DREAMWALKERS – The Faroes Project

The Dream Walkers are a team of four highliners is living in the Netherlands. They had this crazy idea to be the first guys
to highline in the Faroe Islands. But what you should probably know is that
the Faroes are group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean exposed to 365 days
of miserable weather. Horizontal rain, heavy storms, hail, snow
and raging winds are common sight all year round. Not exactly the ideal ingredients for a highlining
project, but the Faroes are also home to some of the world’s tallest sea cliffs and most
dramatic landscapes. The temptation was just too high, and before
we knew it, this crazy potentially stupid idea had turned into a project and we were
on our way to the Faroes. Everything good. No worries. I have ass heating too. Over. I’ll just let that image percolate in my mind. Over. When we left the hostel, it was super snowy. When we drove there, there was like half a
meter of snow and we didn’t think we would even be able to drill today. But in the Faroe Islands, the weather was
always changing, and when we’d have the subsea tunnel, it actually seemed pretty good. There’s no snow here on the ground. The wind’s relatively okay, so I guess that
it’s a go for now. I mean, we’ll hike there and check it out
and see what it’s like. It’s crazy to get multiple seasons in one
day here, really. Hopefully it doesn’t start snowing again when
we’re up there, but let’s find out. It could also be right though. It is. Yeah, it’s right there. That white spot. If you slip here, like anywhere here, you’re
just off. You don’t see it. You just see grass and then you see the ocean. But you know, there’s no fences or anything, so it’s
really… Got to watch out. Well, the forecast gave us some optimism,
but here at the spot, where we were drilling and setting up an anchor, we were fully exposed
to the wind. Okay, continue. But please communicate what you’re going to
do, all right? It feels like minus 12 or something today,
and yeah, after a while you just get absolutely exhausted from being in the cold and being
in the wind. And we just walked the tag line over to see
what the wind would do, and it’s all over the place. Our hopes and dreams are just going with the
wind and the Faroes weather, which means that one moment it could be good, the next moment
it could completely change around and don’t gives you any hope for optimism. But first, we’re just trying to stay warm
and cannot really think about highlining at the moment when you’re so exhausted and tired
and cold. But let’s see what happens later today. We have to be ready. We’ll do a lot tomorrow. So I think everything is done for us besides
padding. We [inaudible] to you guys, and then it’s
just a matter of seeing how we can deal with the wind or not. I think we should just attempt it and see
how it goes. I think we should just give it a try. We might get blown off once or twice each,
but- Right now- We can also have moments of fun
and joy. That was really a moment where I finally amazed
myself again. It was all my skill level. It was really a challenge, but first time
I stood up there, everything was turning around me while I couldn’t control the line. And then yeah, the moment I turned around
and I started again for the way back. When I stood up, I immediately felt like,
“Hey, this is possible.” But yeah, just that realization that it was
possible made me like, “Hey, whoa, I’m not there yet. I need to be here.” And then I came back again like It’s like my soul went from the end of the
line like … back in here, and I was able to go again and then it felt like
a symphony or so. Every movement came together and all my… Yeah. I’ve really been been training again the past
half year to be able to do such a thing and then it all came together there. And there was like such a big relief that, yeah,
after all these challenges, I’m there again. Yeah. awesome you deserve it Back on the days, they put the sheep everywhere
where there was grass, actually. They would risk their own lives to get them back
and forth, but now we just go to the more easy places than… Yeah. The male sheeps, they’re really good for everything,
especially formenting Whoa, that smells really strong. So mostly sheep and cow there. That’s it. Yeah. You can see all the awesome growth on here,
the fermentation from the fungae, but it’s so salty, the air, that it’s… It’s fine. It’s just sort of freezing cold. This has also been hanging for almost two
years one and a half Yeah. I know it’s older than two years. You mark it? If I’m Faroese enough, this needs some more
time. Yeah. It does. According to where I learned about the Faroese,
if you push, and it goes in then it’s ready. This is softer than some Faroese rock. I tried. It’s … fermented lamb leg. It has been in the drain shed since October
until this day. And you usually eat it traditional Faroes
bread with a little of butter and a little salt on it. Mm. It smells strong. I have to say, Johannus, I haven’t eaten a
piece of meat in five years. Yeah? And a tiny piece of blubber. Oh, man. hmm I like the lamb. It reminds me a bit of like a Parma ham or
something, but then way better and nicer. Yeah? This is right whale and dried fish blubber
and cold potatoes, and you eat it like a little sandwich. No worries. How is it? It’s good. The flavors, when you’re chewing this little
whale sandwich, the flavors keep The first part is like is you just chewing it- And then they come. And then with your last part, you’re really
getting the flavors. Yeah. I’m curious for the blubber and the shot afterwards. It’s soft Yeah. The blubber? Yeah, if you just have it in your mouth then
it melts away, but it takes some time. Never tasted anything like this before. This is really an honor. Yeah? It’s really- Good. It’s okay if you don’t like it, No, we love it. We do. If you come to Holland, we can offer you really
good Belgian beer. Yeah? And I can give you how much cheese you can
possibly eat. Yeah. Thank you. The only way to live here is basically to
live with nature. You cannot live unsustainably here. Otherwise the next days are going to
be bad for you. The Faroes really does something to you. Here, seeing the landscape, feeling the weather. It really makes you feel different. With the least amount of buildings, I get
the strongest amount of feeling of culture here. We’re waiting on our illustrious Jonas a.k.a.
Thor. Last much I saw, he was brushing his teeth
in his underpants. Last time I saw, he was sending a text message
to one of the girls from the hotel. So we’re not really sure what we’re waiting
for. He’s with his head in the clouds. I guess. I think Jonas definitely puts the dream in
Dream Walkers. Jonas, are you ready? Hm? You ready? Yeah, almost. yeah yeah Oh, it’s warm today. This is day number six, and the weather looks
so good today that we’re going to try out a new sport called [Saton 00:15:32]. It’s one of the spots that’s land inwards
and it’s not on the ocean, so that’s also something special. It’s not so much grass, it’s more like rocks. And because of the volcanic nature of this
island, it’s a lot of black tar around and create bay salt rocks. It’s one hour, pretty steep approach. The line is beautiful. I think it’s 110 meters long, and you can
have a view of about 500 meters down to a little lake and the mountains in the background. Sun shining, the wind is not that strong today,
so I think we’re going to be quite lucky again. I was just thinking of nothing. Just enjoying these awesome views. Just wow. Man, I love highlining. What is this? Delightful. It’s great. [inaudible] I think we’re in the Faroes. We are in the middle of nowhere. Looks lovely. We also say on the rocks. On the rocks? [foreign language 00:18:21] That means on
the rocks. [inaudible] Magical Faroese cod. Other fish. What do you recommend? [inaudible] [inaudible] they are no good in
this environment. A giant Faroe sea monster. Ah! Oh! We have about three days left in this project. We want to finish with just the biggest, most
impressive line we can think of here, and we are supposed to get a good weather window
coming in for our last days, but at the moment it doesn’t seem like it very much. [inaudible] Look at the waterfall! Look at the waves! Can you see that salt break coming up? Holy bloody hell! Over. It’s a little breezy. We could probably set up the anchors, but
we have to see and wait what it does over there. I’m a bit worried about the rock quality. I’m not sure. It’s not guaranteed to be perfect and it’s
200 meters long. I mean, these see cliffs to hundreds of meters
high. It’s going to be four times longer than the
longest line I ever crossed. One, two, three, four, five. Yeah, the rock quality here is not so great. It’s surprising. You’d think it would be a lot better, but
it would be a… Yeah, it’s no good. We broke some rock off there. We broke some rock off here, so we have to
really check. We got a lot of force on this 220 meter line
that we’re thinking to build. Add the wind to the force of the line, and
we need some solid anchors. I’m a bit concerned. Here, totally fine. Here… It goes all the way down there. We’re pretty much at the limit of what we
can set up here with the gear that we have. [inaudible] I just had this really, really great feeling
on the line. It made me happy and again, made me kind of
forget and relieve the stress that I had in the past months, and just be able to let everything
go for a little bit. Even if it’s for like 15 minutes, just to
really, really forget everything that’s going on in your life, and yeah, just be there. I think that’s the moment I’m looking for. Once you’re out there, it does something to
you and stays with you for awhile. You get so aware of your body and your surroundings
and your breathing and the sounds of nature, and you stay in the pipe for a while after
your highline, and it’s great. Kind of a natural high, I guess, but more
down to earth.

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Reader Comments

  1. view media

    Oh a job well done of those few but well done, a perfect balance from the staging, the atmosphere, the wind, the music and of course the aerial images that give a special plus, from now my congratulations to the work team and of course the great Chris.

  2. Tommi Vuorinen

    Holy shit Chris! Outstanding work. The visuals are just awesome, really beautiful drone shots. Capturing the size of these highlines compared to the nature surrounding them must have been difficult but you nailed it. In every way a great movie and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  3. Andy Miles

    Great video, very entertaining. Those guys are amazing and Chris you captured the atmosphere so well. If only they could do it without drilling the rocks, hopefully they took the metal stakes out again.

  4. Henry Stradford

    Awesome work! I'm afraid of heights and this had my heart in my stomach 🙂 Again, great to see M4/3 equipment being used to make great work! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tobias W.

    You created such an amazing piece of art! I got Goosebumps almost the whole time! ! And I liked to know something about the cultural Background. Wonderful… You are awesome. Greetings, Tobias

  6. AG Shotz

    An absolutely stunning film, Chris! Loved every second of it and especially the last drone shot with that incredible sunset! Must have been quite an experience realizing this project. Big up!

  7. nitrousoxide223

    You never fail to amaze me Chris, every time I watch your videos it sends chills down my spine and I know that all I could ask for from life would be to travel and take photos like you. You deserve millions of subscribers

  8. michael hawkins

    Lovely film very exciting and dramatic, as good as anything I have seen by any film maker. Your art, vision and knowledge of how shines through. Thank you.

  9. Johnathan Quinn

    To repeat many comments on here already, you have produced a lovely film. It’s great balance of visuals, aerial shots are amazing, great B roll and the music is very fitting. Well done. Keep up the passion. 👍🏻

  10. Andrew Marr

    Hi Chris, I've been hanging out to watch this film in full since you released the trailer nearly 6 months ago. Spectacular video, sensational story, stunning scenery and beautifully captured. A massive congratulation on the Banff Film Festive a well deserved achievement mate. I've loved every bit of this journey, thanks for sharing Chris!

  11. GivesAMinute

    Beautifully shot and edited mate! Looks like a lovely part of the world despite how rugged and rough the weather is! A critique I have is that I would really liked to have learnt a little more about high lining from your film. Speaking from someone who knows very little about the sport I would like to have been taught something more than just how visually stunning it can be. For instance, how the heck do they get the line to the other side of the gap initially? But yeah, really well done man! Congrats!!!

  12. Sean Breadsell

    Mate, that was truly epic, amazing cinematography and just amazing scenery.  You really did well capturing the emotion and showed just how tough it was, those guys are bloody clever…and insane and cleaver haha

  13. Stu54

    Congratulations to you Chris, on this film and the achievement with it in Banff, its a fantastic outcome on an incredible piece of work, you must be very proud. Been watching you for a few months now, started when I was trying to understand Micro 4/3s and what it may offer me. I sold the APS-C Nikon and now have a EM1 MkII, 🙂

  14. John Bentley

    Absolutely stunning video. The imagery is mind blowing. Well done. I have one question that I am curious about. The highline looks like a series of loops is there a reason for that? Does it add strength to the line or is it a safety feature? Thank you for sharing.

  15. Guido Scholz

    Hi Chris,
    phantastic and impressive video indeed. I enjoyed it very much. Your award is clearly deserved. Some of your blackout transitions I perceive as dispensable and anoying, but anyway excellent work.

  16. Steve H

    In the subtitles where it gives the name, height, and completed vs. not completed, what does not completed mean? I noticed on the last 215 m walk, it said not completed, but does not explain what that means.

  17. David Fletcher

    Wow that was amazing! Such brave thrill seekers and fantastic production work on the film. Well done indeed and looking forward to more!

  18. asta thomsen

    Yes that was amazing I had to hold my breath, I was so scared that one or all of you would fall , but you were fantastisc,
    I loved to watch you <3

  19. Lukas Steigerwald

    Congratulations to you for this amazing master piece of yours. Such a beautiful story with incredibly strong visuals. I hope this is just the beginning, as I would love to see more of this. I am looking forward to the Banff mountain film festival tour event here in Munich to see it on the big screen. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

  20. Henk Peter

    I like how you tell the story but am missing the part where the slackline is pulled to the other side. I also find the footage generally very flat. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Queen Kristina

    Well done !
    I think that in our modern world we are just too comfortable and lazy to find out our true potential . It brings hope to see people who enjoy there life so much ( and risk it ^^ ) .

  22. Andrea Melado

    I´ve nothing but admiration. I´d be afraid of doing something like that, but it was incredible to watch it. COngratulations on your award, and keep dreaming!!!

  23. etbneatn

    Beautiful video!

    I must say that I had never heard about highlining before, but what I just saw here was amazing. I've never been to the Faroe Islands, but this gave me such a great feeling like I was back in Iceland or Shetland again and just felt so at home.

    Thank you for sharing!

  24. Robert vonBriesen

    Two things I do not understand: 1) How do they get the other end of the line attached to the opposite cliff?/ 2) WHY do they do it?

  25. Peter Engel

    What a spectacular mini movie Chris. You should be very proud of what you produced and directed. What an amazing place. Thankyou for showing the best nature can offer. And the slack liner team were incredible as well.I look forward to seeing anything you put together mate..All the best.Peter

  26. rustynails113

    I am impressed. Loved the films…but I also think that you young men are certifiably nuts. It is said that some feel the most alive when they are on the edge of life. I am now 70, so you now have my envy. Have fun…it's your adventure..

  27. Eric Kamov

    This is the most impessive stunt I've ever seen on the internet – hands down!!! . . . . . .
    And the location chosen can't possibly be rivaled – these magnificent islands are just one of a kind, as are the inhabitants!
    Personally I've been climbing quite high, but watching some segments of this epic film actually brought on the sensation of pure vertigo . . . . . .

    Thanks to these Dutchmen equipped with major cojones for sharing the experience!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  28. Paul Loach

    Is this art or is it real? I spent 32 years in prison because I took another human beings life, whilst in there, I took another one. I was locked up like the animal I became, dangerous and aggressive. My mind is open more than your normal members of the public are. Are dream makers real or just another con trick to entice members of the public? I'm different. Iv seen Hell.

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