Eagles Players Swing for the Fences in Home Run Derby | Philadelphia Eagles

PA Announcer: Next up to bat, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Avonte Maddox. Avonte: What? I’m first? Dallas: Ay, let me get that. You’re not up. Kamu: You gotta get a helmet. Dallas: I don’t need any speed I can
swing a fast one. Kamu: Jake can actually hit. Dallas: Jake’s actually good at everything. Yeah, Jake can hit a golf ball, he can hit a baseball. Let’s go, 29! Kamu: Swing batter batter batter swing swing
swing swing Avonte: I’ll get it started real quick. He’s so nervous right now. Yes sir! Then why is he nervous?
Dallas: Yeah, he’ll hit the ball. He’ll hit. When we went last year, he switch hit. Switch hit what? Dallas: Like he hit right and left. Oh, I thought you weren’t coming. Avonte: I gotta see what it look like! Dallas: You’re too good man. I can’t hit it out of here, though. Alright, let’s all pick who you think’s gonna win. Oh, we already know. Dallas: Myself. I’ve never not bet
on myself. Nate: Nice! Good eye, good eye. Kamu: Oh, he got scared! Ay, put it down for him, he’s kind of short! Nate: You want the high and tight! There it is! That’s not gonna do it. Nate: Grounder to third! Oh, hot corner right there! Kamu: When Joe was missing every one? Keep trying, Joe! Bro, I’m not joking, I was literally on the ground peeing my pants. Eye on the ball, Avonte! Kamu: Well, I’m going last. Dallas: No, they picked it. Oh, that might be a gapper! Yo Gotti? Yo Gotti’s up. Dallas: Ah, that’s eye level! You gotta let that one go! Kamu: He ain’t got enough power Dallas: That was a curve. Yeah, I can’t hear. Nate: If Bryce doesn’t wear it, I don’t want it – I’m gonna be honest. Ohhh! You went for that one! Let’s throw one out of the park here! I’m gonna take them all opposite field. That’s gonna be my thought process, cause I know I’m gonna be early on them. I might hurt something on my body. *Laughs* That’s what I’m thinking too! I’m gonna be over here, boom! Glute just, my disk might just fly straight out of my back. Oh, that’s – that’s going! Big
hit! Give him a big hit. Just to keep people’s morales up. That’s a double. Hey look, he’s
going left. He hasn’t hit one out of the infield yet, but he’s going left. Oh, Yo Gotti Yo Gotti. Yo guys, go up there and put
some power on this. Dude, I might miss them all. That’s something, but it’s not what I want to hear. But if I hit one, it’s gone. No, that’s what we were talking about! Remember with Joe? Good job, Joe! Keep trying! Great job, Joe! Nice swing! Get these guys in the outfield some action here! Ay, scoot in! Bring ’em in! Is he getting struck out by the machine right now? Oh! There it is! Get going, ball! You’re trying to tell me he’s not at 20 swings yet? That’s a long time in there. Bro, you got a pretty good
opportunity to hit a home run. Telling you. Yeah, once you’re in there. Oh, count it! Swing check! What’s the swing count? 20. That’s crazy.
20 swings You gotta dip and rip more! Dip and rip! Just like golf! Wear that! You know what? For the last
one, it’s Happy Gilmore – wear it off the chest. For your pride. Yes, that’s out! That might have went through second. Right over the bays. Hey make sure it’s yours! That’s it!
That’s yours. That’s a good finish here. Get this place going! Get in the weight room there, Avonte. Man, you did better last year. You did
better last year. Some of them would’ve been far, but they kept hitting the top of the thing. Yeah, you right. You alright? Yeah, I’m alright. You tired? You gotta couple of base hits out of that. I’m a base hitter. I never was a home run person. Yeah, unfortunately it’s a home
run derby but, you know, I mean you showed – you showed what you got, you know what I mean? I didn’t sign up for this. Oh! Hey, that was going a ways, though! That’s a good swing! Eye on the ball! That’s a good swing! Yeet! Bro, swing it hard! That was inside. It was inside, that was all I could do with it. Swing it hard! He’s like scooping it. Hey, right through it. He doing worse than me. He is, at this point. C’mon Dallas!
Man this bat hurts! You’re embarrassing me! That was gone. High cheese! Keep your eye on the ball! It was too high. I need some positive encouragement. Let’s go, Dallas! You got it bud. C’mon athlete! Ay, we only got one more. He said he wants positive reinforcement. Oh! That’s not working, we’re gonna go negative! Keep your eye on the ball! I got bad eyes! Your neck leaving your head. Someone get this kid a racket! Slow it down See! That’s what I said – that’s that negative enforcement. Oh! Negative reinforcement works! Good hit, though! Let’s get this place going, huh? Pull it! Pull it! Swing earlier. Good eye. They like it, you’re right. Hey, we’re gettin’ somewhere. Hey can someone move that fence in? That’s an easy fly ball to Harp. Yeah, he probably just walked two
steps over. Oh, good eye! Hey, below the knees! Stay loose, everybody. Look that’s – that would have been good. Ay, I took a half cut, she’s said strike. We’re like ‘check!’ Swing! Dude, it’s past the white line! Don’t get mad at me. Cause you can’t hit the ball out of the cage don’t mean – oh! I need a perfect ball, that’s all I can hit. You ain’t getting the perfect ball in there. Oh! Let’s go! That’s gone! It’s gone! No, he got robbed! Are you sick?! You sick! You took it 408! What did I say, man? Gimme a good pitch! I need a good pitch. Nice hit! He did upper body today. There it is. Oh break ’em up, ball! Ay, it was outside, I think. I thought it was too. But then I was like, you know what? It might hit that He did hit that straight centerfield, though. That was a killer Bro, swing earlier! That last one was a big hit. Oh! Ay, I don’t like the high cheese! I like the high ones, too! They look good, huh? No, they tough! I know! They were all high for you, huh? Yeah! That’s funny? I’m talking to you! What’s she laughing at? She’s shorter than me! Ay, I’m losing focus! She’s started dying laughing at that one. Right! She got all the jokes. Bro, why does he keep spinning everywhere? Oh! That’s your swing! Oh! Bro, by like the last three, you’re like so tired bro. Dude, I can’t hit it! I can’t reach it. Okay. Two more. They said last one! That would’ve been gone! Ay, you should’ve seen – yo, watching Joe’s dry swings was like, painful. Good try, Dallas! Alright, Dally! Nice, Dally! (unintelligible) He’s goes – he’s swinging, he’s like, ‘What do I focus on?’ – we’re like, ‘The ball!’ Ay, you got robbed on that last one. Ay, he might need this one. My whole body hurts, these balls are rough man. This thing doesn’t matter. Oh my god! No way!
He might not hit one! Oh! Focus up, baby! Eye on the ball, Joe! Loosen up those arms a bit! Oh! I’m telling you, this is exactly what Joe
Walker was like last year. Ya’ll missing the best part, ya’ll gotta see this swing! Ah! Ooh, okay! Oh, that’s a base – that’s a base hit! That’s a base hit! I thought that one right there, oh, you killed that one
This thing hit 408, it probably would’ve went over if it wasn’t a higher
a little wall right there. Yeah, if it didn’t (?) up. Dude, it’s kind of tough, because they literally came from here to here. Yeah, that’s what they were doing to me. I need
it – I need it actual right here. That’s my zone. I think I lost my phone. Joe never even made contact. Oh, I miss Joe Walker, man. That dude is too funny. You got it, Joe! Hey, swing a little earlier! For real. There, see? I told you! Release the left arm. I can’t understand this swing. Let go of your right arm! No, he might let the bat go! You don’t have to! Loosen up, loosen up. You just look a little stiff. There we go, yeah! I mean he’s hitting it decent, like, he hasn’t missed. Nah, he looks good. Ah, back to the old ways. He keeps going two arms, though. That’s because you gotta extend it if you
don’t go two arms. He always go like this. He’s just too buff. See how it’s like always in here – it’s always in his body? Let’s go, Rick. There you go. Show us a good time. Hey, you did way better than Joe Walker last year. You did way better than Joe Walker last year. Good job. That was actually pretty good, I
was impressed. You came a long ways. I just couldn’t lift the ball. I don’t think I had my hands inside enough. See, I got a good looking swing, but it ain’t
going far. Oh, okay! Nice swing! He definitely do. Oh, it’s gone! He can’t see it! He can’t see it! He might get one out. Oh, that’s in the glass. He’ll get one out. Nice hit! I need a little bit more – oh! That’s not fair, it’s 330 over there and it’s 234 for us. 330. He said 330 over there. Man, some of them I hit, hit the top of the thing. I felt like they would have went far. That’s all I gotta say. I just want to defend
myself before we start – before we pick a winner. That’s all I – oh, that’s a shot. That’s
hot on the second baseman. Oh! You too out ahead of it. He’s falling apart. He’s right there, he’s
right there. White hat, right here. White hat, yeah. Oh! He got one? Did he get one? It’s good! Let’s go, RIck! Oh, that would’ve been it. That might’ve been gone. Yeah, it hit the top. Yeah, he actually looks pretty good in there. It’s looks like he’s been doing this. Look at the step. How many more you got? Five? I think it’s you. He gettin’ his reps up. That’s what it looks like. Foul, foul
foul. Oh, long strike right there. Man, I’m out here sweatin’. Yeah, I’m hot. Oh, that was it, kid. Hey, wait for yours! You ain’t in no rush. Oh! I’m burning up right now. You can say that again. Yeah, dude I was ready to get out of there. I was sweating, I wasn’t really hitting it. Atta boy! I don’t think it’s long, though. I think it’s like a thirty. It might be, check it out. Who are they telling, us? Hey, wait for it! He’s getting tired. Yeah I’ve been out of there, he’s
still going. Okay! What did he say? I don’t know how you’re hitting these? And she gave me a strike for doing this! Yo, Dallas when you said ‘These all must be high’ for him, that lady started dying laughing. Like she not short, too. And Avonte was like, ‘That’s funny?’ I heard that, I was dying. I was hoping that gets on the mic’d up, I hope that makes it. Nah, Nate! Good luck, Kamu! No, Nate got it. Good luck, Nate. Yeah, I like that. Yeah like that, too. I love it, covering the front and the back. Hey, you was hitting like a champ. Yeah, you were crushin’ that thing. Got one home run you, lead in
so far. 330? Mine would’ve been out if that was the fence. That’s a swing! You gave me a swing and I didn’t even swing! There it is, Natey boy! I get one more hit, that might be my home run. Those gloves help so much. I needed ’em for my hands, they’re stinging. Dude, 20 swings is a lot. I think you had more than 20. I don’t think she – I think she stopped counting. C’mon, Nate! Yeah, I swung at a few down there. C’mon Nate, take a cut! There you go. Oh, that’s a lazy swing. Why you swing with three bats? Your bat speed gonna be too fast. Gonna be like, zoom! Gone! Whitesnake, he ain’t hittin’ nothing. Oooh gettin’ struck out. Oh my god! Hey, untuck your shirt! Nah, don’t listen to him! Untuck your shirt, it’s not going well! Don’t listen to him! Oh, strike! Ay, wait for yours, man. She said he got ten more left. He ain’t swing ten times? That’s messed up. He found it, he found it! Long out! You found it! There it is, bud. You’re reaching, you’re reaching. Hey, that’s a good angle of
departure. Dude, it is so funny. Ah, I am pretty tired. Figure it out? Hey, maybe this time. I think he needs to move back. You know what I mean? No, that’s out. Yeah, cause he’s hitting it so high. Yeah! Yes sir, Nate, congratulations! How do those gloves feel? Gamechanger? They’re wide outside. You have to reason – they’re gonna be at your eyes, too. So hopefully you can swing like this. Because I was right here and they were over the top. They were wide. Thanks bro. He ain’t real. It’s easier out of a hand. It’s wide outside? Dude, I literally, no joke was
standing on the plate. Perfect for a lefty, honestly. When I was up, they were going way outside. Man they must just know. Mine was either outside or it was way inside where I had to do like that. I would scoot up too, because I kind figured that out. I scooted up too and that’s how I messed my shoes up. 60? That thing going like 45, like a loop. When we did it last year they had that thing scooted it in more. What thing? The pitching machine, it was like halfway. How fast is it going? Yeah I could tell cause it’s like, looping and dropping cause it’s just so slow. And I was so far in front of it. I’m like, ‘this is way too slow.’ If it was like 50, I feel like I could have connected on a few more. PA: Now up to bat for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jake Elliott! Come on, Jake! I need the gloves. Yeah, that was low. Good rip, good rip. Yeah, he about to be at the mat. And then you have a better shot of not hitting the top. I hit the top like five my balls. Oh! Ohhh! There we go Jake boy! Oh, you went and got it! Good ball! That’s a base hit. Oh! Oh, that was it, though. He robbed you! There it is! Where’s the wind? Ah, great frame. Scoot up? Yeah, even he’s up. I don’t know, like it’s going so slow! I even said it, I was like he throwing me curveballs? Yeah, they should speed that up for us. That one was was high. They like, ‘these boys have never seen
a baseball coming this fast.’ Let’s put it on 90. No, too much air. Too much air! Oh, good communication out there! Good communication! Come on, Jake! Oppo! That would’ve been right to my mans that
play right field. He just doesn’t have the juice. Yeah, he doesn’t have the juice. Ay, come to the weight room with us next week! He’s got it, he just don’t got enough pop in him. He’s just, he’s just a little man. You know all baseball players be all be looking like Jake. Oh! A little fatter – a little stubbier. How much more? But like, those people don’t be hittin’ bombs, either. You crazy. They all hit bombs – they lower body is the – Ba! Ba! Ba! And the ball is coming in faster so it’s gonna go further. Content! 20 is a lot, but at the same time it was a
good number. What is it? What’s the deal? I just kept
moving up because I liked ’em high, if I was going to try to hit one out. It wasn’t that bad You get a few that friggin’ flying
outside real quick. Just gotta be smart with your takes, bud. Other than that? Kill it? Smoke it. Swing as hard as you can. Power. Power game. Upper deck. Jefferson hillside. I’m gonna try to hit one out. You’ll hit two out, at least. I mean out of the stadium! Alright, twenty swings. Alrighty! Yeah, I wanna see one. Oh! Whoa whoa whoa! That thing’s still going. Look how he load up, bro. He loads of all wild. Ahhhhh! Swing and a miss! Ahhhh! Oh! Move up! I know I felt hook about – yeah, I put
you on blast I said nah, you actually made contact
with it. I didn’t videotape you, I was too nervous. I was up next. You were the only one who did it, Jake. Nobody, nobody really gave me those details. Wait for it, Kamu! Wait for it! Oh, now you listen! Finally! Heads up! Little RIck got this one in the bag. That’s what we call a long strike, Kamu! Out. Come on, Kamu! Swing later! You swinging like me! Swing later! He can’t keep up if it’s up there. Come on, Kamu! You won the last two years? Right? I just made a bad joke – I forgot we’re mic’d up. It’s not about how hard you hit it! It’s about where you hit it! He is swinging for the fence. I want it like here though, not eye level. You were swinging like – in tight. If you’re going to do it with two hands, you gotta extend it so you can go around. If I could get it like right here. Like my waist, my waist. But that’s a high in baseball Man, you got too many excuses for me! High ball, because the strike zone is here. If I could get it belly button, that’s
perfect. Yeah Willy button. Ay, that wind better pick up! Hey slow down! Maybe put your hat on the other way. So bright out! Yeah, get out
of here! Is that it? I win! Good job, buddy! That was bad. That was really bad. I can’t say I lost by a lot. I can’t say I lost by a lot.

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