuck wwe i dont want to see usos come and win while beeing total jerks

    look at njpw you look at the tags and its serious look at aew look everywhere

  6. WWEFanBoY 24/7

    I know WWE is at it’s worst state right now but if Gallows and Anderson are leaving why not try sign Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa them against The Usos is 5 Star Classic

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