Duck Fencing Premier 1 Poultry Netting Review

so I’ve been out here setting up my
fencing for the Ducks I just moved the ducks from one part of the pasture to
another and as I was doing it kind of dawned on me that I never quite
explained my whole fencing system to you guys Because a lot of people ask me if
the Ducks ever run or fly away and how do you protect them from predators well
the way we do it is with this fencing it’s an electric polywire netting
fencing from premier one they’re a fence company and they import their
stuff from Germany or something so far the quality has been pretty good the way
the system works is it has this polywire netting you see here and what I
have is a solar charged battery which is right here I can turn it off and on this
is the Intellishock solar battery and I hook it up to the fence and it keeps the
whole fence charged you know just to show you there doesn’t never feel good
what yikes it’s a little hot I think it’s
about a six thousand ampules or mega amps or whatever the metric is that they
use to hit it it’s kind of a pain in the neck to move this stuff to be honest
I’ve gotten into the rhythm where I only move it once a week the rest of the time
I just moved the duck house so that they’re always sleeping on fresh pasture
because of the number of ducks I have and the amount of pressure that they put
on the land this is what I found to be a reasonably good size for about a week of
pasture I took you up top there to show you where they were you’d see that you
know their spots where their duck house sat that are pretty disgusting the rest
of its pretty clean what’s nice about it is it’s relatively
inexpensive the outfit that you see here cost me about 400 bucks or so just as an
invention mobile electric fencing is it’s pretty incredible you know it
allows you to move animals through an area this big without making significant
investments in infrastructure you know the growth in rotational grazing very
much came on the back of the technology that
a lot of this portable fencing represents before that there was just
lots of paddocks and you know woven wire or barbed wire of some sort to keep the
animals and and the Predators out not nearly as good as this stuff I guess in
that regard I feel very lucky to live today and be doing an experiment like
this in a day when this type of invention is available so yeah so that’s
the the fencing setup we have here it’s the premiere one solar Intellishock
system with the 48 inch poultry netting if you’re looking for it online I’m not
getting paid for this by the end this is just my honest review of it you know
overall I found the quality to be good it’s relatively easy to use the only
hassle I found has been that it gets tangled up and twisted a lot uhm but
yeah so that’s my electric netting fencing and that’s how we’re keeping the
ducks protected as well as contained I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure
to LIKE and subscribe to see more content like this and hope you guys have
a great day thanks

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  1. He Provides

    We used a fencing like yours from another company. Our place is too rocky, so it didn't work out for us. Costly miscalculation on my part. Glad it works well for you.

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