Easy Minecraft Modern House Tutorial

Hello, this is Sens, and today I’m going to show you how to build this Modern House in Minecraft. First, you need to build a 14 x 11 square. 14 width by 11 lenght. Front of the house will be pointing this way. Now let’s make the foundation of the house. We’re
going to use Bitch Wood. I’m going to skip this part. Now, let’s build the walls. We’re going to use quartz blocks At the back of the house we are going
to destroy the last 5 cubes, Birch Wood Cubes(Planks). 3-4-5 (Counting) And use Dark Oak Wood Planks. Now, we’re going to let some space for windows. Actually, for a window. It’s going to be a 3 cubes tall wall. Now, let’s build the roof of the first floor We’re going to add one more line of blocks over here, but for now it’s ok. I’ve made a mistake over there, so
keep watching At the top of the third wooden plank, add 2 Dark Oak Wooden Slabs, and then put 2 blocks of ice in middle of the floor. And then we are going to need Quartz Slabs. Let’s add some glass to the window Let’s start building the 2nd floor. It’s the same as the first floor. 1-2-3-4-5-6 (Counting) Glasses. Now, let’s build the rooftop. Ok, we are good now. Let’s build the wooden part of the house. We want to get over the edge in the
house, with the wooden slabs. by 1 cube. Now let’s build the last wall. The wooden slabs should end 2 cubes before the wall ends. The wall should be 10 cubes long. Behind the house, we are going to use the Dark Oak Wood Planks to fill the end of the wall. And then use again Quartz Slab and 1 cube of ice. Now, switch to Quartz Slabs and make same model on the other side of the house. Now, build a 4 cubes long wall and 2 cubes high. Let’s complete the rooftop with Quartz Slabs. Watch out not to overpass the Quartz wall. Now, add 1-2-3-4(counting) 4 Quartz Slabs. By 2 (width). And let’s create a pillar of Quartz. At the middle section of the pillars, add 2 Dark Oak Wood Planks Now let’s create the floor of the 2nd floor. Let’s add some kind of rooftop to the entrance. let’s create some kind of And then create some kind of window over the doors. Here will be the entrance of the house. Now, let’s build the right window of the house. I made some mistakes over here so please use Quartz Slabs to make the top of the window. And also Dark Oak Wood Planks to create this effect. Let’s build the rooftop with Ice Blocks. Now, use Quartz Slabs to make the bottom of the left window of the house. You can either do what I’ve done already before or what I’m doing right now with this Dark Oak Wood Slabs. Let’s add another 2 Dark Oak Wood Slabs here. Now, let’s create the window of the 2nd floor. Now, switch to Quartz Blocks and make a 2×2 wall. Now build 2 stripes of Dark Oak Wood Slabs on the window. Let’s build the left window of the house On the back of the house we are going
to use Dark Oak Wood Slabs to create 2 stripes above the window. Pay attention to stop before the wall ends and let one cube of Quartz free. The 1st floor slabs should be 6 cubes long and the 2nd floor should be 3. On the right side of the house, we are going to use this pattern. 2 cubes on diagonal. Now, let’s get back to interior and make some light inside because of the bats. Count 4 (couting). 4 squares and then break 1 Birch Wood Plank and put a Glowstone inside. I like to add some carpets on Glowstones just for the effect. Now, let’s build the stairs. Let’s create a pillar, near the Glowstone Now we are going to create the stairs. I can just follow me step by step. Now, create the stairs up to the top. You can just build another pillar, or you can just use the first one. Fill the space under the stairs and you can put a chest or something inside and hide it. Or you can just customize your interior by whatever you like You can break the top stair Instead of fences, I like to use gates, as a fence. You can use Dark Oak Wood Slabs to create a little wall above the stairs. Or you can go for something like this. It’s your choice. I like to add some carpets around, to be more interesting. For exterior you can use Andesite and Granite and also Birch Leaves I personally like Jungle Leaves That’s all, I hope you like it. If you like it, subscribe me, like the video, if you didn’t like, please
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