Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (4/10) Movie CLIP – I’m Bruce Lee (1993) HD

Ken, Andy,
get off the mat! – Go on, man,
I’m gonna kill this guy.
– You can take him, Joe. Wait. What is this? What are you gonna do,
stink me to death? Come on! Come on. Wait. Wait.
So sorry. – Oh! What is this,
a fight or a striptease?
– [Laughing] – Come on! Come on!
– [Indistinct Talking] – Okay, I ready.
– Yeah? [Grunting] Aah! Very good
shadow boxing! [Panting]
You… Aaaah! – Chinks can jump real high, huh?
– Come on, Joe! – [Indistinct Talking Continues]
– Come on. – [Grunting]
– Come on, show him what for, Joe. Aaah! – Get up, Joe!
– I’ll kill you, you bastard! – I’m no bastard. I’m Bruce Lee!
– Yaaaah! – Aaah!
– Aaah! – Ohhh!
– [Grunting] Yaaah! Ohh! Aah! [Groaning] – Sorry about your father.
That was Koreans.
– [Groaning Continues] I’m an American. – [Groaning]
– [Indistinct Chatter] – You sure showed him, Henderson!
– Yeah, way to go, Joe.

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  1. In Home Trainer Oakville

    I like the part with the shoes. "Is this a fight or a striptease?" Actually Bruce Lee didn't train barefoot. He liked training in shoes since that's what you'll be wearing on the street. But it doesn't really matter. Great scene regardless.

  2. Joyce Koch

    I actually saw something like this some 30 years ago. There was this small white guy who was pretty muscular but
    lean using the gym at college. Two black guys came in saying they were with the football team and for him to get out
    of the gym while they were using it. He ignored them till one of them came up behind him and grabbed him by the neck.
    What happened next happened so fast it was a blur but the big guy who must have been 6'3 and 350 pounds went flying back and landed on the back of
    his head and went out cold. The other one ran forward and was kicked in the groin and he doubled over only to be kicked in the face to level him out.
    This guy them went back to working out. Slowly his two attackers came around and got up and left without saying a word. When that happened
    the couple of other students started clapping. He smiled and quietly left the gym.
    Stuff like this happens in real life-I've seen it.

  3. Red Flaglaw

    It's like Power Rangers with anti-american and racial stereotypes in every line of dialog.

    Bruce Lee was an actor people. Hulk Hogan is more of a legitimate fighter.

  4. michael Cheung

    He was one of the best actors to perform as Bruce Lee in movie although he is a little bit look like Vietnamese . However he is better than the latest one who act as bruce lee the guy is not smart as Bruce at all !

  5. антон дорохов

    Азиаты прикольные ребята.Создают вокруг себя миф и заставляют всех в него поверить.При том это хорошо получается как у китайцев с их кунфу и 1.5 млрд населением,так и у евреев с их богоизбранной исключителтностью.Племя шарлотанов.

  6. Simon Baker

    gledai sa VEGA – p99 + p1 😀 😀 mrejaaaaa koooooosh – kozcheeee — yeaaaaah belite ne mogat nishto i da snipe-vat wesleyyyyy blaaaade – vampire of the brok lesnar lestat brad pitt bull marty schwartz … eee neeeeegeeeeeer – come roni – like we yell here – SAM like seriously SAAAAAAAAAAAAM – everytime the same move remember –


  7. Dan Garde

    Это даже комедией не назвать..бой мультяшек… интересно что он пытался поразить нанося удары выше головы на 40 см…

  8. Victor Greystoke II

    Wish Bruce Lee didn't die, he could had been my favorite teacher! Also love this movie ❤️💕💕
    I miss Bruce Lee always!

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